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  1. roy walker

    red excel

    red excel yesterday, around 1pm, northbound on m6, around j8......horrid weather and driving conditions
  2. gary Rhodes had a Norfolk mustard esprit s4s.........just seen it at paul matty workshop
  3. to help, here is an image of the interior of an excel se [not mine] with an original gearknob. to come back to the original posting , if you've got one to sell youll know. ps....correct chris.......pre se wooden gearbs
  4. the gearknob for the excel se is black leather with red 5 speed gearshift lotus logo on the original item
  5. I'm looking for an original gear knob for my 92 excel se. does anyone have one even if the leather is worn. if so could you please contact me and I would be happy to buy it from you. cheers.
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