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  1. Spot on this was the issue. It actually kicked my car into limp home mode this week as it confused the computer and thought it was a throttle sensor error so not one to leave. Sorted now though after a day at B&C and wasn't too sore on the wallet.
  2. Thanks everyone, at least I know its not something major with the traction control system or something like that. Will see what B&C say on Friday. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I've had a look through the forum and can't seem to find a thread or similar issue so looking for some guidance. When i was in traffic a few weeks ago my traction control light switched itself on. I turned the dial to sport and the sport light didn't come on but the throttle sharpened. I thought it was just a light issue but it keeps coming on and off intermittently in traffic or when slow moving, its fine if i start up and get moving straight away, in London thats not often! There seemed to be no impact on the performance so I tested to see if the traction control was actually off and turns out it is, stumped. Will take it down to B&C and the weekend but looking to see if anybody has seen this before and could offer some advice? Adam
  4. I saw that, it ended up in Essex I think. Not repossessed despite it trying to bankrupt me with the amount of visits it needed to Bell and Coalville, but definitely needed a new clutch when I swapped for the V6. It went to Murray in Edinburgh who put it to auction.
  5. Hi all, Boyhood Lotus fan here on my third one in 3 years but first time on the forums (other than working out where the boot release was in a flat battery Evora)! Started off with a MK3 Elise CR, then a Launch Edition Evora in which I did 30k miles in a year and now onto a V6 Exige. Looking forward to doing some track days this year with the new gold Team Dynamics and fresh rubber. I used to race Minis in the Scottish Mini Cooper Cup which was brilliant fun and plan on finding a MK1 Elise to race in 2018 so will be kicking about at a few of the Lotus Cup UK events this year as well as a host of other events that I can see on here. Couple of photos of my 3 (feel free to ask for more of my very amateur attempts), and a thanks to the hosts for the forum! Adam
  6. Ideal, I was going to do 215s on the front on the AR-1s so given the tonnes of feedback and price I'll give the NS2Rs a shot. Decision made. Thanks!
  7. Hey, how did you get on with the Nankangs? Looking to do the same for this years first track set but I was concerned about them in anything other than perfectly dry conditions?
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