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  1. peteyg

    White S1 - A3

    Wednesday on the A3 between M25 & Guildford - ooohh you sexy thing!!!
  2. What is it with S2's. I was 13th owner in 17 years - lucky for me!
  3. Excellent Mr Fish, Wasn't in the country BK Monday or for the ex-Stanton meet so a mini gathering would give me my esprit fix!
  4. Ian, The relay is in the front left of the car with the others. My fans kick in at about 104 degrees and happily bring the temp back to about 90. Pete
  5. Have to agree with this one. Watched the episode last night where he got the Testarossa for the first time, not being a Fezza fan I did start dribbling a little bit.
  6. Don't be sad! We'll just have to organise a mini-meet.
  7. S2 owned 8 years, 2.5 of which was rebuild - 47000 miles
  8. Hi Ed, I'm near Haslemere. Anytime you fancy meeting for a beer, give me a shout1 Pete
  9. Reg A9 ***. Certainley stood out in the carpark! Are you local? Pete S2
  10. 2 Esprit's in 2 days - they're getting common! Pete S2
  11. Anyone on the list?
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