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  1. @Rudi K The inner card, attached to the door on which the removable card hooks is quite flexible. If you have small enough fingers it is possible to 'pop' it up under the lip with the door card in place. I need to do this on my passenger door. Drivers side door hooks on easily. Pete
  2. Thanks Steve @drdoom. Please post some pics if you get a chance. Pete
  3. Hi all, Can someone talk me through the window motor removal? I need to get it out of the way in order to re-glass the the 'enlarged' screw holes for the screw that holds the door trim in place. I want to avoid, if possible, messing up the angle of dangle of the window runners etc because they are such a pain to get align so is it possible just to whip the motor itself out? Thanks, Pete
  4. No idea @LOTUSMAN33. 20 years ago I asked for it to be painted Essex Blue. That, it is definitely not despite the leftover tin of paint saying it is. Hoping it's Lagune Blue as that's the next rattle can I have to try on a front spoiler I'm repairing. Already tried Bermuda Blue and it's too dark like the Essex. Think it's just the angle of dangle of the photo. Foxy is nice and low too...
  5. It's not a hard job if you've replaced clutches before. I removed the gearbox on my own. I recommend a second pair of hands for when you need to put the gearbox back on and a gearbox jack for removal and refitting. You just need to disconnect the driveshafts, slave cylinder, gear linkage etc. I le ft brake discs attached. Change the spigot bearing whilst you're at it. Pete
  6. @ANDYRIf you need to exercise the S3 at any point I'm near Winchester. Happy to chat Esprits, roadtrips and skiing! Pete
  7. I've had Spax all round from SJ fitted for years. The rears are adjustable. Get them set up correctly and they work fine. Nice to be able to adjust damper setting to suit driving style. Only had originals on before so can't comment on other makes. Pete
  8. Some pics of the car in question with black front spoiler. Pete
  9. If your car is in good working order and used regularly you don't need much. I've done a trip to the alps and 2 round trips to Slovenia in my S2, drove all the way from Hampshire and back. Gaffer tape, cable ties, spare oil and a couple of adjustable spanners is all I've packed as well as a leatherman tool. If something goes wrong there will always be someone to fix it. 1st trip to Slovenia via South of France: my driveshaft u/js gave up the ghost near Dijon but rolled up to a random garage that read 'toutes reparations' on the outside and a very helpful and enthusiastic owner who was more used to Renaults and Citroens. A couple of days later I was on the way again. Only delayed because we broke down on a Saturday afternoon so parts couldn't be sourced until Monday and the Tour de France happened to be coming through town that weekend. I'd only owned the car for 6 months. I was young, foolish and it turned out I'd bought a properly knackered car. It had a complete rebuild not long after that trip! 2nd trip to Slovenia 2000 odd miles and not a single issue! 1st trip to the alps summertime): oil gauge line split at the engine end and was leaking. Found a local garage who soldered the tip of the nipple the line attaches to as you can't refit the plastic pipe once it's come off. Pissed half a sump of oil out of the nipple whilst I drove to the garage so engine bay was covered but a bit of brake cleaner on the important bits and all was well. Just go for it. Most things can be fixed or bodged well enough until a permanent fix can be made once back home. If something breaks and it's terminal you will just have a shorter trip. Enjoy! Pete
  10. I'm up for that if I finish my prior zoom commitment in time! Pete
  11. Can't do November meet ☚ī¸ Count me in for Christmas party!😃
  12. Probably not correct for the purists but I routed my vent pipes to the drain holes at the back corners of the car. Didn't mess about with t pieces and all that extra tubing going up and over the bulkhead. 1 pipe for each breather. Pete
  13. Wonston is closed on Tuesdays at the moment I'm afraid. Not sure I'll be able to make 20th now either and you're not allowed to go to the Wonston without me anyway!
  14. Fit the flexihose. Don't mess around with pipes and flexi ends. Peter
  15. Ah, bit too far for a quick test drive. Pete
  16. @Djs44 Whereabouts are you based?
  17. In my opinion 160bhp is perfectly fine for an S2. I've had over 20 years of ear to ear grins with mine in standard tune. That's what it was designed with. If Lotus wanted it to have more power, they would have made it with more power which they did with the Turbo and beyond. An early Esprit is not about straight line speed but the ride and handling. If straight line speed is what you want I suggest you swap the S2 for a later, more powerful car. My hatchback has 100bhp more than my S2 and trounces it speed-wise but I love driving the Esprit for what it is and how it feels. At the end of the day it's your car and you can do what you like with it but I've always said to folk if you want a fast car, get a fast car to start with and enjoy the S2 as Lotus intended. Also consider that more power is going to put greater stress on the rear suspension setup on the S2. S3 onwards had a more robust setup so could handle more power. It's not a straight swap to upgrade either. Pete
  18. Fab evening chaps! Looking forward to next months GILFest hosted by @DaveC72 😂
  19. I'm talking about the bulb that fits into the fibre optic dash lighting thingy. Sorry, might be confusing myself with the rheostat which i think is plugged into it as well? Pete
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