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  1. Interesting...I reckon I was losing about 5mpg during my eurotrip with the windows down at above average (european) motorway cruising speeds (whilst on the autobahn!) this August compared to a similar long journey a few years back with the windows up. I remember getting 31mpg on the m'ways on the previous trip but only about 25ish this time. The car is in better condition as well. No aircon 38 degree heat - didn't have much choice! Quite a few flies were peeled off the blukhead just behind my right ear too ! Pete
  2. Fishy, Dat is lookin da bong! Really impressive, well done. Look forward to seeing it in all it's radiant glory! Pete
  3. Nice one Iain. How old do you have to be to drive in Oz? Good luck the the resto...and no I don't think they ever get completed (at least not if you actually drive the thing when it's done!!!). Pete
  4. Thanks Iain! Welcome. Where abouts are you? Just seconding Mat, nice to have another S2 about! Pete
  5. That kind of depends on how much you've spent on your Esprit!!
  6. I thought the DVD was rubbish. They missed the whole point of most of the car chases - in that they didn't show any of the chase!! Muppets. Got all excited too!
  7. Cliff You can always try and keep up with the Landy (off road that is )! I'll give you a bell on Friday when I'm there. We can hook up for an ale at the Spitfire bar or thereabouts. But a mini hoon at some other time is a must! Pete
  8. Hi Cliff, Going on Friday. Have Lavant g'stand seats but will be going in the Landy so I can sneak into the pre-1966 car park. Naturally one will be suitably attired! Pete
  9. peteyg

    Mad S2 owner

    THAT'S TODAY!!!! Yipee
  10. peteyg

    Mad S2 owner

    Hi Steve, I remember. 'twas a dark and stormy night if I recall. So you managed to get all the water out then? are you going to the next meet? Don't even know when that is or we could just meet up for a beer. Maybe with a couple of other Portsmouth guys? Pete
  11. Can anyone tell me the rough temperature my exhaust pipe is likely to reach? Specifically the centre pipe (the one that replaces the first silencer). Working out how to temporarily solve a leak at the join between the tubular manifold and the centre pipe without having to weld anything for now. Will worry about the welding in the winter! Or even any suggestions on how to plug a hole or three. The centre pipe is a fraction too short and leaves three 1/16''th-ish size holes where it doesn't fully overlap inside the manifold. The holes are slightly sunk by the thickness of the manifold tube as they're in the slits that allow the metal on the end on the manifold to be tightened with the jubilee clip thingy. I'm sure this makes no sense so I'll post some pics later! TIA, Pete
  12. peteyg

