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  1. Might be able to make that. Pete
  2. I had shingles a few years ago so proof it's not just old farts that get it. Suggest bathing in Doombar - that's all it's good for anyway 😆 Get well soon!
  3. peteyg

    Esprit footwear

    For those who laughed at my last post...
  4. peteyg

    Esprit footwear

    I'm a size 8 and can comfortably drive in these. No joke.
  5. Try Lotusbits. I bought a pair of the brackets off them a few weeks ago. They came with the dowels intact but they may be willing to separate them. Pete
  6. Only if it was a range rover that flashed you. I grew up near Stratford and my folks still live there. Had my S2 for 24 years but now with 2 kids, don't get to use it as much as I used to.
  7. Hurrah! Are you local to Stratford? I was visiting my parents who live up that way when you drove past, sadly not in my Esprit on that occasion...
  8. You must have a functioning petrol station near Whitchurch or did you fill up in France Kevin?
  9. @omegamanMine's a UK car. If you have the measurements try somewhere like Namrick assuming you're UK based. Pete
  10. Compared to a modern 2l diesel hatchback, my S2 is slow so not worth the embarrassment of even trying to have a go even if I wanted to.
  11. With your radiator cowl/duct, whilst not original I would recommend adding some thin sheet metal to the corners where the braces bolt through or even along the width of the cowling edge to act as a skid. You will ground the cowling, guaranteed. Pete
  12. @omegamanI'll try and get some better pics if you need them. Just let me know. Pete
  13. There is a small right angled bracket that bolts to your new bracket (top right hand hole in your pic) onto which a P clip bolts to support the speedo cable. Pete
  14. On the day I joined: it was Monday, under the sign of Pisces (see zodiac on March 14, 2005). The US president was George W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Tony Blair (Labour), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church. In that special week of March people in US were listening to Candy Shop by 50 Cent. In UK Over And Over by Nelly featuring Tim McGraw was in the top 5 hits. Guess Who, directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, was one of the most viewed movie released in 2005 while The Killing Club by Marcie Walsh with Michael Malone was one of the best selling book. If you liked videogames you were probably playing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Winter Assault or Against All Odds.
  15. 12 or 19 October for me. Away the last week. Going for an early beer at the Wonston on Monday about 5.30ish if anyone fancies joining. Pete
  16. @Jimmy Hi Jimmy, SRS4 is the product code that I used and fitted nicely on my car. Pete
  17. @gvy Yes Geert it does fit. Not perfect but it's as close as I could find to the original in my picture. Pete
  18. @gvy HI Geert, See my last post here if that helps. I know it's in the UK but maybe the images can help you find an equivalent:
  19. Lotusbits if you are willing to travel. Standard rebuild or options to up the spec if you wanted to. They have their own dyno/test rig thingy too. Pete
  20. @Bling I asked the question and here's the response. Sorry it's not a straightforward answer: The Sill plates were acid etched by a company called Alton Etchers, who sadly ceased trading some time ago. The design needs to be scanned into a CNC program, then imposed to get as many as possible out of an 8x4ft sheet of stainless. That's why 20 sets was my minimum order. The sheet is coated in wax and a laser cuts out the design. The sheet is then dipped in a bath of nitric acid to etch the design. After that I then got Mick, the sheet metal worker in Tongham to cut them to shape. Sadly, he's long gone too. I hope this at least helps with the process, so you know the kind of company you're looking for to do the production work. Sorry I can't just suggest just going to see someone but they're just not around any longer. I'm sure if you just search for acid etching companies on t'internet you'll find someone who will do it.
  21. @Bling If this is what you are after I can find out where they were made. Pete
  22. @Alistair Enser Hi Alistair, If you don't get a better offer you are welcome to pop over to Basingstoke anytime and have a look at my car which, if chronologically correct, was not far behind yours on the production line. I have 864G. I often work just off J5 of the M3 at Odiham so we could meet halfway if easier? PM me if I can help. Pete
  23. @Kevin Wheeler hope you get well soon. Detached retina is a well known side effect of drinking too much Doombar. I warned you...
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