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  1. Complitely reason. It's the last chance to avoid to go under legal procedures with lotus, before sending them the last chance to apply the warranty and solve trans and clima issue. If they don't want to proceed, I will do. The dealer tried many times and push lotus to have an engineer visit in Italy, but nothing changed. Is a lotus hq problem, not a dealer problem. Is clear that dealer can push more, but what kind of weapons you can use to apply your rights if they tell only lies? Lies about clima told that whistle is present in all cars if not true.... same story for gearbox! With this approach Lotus seems to not take care about customers needs, and tell things that are legally fraudulent... why tell that all evoras have whistle if is isn't true? They risk with this approach. A lot. Every day they continue to lost reputation in forum and potential new customers that seeing our stories I hope decline any idea to bought car and face our daily nightmares... for a couple of euros... they lost a tons of money, reputations, sales.... incredible but true.
  2. Have you solved? Look at this! Something similar?
  3. To avoid clutch noise, do you think that is better to change the gearbox oil or the clutch oil? Because are two different circuits. Tomorrow I take back my car from dealer to test the readline mt90+friction modifier to see if gearbox noise will change. But I tought: have i to change the clutch oil also? It could impact in noise?
  4. My dealer is a 20 years old one. They work with passion and they're happy to help if they have possibilities to do it. They know that there are some issues on the car and they tried to solve it. With transmission they made several test. With the clima too. But if they can dismount gearbox they cannot understand the issue. ? I'll try to contact them tomorrow to find a way to solve it. But if they told me that I've to change gearbox... who pay 10k for it? I think that lotus have to do it. If I was sure that changing clutch I will solve the issue, I will cover the costs maybe... but if it wasn't, I cannot face 10k of new gearbox... additionally if it's under warranty.
  5. @DJW thanks a lot for your help and for have spent 5 minutes for me. As I tought, no noise ? @JayEmm thanks for let me know. When you've time, if you could please make it. More proof we have less they can play with us. If you've have any needs guys! I'm here to help.
  6. Someone with the evora 400 could be so kind to make me a 30 sec video that show that air coinditioning work fine? Just to have a proof that not all 400 have the same problem, as they assume. @JayEmm @mcx @DJW @CocoPops or someone else can help me? you're my only friends that can help me to demostrate that I'm not crazy enough to ask a guarantee service on that and pretend to apply my right to fix it under warranty. please help. I really don't want to definitely take decision to sell car. I think to open a separate topic called ^an help for alfo86^ where everyone can post video of air conditioning and cabin to demostrate that I'm not crazy and that the transmission and aircon noise are real and not normal. He told me that every evora 400 have it, and they don't know how to solve it. All bullshit. Because they don't want to spend hour in guarantee to dismount all dash and change the air conditioning box under warranty.
  7. @Hedgehogfromhell I will do it, but I'm sure to don't solve anything. I know that they reply will be: our technician comes in Italy and told that everything is normal.. to be honest he also told me that my car is one of the best he listen... pffff... all bullshit! I was so gentleman to don't kill him and manage the things try to let him understand my POV.. but it seems convinced that's complitely normal... a caratteristic of the car.... all f*****g bullshits. I will do it, but I think that I Will sell it... too much taxes and issues and no happiness to justify all my sacrifices. And lotus... a confirmation of his reputation... I curse the day that I decided to bought it. 1 year after buying it and 90% of the time passed into the dealer for multiple issues not solved. Spend another 5k ti fix the car is too much for my patience... fuck them! I'll spend the rest of my life to inform all potential client about all issues after make the same craziness I made.
  8. @Hedgehogfromhell you're right. I'm sure that isn't normal but think about me... I have this noise at all gears with low revs. After 2000rpm it disappear... but as you told nel you don't have it louder like that and in all gears... and you seems really surprised. Do you think that's right for an Italian customer to face 1000km maybe to don't solve nothing? I cannot spend 500 euro to coming here with car and another 500/ 1000 to come back with fight and go back with car in Italy. Is crazy. I cannot think to have a car and have fear about any possible issue.... Lotus have to be serious to take car back and fix it in the HQ. But they aren't... tomorrow I will try to write an angry email to understand if they definetly decide to don't authorize dealer to put the han on it, dismount engine and gearbox and understand what happened. But again, a lotus tech coming here and told me that is normal.... but I never ear nothing about that... a tracktor is more silent... WTF. What I've to do more than I've already made?
  9. @Hedgehogfromhell Do you think that is the release bearing? So just changing clutch I can solve issue? The car have just 4900km and I made the last 1000 km testing the car on the street to simulate and register video for submit it to lotus. After waiting 6 month, The tech from lotus (Gary) come in Italy and told that is "normal" as caractheristics of the gearbox. For him is the something releated to the clutch, but the noise is inside the standard and not covered under warranty. I'm really frustrated and they was be able to let me pass from loving to hating lotus. The 3 year warranty is complitely fake. They don't want to take this seriously and change what they've to change. Now the car is on the dealer but they cannot made nothing without lotus authorization. I've another big issue with air conditioning that whistle, and also with that they don't pass it under warranty. Absolutely crazy. I think that the best things could be to sold fast the car and escape from this brand that don't take care about their customers. I'm sad to say that, but I'm really frustrated. Understand me.
  10. As promised, here the video of the air conditioning whistle. As usual, lotus don't take this seriously told me that is a common issue. With the gearbox they could try to convince me, but with that aircon issue they definitely lost my patience and trust. I'm not sure that is Normal as they told me, so I share with you to understand if it's true or not. Waiting about your comment ?
  11. Thanks for clarification! I usually love to drive relaxed because I originally bought the evora 400 as a GT car, coming from more extreme and noisy car. To be honest is impossible to drive evora at low rpm in cruise mode cause to the transmission noise really boring in the cabin. I can accept noise in 1st and 2nd gear, but Driving at 80 km/h in 5th and listen a tracktor noise with you is unbelievable. Is ridicolous to always need to use radio to cover noise. @Hedgehogfromhell I don't know if you already see my video. If you've the chance to told me that is the same noise is appreciated. That help me to understand how many are in the same situation. I've noise at all gears below 2500 rpm. the noise start when car is hot after 10/20 km. That let me crazy!!!! tha so for help!
  12. Hi @insertaliashere , same noise in my evorA 400. I have it in ALL GEARS below 2500 RPM, when I accellerate (in deceleration don't do it). Do you have in all gearsor just in certain gears?
  13. Hi @Hedgehogfromhell The noise that you notice as distinctive whirl in your video, is the same noise I have in the evora 400. are you so kind to told me if you have it in all gears? because the strange is that in your video seems to be present just in the 1st gear. Unfortunatelly, I have the SAME noise in your video in all gears at low RPM. do you think that, in your experience, is normal as your? thanks a lot
  14. Hi guys, seems a good deal but keep attention about the gearbox, it seems that he cannot handle too much torque.
  15. @DJW really thanks from your feedback, it's really helpful from my side. So I don't know who have my issue! All 400 owners not have that, but inspector told me that a lot of coustumers have it... how many lies have I've to manage from them again? I don't know why they don't want to change my air conditioning box, if anyone else have my issue! Really, I don't know. I understand that is a difficult service (it's necessary to dismount all console/cockpit/bonnet), but if it's flawed it's my right to have one not failed... ?
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