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  1. Too bad the catapult-button was not available when mine went down the line.
  2. No heater button in my car. Just an empty slot there.
  3. Great upgrade. I also got my Schroth XLT last week. Love the carbon!
  4. For a car that expensive it not much asked to get a plate with build number instead of just 1 of 60.
  5. Only way to know the build number is to have the VIN of all Cup 380s built.
  6. Wonder why they didn't fit plates with the acual build number and not just 1 of 60. They used to do it to older cars, my old Scura had 34 of 35.
  7. Great quality! Ordered my second cover as soon as I got the new car.
  8. My VIN number returned serial number 1402, MY2017, and it was delivered august 5, 2017.
  9. Where did you find the build number?
  10. Just took a couple of photos on my car, LHD, and you can see through and the plastic flap is flexible. You can also see some dirt that is stuck in the middle section.
  11. The actual temp in Nürburg on July 27 was THU 7/27 Actual Temp 19° /12° I dont think heat soaking would be any problem in that temperature after half a lap or the car have major issues.
  12. Max power 430 hp at 7000 rpm (436 PS) Max torque 325 lbft at 2,600 rpm to 6,800 rpm (440 Nm)
  13. Well it is stated that the HP is reached at higer RPM than the 380.Also, now that the charge air gets more cooling they can charge with higher air pressure with the compressor.
  14. I wouldn't focus too much on the HP raise. I like the more agressive look of the Cup 380 and don't think I will have less fun driving my 380.
  15. I connect my Ctek directly to the cig-plug outlet between the seat. No wiring needed in the boot.
  16. What would the hot pressure be? If you start with 29/32 cold, the pressure could rise 10psi when tracking. Should one still try to keep 29/32 even when hot? As i understand the car comes with TPSM. Is it possible to read out the pressure from them or do I have to buy my own sensors?
  17. Actually I also considered the 570S and the Huracan for a little while before the Cup 380 was released but those cars are similar to the 458. Even if you afford to buy them it doesn't mean owning is affordable. Running costs are high and if you want fun for your money none of them will get near the Lotus.
  18. Well, running costs are high of course. But you cannot drive 10 hard laps with the 458 because brake cooling sucks.The Speciale might be a bit better but here in Sweden some have added their own cooling solution for the brakes. Furthermore the stock suspension setting is not optimal either and you have to atleast get some lowering springs to be able to get more tire camber. And of course you have the auto gearbox that might not be perfect but lets you as the driver focus more om steering, gas, brake. Out of the box you should not track it. But for cruising it is perfect, it is a Ferrari after all.
  19. Totally different cars. But as I prefer to track the car often the 458 cannot compare with Lotus. Metallic grey.
  20. Hello from Sweden. Went from Elise S2 to Exige Scura to Ferrari 458 to Cup 380. Airbag delete, no stereo, no sound insulation and 4-point harness.
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