    Mad S2 owner

    Hi Steve, I'm on the Surrey/HANTS border. Always happy to do any spanner wielding!! Welcome to the S2 Club. Shout if you need any help. S2s RULE! Pete
  13. Poor fella! Give me a shout if you need to keep the Esprit ticking over!! Other bright side is now you've got an excuse for not having to push the buggy!!
  14. Sure it's been posted before but can't find it. Is there a sensible way of cleaning the engine without screwing the electrics and other moving parts. After my little episode en France where oil pissed ALL OVER the engine bay, I need to clean it all off if only to work out where the proper oil leaks are Got a can of gunk but I'm hesitating (summers not over yet!). Cheers, Pete
  15. Dan, I'm feeling for ya. I'm sure I've got that piece of paper, assuming the gasket is the same one that comes as part of his engine gasket set. Problem is it's at my folks house, they're away and I won't be there 'till next weekend (by which time SJ'll probably be back). Also they don't have a computer at the mo so I wouldn't be able to get the numbers to you 'till Sunday night at the earliest. Sorry to dangle the carrot but I'll try to remember to dig it out in case no one comes up with the goods beforehand! Pete
  16. Thank you Mr Bibs, feeling better already! B) Best keep the sunnys on though
  17. S1 at number 20. Sorry If this has already been posted! Ooops, wrong place to post - still hungover from friends stag do in Madrid!
  18. Sorry Ian - plenty more lovely pictures if you need some extra excuses! Patrick - Definately the Loire sometime soon but possibly Alsace next. I did it a couple of years ago after Classic Le Mans and the the roads and Chateaux are beautiful. James - We ended up drinking most of the samples en route because the car was so hot that I don't think the wines would've fared too well. A quick stop at the Hypermarche in Boulogne meant a few extra bottles that we managed to stuff into the passenger footwell and behind the seats but that was all the space we had left. Going to take the Landrover next time!! Pete
  19. Mike said the rest of the car would stand up to the extra power, as long as you hang fire on the standing starts! Obviously the gearbox is the same as the turbo so no worries there. You'll probably end up chewing through u/js more regularly but again that'll depend on driving style. Give Mike a call and he'll explain exaclty what's involved and give you the costs. They'll do all the work for you if you don't have the inclination to DIY. Let me know what you come up with re the brakes as I'm keen to improve stopping power. Not sure if Powerstop have made the grooved discs available for the S2 yet as I find fade is the biggest problem, especially on those mountains!! Greenstuff pads on the front have helped a little. Pete
  20. Hi Mark, Sadly no as work got in the way. The initial plan was to do the classic and take another week touring. Then got an offer of a free chalet in the Alps from my passenger's friend for last week and that kind of clinched it. We toured Champagne and Burgundy on the way to the mountains, then the area around the Somme on the way back. Only shame was that half of Holland was on holiday with their silly camper vans and overtaking on the wrong side of the road is never easy when you've only got 2 litres and no campervan x ray vision!! Pete
  21. Hey Mat, All you need is a passenger who doesn't mind not having any luggage Was a great trip. Deffo up for another one sometime. Where are you planning to be in France? Lived there for a couple of years myself. Pete
  22. Well, just back from a fantasticlly hot and sweaty 2000 miles hoon through France. The old girl behaved brilliantly. New rad kept her at a cool 85 degrees even with 38 degree outside temperature. Only problem was a split oil pressure gauge pipe so got a friendly garage to weld up the nipple on the motor after I'd cut the pipe off. Although I did manage to spray about 2.5 litres of mobil 1 over the engine on the way to the garage (ooops). Other than a blowing exhaust which made the car sound crap driving through towns all was well. Couldn't believe how many heads were turned on the trip!!! So many smiles and pointing and that wierd flicky hand thing the french do in appreciation of something. Anyway, a few photos...God I love my Esprit!!!!!!
  23. Hi Mat, I looked into going down the Lotusbits 'head' route but Mike explained that to make it worthwhile you need to blitz the whole engine - cams, crank, HC pistons, 2.2 head, valves etc. I think the figures were 220bhp ish with some horny torque as well. Parts alone came to about 2.5k ir thereabouts. I wanted to keep the car original where possible so the best thing was to get another engine and build that up, keep the original and do a swap. I know though that the souped up job would stay put if I fitted it and plus didn't have the cash anyway. I reckon it'd be easier to drop a turbo engine in if you want the power. Pete
  24. Well, just finished the 2000 mile trip to the French Alps and back with virtually no problems apart from being very hot and sweaty and an annoying exhaust leak until I noticed... A lot of oil was leaking from the joint between the nipple and the pipe going to the oil pressure gauge so muggins decided it would be a good idea to cut the pipe off and refit it without knowing that the thing comes fitted from the factory and it's impossible to do it at home, let alone on holiday on top of a mountain !!!! Solution was to find a friendly garage to weld up the nipple which did the trick, after I'd lost about 2.5 litres of oil and sprayed it all over the engine on the way there... So, new pipe ordered and just need to fit it. Any tips? I haven't investigated yet but where does the pipe run? Through the body/chassis? I'm hoping it'll be one of the easier jobs.. cheers, Pete PS pics to follow in motoring section B)
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