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  1. Don't know what's available to you guys over the pond but in the UK I've managed to source the correct sizes - just - with Fulda Assuros on the back (good grip!) and previously had Dunlops on the front but now a local garage managed to find some Nokias for the front, all V rated. Just done a 2000 mile trip to France and was pleased with the results - especially on the mountain passes! Pete
  2. Mark, Offer of help getting greasy still stands if I'm around! Virtually all you need to know has been said already. Good luck! Pete
  3. peteyg

    HOLIDAY 2006

    Off tomorrow for a 10 day French hoon...Vive le hoon! Champagne, Burgundy then the Alps. Mon dieu les flics, a plus!! B)
  4. According to an ex-lotus source, Syntrax 75W-90 for the Citroen 'box. Changed mine yesterday.
  5. What do they list Optimax as in France? Off tomorrow for 10 days of hooning around vineyards and mountain roads!
  6. Post them, post them....more car porn!!!!
  7. Your age: 29 Car: S2 Location: W Sussex Parked: Garage Insurer: Footman James Points: 6 Mods declared: N/A Milage allowance: Unlimited Agreed Value :
  8. Has anyone replaced their brake light, indicator, sidelight bulb with LEDs on the older cars? Just been reading the post on LEW but it only refers to interior stuff. Seemed like a good idea with regards to power use and longevity but the site is vast and not quite sure what to be looking for... Any thoughts? Pete
  9. Binnacle pis as promised. This is a spare I have but someone's put the dial in the wrong way round...I think. Anyway, rev counter on the left, bulb hole at the top.
  10. It was geat Fishy! On the other hand Lost Boys on the big screen - HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Such a good film but I have to say, Sunday's car porn just wins! Let me know when Star Wars is on.
  11. Not difficult, just a bit fiddly. All you need to do is unscrew the dash panel (4 screws) and possibly the vent panel on the left and heater controls etc on the right depening on if they are obstructing the dash. There should be enough cable to allow you to pull the panel out far enough to get your fingers in behind to remove the bulb. Can't remember if it is located on the top or bottom of the guage but it's a simple push in job. Access is much easier if you take off the panels on either side. I've got some pics of the dash in pieces at home, will post them later. Pete
  12. Great to meet up with Cliff, Ben & Glynn today for the mini hoon. Shame about the Sunday drivers!! - Looking forward to the next one! Was great to see the effect Ben's new GT3 had on the cheesy grin he sported all morning - sweeeeett Cheers, Pete
  13. Me neither! Or am I just too sad! - God I love that film. My scope shows the tower, but I can't see the exhaust port!
  14. Hi Trevor, Yep, just cleaning. I have a new rack and the thread is a little battered on the arm. Thats what I'm attacking rather than the track end. Have discovered it's 1/2" UNF.
  15. Anyone know what size this is? I need to do some tapping & die-ing. TIA Pete
  16. Cheers Alan! Rack came off easily this morning (wasn't expecting that!). The small u/j was left attached to the column. Have you fitted the baby seat yet? Pete
  17. 9am - 1pm Last month, a lot of people had left by 12 ish.
  18. Classic British Sportscars is the topic this week. Will be there if I get my recored rad back and fitted alond with the new steering rack. MAybe this time they won't make me park in the field!!
  19. Chickened out as it was pouring in Surrey. Decided to get underneath the car and remove the radiator instead...just for fun!
  20. Got the rad off for recoring so can see the rack better now. The book talks about removing the intermediate shaft but doesn't make it too clear how. As far as I can see the small u/j bracket sits on a splinned shaft on the steering column. Should this slide off if I pull the steering rack away from it? Already soaking it in WD40. TIA Pete
  21. Right, next problem. Need a new steering rack - bugger! How long a job is it going to be to replace as I've got limited time before a planned roadtrip to France. Any useful tips on the procedure highly welcomed! Cheers, Pete
  22. Should be able to make it but won't be 'till 7ish.
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