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  1. I have a similar issue with my S1. Basicly few weeks ago I was driving it like I do everyday when I noticed a louder than usual humming noise. After a few minutes the engine turn off. All the signs seemed to point at the fuel pump so I got a new one and changed it. Unfortunately a few days ago I ended up in the same situation with the new pump. The engine turned off and when I attempted of get it running again, it barely hold minimun and had almost no response with the gas pedal. That was the last time I was able to get it running. My mechanic checked the new pump which is perfectly worki
  2. So this one is a kit to upgrade existing cables (if they are still good) while this is the full spare part?
  3. As written in the title, I don't have my reverse gear anymore. It happened about two week ago the first time. I got back home, got the car ready to park in my garage and then when I tried to select the reverse, simply I couldn't. Its like it never been there and you can feel only resistance if you try to force the lever there. The weird thing is that as suddenly as it happened, the day after the gear was back, until yesterday when it was gone again. I actually discovered in August that my gear cables are in bad shape, expecially the rubber rods ends that is gone on one of them, so I think th
  4. Hello there, I'm a lucky owner of an Elise S1 since 2007. It's a MY1999 and its pretty much stock with few upgrades from the previsious owner and then me. I use it only on road and at the moment is my everyday car, which may sound weird, but I love it. I registered because I'm in need of enlightment on some mechanical issues and I'm in look for tips and wisdom from others owners.
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