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  1. +1 for Bagshot Radiators. Did a great job on my S2 rad. Proper old school. Pete
  2. I have the one SJ sells fitted to my car but mine is a very late S2. Let us know where you are Chris and we may be better place to recommend a place to get the suspension set up. Pete
  3. SJSportscars...
  4. I use a large syringe, the sort vets use for horses etc. A piece of windscreen washer tube on the end which you can easily push into one of the boots, like Steve and his oil can, then squirt until it comes pouring out and you know it's full. Pete
  5. @Kevin Wheeler @Simon Gooding @DaveC72 @KennyN @Techyd Sorry guys, Wonston is a no go on Tuesday. Matt says he needs a few days off so I've asked him to give me a date that works for him, preferably another Tuesday. Pete
  6. Hey guys, Still waiting to hear back from Matt about next Tuesday. Says he's checking with the wife and will let me know. Pete
  7. What ho chaps! Just been for cheeky pint at The Wonston (plus take away 😉) and Matt the landlord says he'd be happy to open up exclusively for us Mon-Weds whilst they're closed on those days until things get 'back to normal'. Does Tuesday 11th May work for anyone? Of so I'll check that's ok with Matt. Pete
  8. HI Steve @drdoom, Unfortunately it's a long way down my to do list but aiming to get it done by 2025 or so, if I'm lucky, so nothing to report I'm afraid. Pete
  9. What Andy said. I set mine to between 50-55 with the Krikit. Pete
  10. Enjoy! Not a good date for me. Thanks Dave!
  11. Mondays & Tuesdays best for me. Pete
  12. I suspect parking will be at a premium as the floodgates open to pub goers once again. Happy to ask at the Wonston but maybe somewhere with a little more carparking as we ease back into it might be wiser? Monday/Tuesday works best for me. Pete
  13. If the beer's good, I'm happy to don thermals! Pete
  14. I'd be surprised if there's much in it @Fridge. My S2 gets blown all over the place but maybe that's because I'm driving too fast... The wrap around spoiler was supposed to improve high speed stability so heaven knows how wayward an S1 is! Pete
  15. Wouldn't know, I drive all year round 😈 Seriously though, what they've said above. Don't complicate it. Pete
  16. I've never heard of anyone removing them without having to replace them. Pete
  17. I'm way too young to be having a jab yet but waiting patiently and optimistically booking holidays for later on in the year. Been driving the Esprit loads to work and my weekly brewery trip, even gave it a wash a couple of weeks ago. First wash since about August last year! I have to shout at people about wine next Wednesday but will join you if I finish early enough. @pbharcourthow leaky is your snatch? Curious if the younger models make less of a mess?
  18. @gvy I have the same setup Greet. There's a bit more bass but that's about it. I find having the k&n air filter makes quite a bit of difference to intake noise. Pete
  19. @gvy Hi Geert, I have the Sports silencer fitted now. I ordered the normal one to replace that broken one but was sent a sports one. I didn't need the hassle of sending it back so just fitted it. Can't say there's much difference apart from a bit more noise. Pete
  20. @anditsoundslikebells Where in Hampshire are you? I'm between Basingstoke and Winchester if you need to compare notes and you're not a million miles away. Good luck with the rebuild. Pete
  21. Hi all, I had my car repainted nearly 20 years. It was originally red and I asked for it to be painted Essex Blue. Wat I got was significantly lighter than Essex blue an the pot I have of original paint used to paint the car says A34 Essex Blue. So what the hell colour has my car been painted? Some have suggested Lagune Blue so I bought a rattle can and below is the result of painting a spare filler cap...nowhere near. Whilst we are in lockdown I can't pop to a paint shop to get the car colour matched but was hoping to sort a few bits that needed respraying so...any ideas what colour to try next?
  22. I've gone through 2 sets of these in the last 10 years. They are pretty good and I find work best on my S2 at about 22PSI. Pete
  23. The one for sale looks to be based on an S2 and I think that's why it looks a bit odd. Without the angles of the Turbo sills and front spoiler the proportions are just way out. It looks anorexic but with a fat arse. Pete
  24. @djs44 One had just popped up on eBay but it will need refurbishing. Pete
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