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  1. That's standard fare for the S2. Once you are moving, the straighten up - clever! Shah - What are the US laws on changing to euro spec bumpers? They suit the car soooo much better! - not that your baby isn't beautiful already Pete
  2. Thanks Robin but it's a different shape. On mine the four pipes are already welded into a single exit. Cheers, Pete
  3. I've asked this before but just in case anyone can help seeing as it's Bank holiday and Steve is uncontactable 'til Tuesday. Has anyone fitted SJs tubular manifold to their S2? Just put the head and manifold back on and the manifold is jammed up against the lower diagonal tube of the chassis. There needs to be some adjustment made but I'm not quite sure what to do. I'm afraid that any tampering with the chassis will ruin the galvanising and lead to future corrosion problems. Have thought about bending the manifold tube to create a gap but not sure this will be sufficient. Any ideas? Pete
  4. Hi Tony, I got mine from You can buy it by the metre. All you have to do is cut the ends at 45 degree angles to make a nice fit on the corner of the frame then stick it in with a bit of araldite - really keeps out a lot of wind noise! Pete
  5. Jeff, Just dug out some photos of my dash if your interested. Let me know. Pete
  6. Mark, I'm currently trying to upload the esprit clips from this episode onto LEW as we speak. We're just having some technical probs with playback. Fear not, we will prevail!!! Pete
  7. Jeff, You'll be VERY lucky to find one. THey are unique to the Esprit and I've been looking for a couple of years. Mine was cracked and missing a couple of corners so in the end I machined one out of aluminium as a temporary measure until I could find an original. SJ Sportcars was looking into re manufacturing them out of fibreglass but I don't know what stage that's at. Good luck and if you find two, let me know! Pete
  8. Pete - have you seen photos of Shah's interior? Are you thinking like that only blue where his is grey? Pretty much. Although I'd be sticking to cloth. I'm sure Shah will back me up here... the reason he has 4 point harnesses is to keep him in the 'leather' seats Unfortunately it's not very high on my priority list. Got to put the engine back together first. Next project is to investigate an annoying steering vibration. Pete
  9. Dave, I think the S2 seats are the most comfortable but having cloth make a huge difference in arse gripage. Leather seats make getting in and out easier. You could always get the originals recovered. Will eventually get around to doing mine. They're all black at the moment but thought about getting the centre in cloth to match the Essex Blue and keep the sides black with S2 logo embroidered on the headrests - subtle but a nice touch methinks. Pete
  10. Shah, No expert but a back firing is more likely an electrical problem rather than fuel. The backfiring is mistimed detonation resulting in unburnt fuel being exhausted and igniting from the exhaust temp isn't it? I'd check the electics first and definately go electronic ignition, makes a big difference to the running! Pete
  11. Great fun not using the clutch and sounds cool too especially in a 1934 Frazer Nash TT rep! Been to chicken to try it with the Esprit though
  12. Thanks Angus. I already had a look at Dermot's site and he siad it was rubbish and flaked off after 2 weeks. Guess I'll go down the route of wrapping the chassis that's close to the manifold and hopefully the uprated engine mounts and heat shield will be more resistant than the old ones. Cheers for all the comments! Pete
  13. Hi Joey, Interesting idea. What's the rough cost of ceramic coating? Hope you're going to keep the landy when you get the Esprit - they make a perfect couple. I've got a '62 Series 2A SWB. Cheers Pete
  14. Installing a new tubular manifold from SJ. Is there any reason why I shouldn't wrap it with the special insulation tape to stop the heat attacking the chassis and engine mount? Pete
  15. Thanks Wayne, So I might as well put the old shims back in to do the measuring as long as I know what size they are already. What happens if I haven't got a small enough shim to give any clearance with the new valves? Pete
  16. Hi guys, How do I work out the new sized shims I need for the valve springs? I've just replaced the exhaust valves (inlets were fine) and measured the old shims so hopefully some can be reused. Cheers, Pete
  17. Troy - Thanks, spot on! Shah - Check past threads and also on the yahoo site. Theer have been a number of discussions about the potetial problems. On the otherhand there are many owners who've never had a problem! Pete
  18. Taylored for the gentleman who knows how to dress. A perfect fit, breathable, 4 securing traps and you get a big Lotus logo stitched on the front! Had mine for about 6 years. Only thing is to remember not to put the cover over the exhaust when it's hot!! Pete
  19. Thanks guys. I hesitate with the K&Ns after hearing stories of fuel blowbacks and engine fires. The parts guys over here seem to supply the flimsy pipe I've already got - which is obviously the correct part for the job but expensive for what it is especially if it keep breaking! Pete
  20. Seem to recall that the engine in the healey was iron not alloy (the original vauxhall block. Lotus alloyed it for fitment to their own cars due to warping problems. Or maybe it was an iron block with and alloy head. Maybe wrong.
  21. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the large air hose that goes from the airbox to the vent in the boot area? The original one keeps tearing as it only seems to be made out of tin foil with a tissue paper covering - nice and light but useless! Cheers, Pete
  22. M25 heading anticlockwise about J20 2.30pm ish.
  23. Hi Troy, The cables are a fairly simple affair, you should be able to make new ones easily. All you need is the right gauge of wire and the right thickness. The plastic sheaths are available for radio control model stores, you might even be able to get the wire there as well. Pete
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