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  1. Good thread. I have one ICS7 at home, still not installed though.
  2. Not that I remember Haven't driven the car for almost 5 months because -20 degrees and polar bears on the street
  3. My stock pads got worn out pretty quickly. Got PFC08 after that.
  4. Sorry, was -1.5 in the front. I guess all cars are individual and with all shims removed it was not enough so we removed the ABS-sensor on front right and attached it a bit higher up. It's in swedish but you'll figure it out. 😃
  5. I've been doing 370 tracked laps on my Cup2s this year and tried to keep 29F/32R at all times. No problems at all. -1.4 camber in the front and -2.1 in the rear.
  6. Really have to drive on that track next time I am in Dubai.
  7. Running on slicks. That's why he can go more agressive.
  8. I was thinking something like this recieving at 434MHz
  9. When driving on track I have 2bar in the tires hot. fter after a longer break (lunch) the pressure is about 1,7-1.8. When starting the car I get the "low pressure" light. What I would like to know is if it is possible to read the signal from the sensors with a reciever fron ebay that you can put on the dashboard.
  10. I use a small analogue gauge that fits in the pocket so I can check the pressure directly after entering the pits. I kow the new exiges have tpms since a "low tirepressure" light goes on when pressure is low. Would be nice to be able to read out that signal somehow and see it while driving. Through the obd2 maybe?
  11. The 430 has channels inside the wheel arches taking air from the front and out the vents above the wheels. The 380 doesn't have these.
  12. I run PFC08 on my car and use a wheel cleaner from a local producer (lotus driver). Makes the wheels look like new after every clean.
  13. Drove around 70 laps at Spa tuesday and wednesday this week. Limit was 107dB so no problems for me. So now after 370 laps on track it's time for a new set of tires.
  14. Did they actively measure the noise? How many dB did you have? I drove at a local track a few weeks ago with a 105-limit and just exceeded that limit.
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