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  1. Hi all, I cannot find the part number for the mounting bracket the sliding pins slot into. The parts book doesn't list it so I guess it's part of the actual caliper. One of my sliding pins is rusted solid and won't budge so before I break the bracket I want to be sure I can get a replacement if necessary. Will call Lotusbits tomorrow as they are listing them but in case they don't have them I'm not sure where else to look. Internet is not throwing anything up. Any ideas or tips on how to remove the offending pin? I've tried hear and currently soaking in plusgas. Cheers, Pete
  2. The trip computer still works too! Happy to give your cassettes a good home if you're having a clear out Kevin.
  3. Pretty groovy interior on the Rover. Only AM and MW on the radio. No FM!
  4. Sadly only the 2600 straight six. But the Vanden Plas model, no less! Done 100miles in the last 20 years, no rust and all the electrics work. This one was obviously made on a Tuesday not a Friday 😆 The wedge will hopefully be appearing in an episode of the Antiques Roadtrip airing sometime in the autumn.
  5. Swapped the Esprit for this bad boy for the weekend whilst the Lotus is off to be on the telly.
  6. I fitted these to a friends S2. After a little modification to where the calliper was fouling on the mounting brackets, not allowing it to 'float' all was well. Read the thread here with pics:
  7. No. It was a paler gold than his car.
  8. Friday evening, just outside of Stratford heading towards Alderminster. Non age related plate. All happened so fast I couldn't clock if S2 or S3 but looked stunning!
  9. Yes, thanks for the beers Kevin! May or may not be on hols that week in August so see you then if I'm about. I'll struggle through the beers selection...
  10. I'll hopefully be there. Having 2nd dose at 515pm so as long as I'm still functioning I'll see you there. Pete
  11. Check the contacts on the stalk have not melted. The S2 didn't have a relay fitted for the headlights originally so unless you have had one fitted all the power goes through the stalk and the plastic can melt, especiaally if all 4 headlights have been wired for main beam. Ask me how I know... Pete
  12. @Kevin Wheeler I'm free Thursday morning. Is the car indoors? Weather looks wet! We can discuss Wednesday evening.
  13. @Kevin Wheeler Sorry Kev, too busy driving. Not gotten round to doing the job. I don't recall needing to remove the motor to get to the allen bolts though. Happy to come round and offer some head scratching advice if you need. Pete
  14. If anyone fancies a cheeky half at The Wonston this coming Wednesday 16th, Matt has invited us to come along to join the Scooter brigade who are turning up. I'll confirm a time. Pete
  15. Nice to see you chaps outside of Hampshire. Sorry I missed you Kevin, hope you had a nice lunch? Very enjoyable drive to the circuit with this black beast in my rear view mirror... apparently the Esprit turned all the heads and the Noble was largely ignored 😉
  16. See you boys at the track. Bringing a friend who's gate-crashing with another plastic fantastic British car. Pete
  17. LOT number plate. Coming of the A303 at Popham. I was in the old Land Rover slowing you down 😀
  18. Thanks all. All sorted. I went to the post office and a most helpful chap taxed the vehicle free of charge and offered to send the V5 off to the DVLA for me! Honestly didn't expect it to be so simple hence the post. Like Leigh, I drove the Esprit there but the Basingstoke Post Office isn't quite as attractive and is now situated in the shopping center so no chance of a photo op.... Pete
  19. Hi all, Looking for advice. I've just been sent a reminder to pay £280 road tax on the Esprit which was manufactured on 19th October 1979 so well over the 40 year threshold. I can't get through to DVLA on the phone or via web chat. I want to keep the car taxed (runs out mid June) so I can use it. Any ideas on the quickest way to get this resolved? The V5C says the vehicle is PLG as opposed to historic but I assumed it would change automatically on the DVLA database. Obviously not... Cheers, Pete
  20. @lotuschris Here's the gap on mine with the car on the ground to give you some idea.
  21. +1 for Bagshot Radiators. Did a great job on my S2 rad. Proper old school. Pete
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