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  1. LO311

    Pyrenees trip

    D921 from Argeles Gazost down to Luz Saint Sauveurs is already part of my route. I will think of you when I'm there
  2. LO311

    Pyrenees trip

    Thanks for this advice! Looks great.
  3. LO311

    Pyrenees trip

    know that area south of Grenoble, it's really great, have been there in June 2017, when I had my (1,900 km) Route des Grandes Alpes trip from Lake Geneve down to Menton (close Monaco), including the famous Tour de France passes (Iseran, Galibier, Izoard, Madeleine, Cayolle, ...) as well as Col de Turini. This area is absolutely stunning, not at all crowed. The only thing to keep in mind is the availability of RON98 fuel . To be honest: prior to my planned Pyrenees trip, I will have a deja-vu with this area, starting from Grenoble for a 3-days trip together with my 3 Porsche pals (who
  4. LO311

    Pyrenees trip
  5. LO311

    Pyrenees trip

    Hi folks, in June, me and my 3-11 will be on a trip through the French Alpes (starting from Grenoble) together with some Porsche pals. Thereafter, I'm about to go for another trip to the Pyrenees. Does anyone have experinences and advices for this region? Would anyone be interested in joining me? I'm talking about cw26/19 (starting from June 23).
  6. LO311

    Stelvio trip

    Completely agree with Mark Kelly's opinion. Stelvio is a breathtaking scenery with regard to road construction, but from the driver's perspective is more or less annoying. Taking into account that were are not much other passes in the near, it isn't worth the way. If you are about to go to Italy, then focus on the Dolomites area, where a huge bunch of passes is offering incredible pleasure. And if you want to know my favorite way getting there, start in Reutte (Tirol, close to the German border) and ride via Namlos Tal, Hahntenjoch, Passo Rombo (Timmelsjoch), Passo Giovo (Jaufenpass), Passo di
  7. Would be a thrill to be the only 3-11 at LitP, traveling from Germany. But July is already packed with family stuff. Cant't believe that British 3-11's wouldn't find the way, too. Dolomites is scheduled for 5 days starting from June 18th. Would be nice to meet some Lotus people there. Peter
  8. Sorry folks, my Lotus in the peak day was June 15, 2017, when my 3-Eleven lifted me to Cime de la Bonette (2,802 m). This year, Dolomites are on schedule. will keep you posted ... Peter
  9. Also considered to re-trim my steering wheel in Alcantara. Instead, I voted for red leather following Lotus' Formula One heritage. Found some supporter ...
  10. had 1st track experience at Nurburgring GP track in October. Indeed, Spa is on my schedule for 2018, as well as Bilsterberg. Hopefully, it can be matched with my professional calendar . Let's see!
  11. Britisch heritage meeting close to Cime de la Bonette (sorry: just stopped for a pee)
  12. One more thing: never had such a respectful relationship with bikers before travelling the Alpes with my 3-11. This guy here, we met after a tough chase and he stated that he never had the smell of brake and clutch in this nose before he joined our squadron .Can't wait heading to the Dolomites next year to refresh memories of my 2015 Exige trip
  13. After a long day's ride: me an my escort squadron dropped in this bar. The locals made place for our cars to be parked directly in front of the patio. Thanks for their great hospitality and for the tasty food. The day after, Pizza prizes in this bar could have risen by 100%
  14. Anyone got higher than this in 2017? Guess no! This shot was taken on top of my June's Alps Tour at Cime de la Bonette (2,802 m)
  15. Yet limited to 4,000 rev's due to run-in procedure. Perfect cart-like handling. Picture below is taken at first roll-out. Will keep you posted when I realize my planned trans-alp tour (Grandes Rotes des Alpes) in June.
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