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  1. Hi Steve, Yes I have the inclined rad. They were fitted to later S2s but maybe also federal cars? I can get you some better pics of the braces if you need them. Pete
  2. Which rad do you have Steve, upright or inclined? Are these the braces you are referring to below?
  3. Pants! 15th no good. Wife is working so need to be on Dad duty. Enjoy!
  4. Dear @Bibs, please add sticking tongue our and wavey deer antler imogee to library...🐃
  5. @Bibs already subscribed , your highness. Guess I need to update the frequency. Pete
  6. Gutted I didn't know anything about this meet. Must check into here more often!! Pete
  7. SJS sell replacement glass if you do break it but it's not tinted like the original. It breaks quite easily too so don't be shy with the heat. Pete
  8. Hi Lutz, Great to see your progress. Have a look at this to answer your piping question. There's my description and photos. Good luck! Pete
  9. I couldn't say for sure. I've had the gearbox off but not the engine out. I'm not sure in an S2 it would be possible to take the engine in or out from below? @Matt-watts will probably be able to give you a definitive answer although if you've actually done it Dave @LOTUSMAN33 I will bow to your experience. Pretty sure the whole thing can go in from above though. Pete
  10. @gvy Yes, I glued it in Geert like Andy said above. I think it was this one but I did it years ago. Pete
  11. The video on youtube is good too. Pete
  12. Very happy to host. Not enough beer to go round this weekend but happy to plan for a future one. Anytime after the first weekend of June works for me if you're up for it.
  13. Well done on the new acquisition Dean! The Wonston are doing home deliveries if you're close Just had my weekly ales arrive for the weekend 🍻
  14. Yes. Do it. Big difference! I bought some crescent shaped hollow rubber strip from Woolies years ago that was the right diameter for the channel. You will need to cut a 45 degree angle and glue 2 pieces together where they meet at the 90 degree corner at the top rear of the frame. Made a difference to water ingress when washing my car as well. Pete
  15. You should find a pair of thin wires sticking out of the sealant somewhere along the bottom edge of the glass. I believe these are supposed to be connected to electricity to heat the wire which either softens the sealant or cuts through it so the glass can be removed. Pete
  16. Hi all, What breakdown cover are folk using for their classics & moderns? I've been a member of the RAC for donkeys years because they cover every car in the household but the recent renewal quote is a bit of a piss take. £199 last year £250 to renew and we didn't even have any callouts! I've had a quick look and most of the 'big boys' don't cover older vehicles. I need to cover 4 cars that date between 2017 and 1962 and ideally want 1 policy for all. Cheers, Pete
  17. Whilst can't get to the tip, the Land Rover becomes the tip. Such a versatile vehicle!
  18. Make them suck David. If you have an inclined rad you must have a later S2 like mine (11th to last). What are the last 3 digits of your VIN? These rads, if in good nick work much better than the upright ones which are smaller. I have never had a problem with overheating like many complain of, even in scorching summer temperatures. Pete
  19. If you are doing most of the work yourself, yes that's a reasonable budget I would think. Pete
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