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  1. I just replaced my radiator and it was a pretty big job. I haven't had heat in m y car ever and I just ruffed it and am tired of it not working. I applied pressure to the diverter valve and it seemed to hold pressure when I did it while changing the radiator. That was the time to change it, but I thought it must have been something else, so I did not change it. From reading your post it sounds like it still could be the bad part ????? Michael was yours holding vacuum but still not allowing coolant thru because of all the junk it had inside of it? Thanks Mark
  2. Mine also leaks at the oil filter plate also. It would be interesting to see if a secure fix could be accomplished without tasking out the oil lines.
  3. The new Radiator seemed to work great. I don't want to say the L*** word for risk of an issue. Never talk about rain when playing ran great and temperature seemed to be pretty stable. I still need to burp the baby, so my question is will any air work itself out of the spots when there are bleed valves in the Radiator and also the top hose? I appreciate everyone's help with the radiator assembly.
  4. Since Mightymetro wouldn't / couldn't come to the States to help me........I had to step it up a notch. So I finished the install last night of the fans and wiring for the fans and rechecked all hose connections. I had to button up the AC lines in front of the Radiator and put on some new Green O -Rings. I also bought a new Receiver / Drier. but was having a problem with getting the electrical connector out of the old one, so I moved forward and put the old one in for now. The AC has never worked and I was too excited to let that hold me up. I changed the oil filter and drained the oil o
  5. Front oil lines went in no problem then I put the inner and outer ducts in for oil coolers . Need some fasteners so work will continue tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I will have it all tightened up. Still need oiler coolers in and oiler cooler lines done and 1 or 2 bolts here and there and fans put back in.... Guess I still have some work to do.
  6. The blocks of wood technique worked, finally progress. We'll see how many bolts I have extra.....or missing at the end. Now how was that wiring routed for the fans.......... Mightymetro.....don't bring me down brother..........I will see I think I can.....who need oil coolers anyway!!!!!!!!
  7. So I am working on the Radiator assembly again in between cleaning the house......keep wife happy and planting some plants outside....,.and feeling like that I am making progress. Ultimately I positioned the Radiator assembly underneath and yesterday I went to the Home Depot here in the states and bought (10) 2 inch x 4 inch x 2 foot boards and also a large package of wood shims that we would use to shim a door in place when framing. I stacked about 3 of the 2x4x2 under each side of the Radiator assembly, then I pushed up the assembly on one side and put a stack of shims on top of the boards
  8. So, In this government mandated lock down I was out in the garage today and took out the radiator assembly that I installed without the Radiator in it. I also took off the front radiator duck / lip in the center of the lower grill. Once on the ground I decided to take the oil cooler line off and the 2 inner half shell ducts for the oil coolers. I believe that I can install those bits after the radiator pack is in. I have the car on a 4 post storage lift and while it helps it hinders a bit in clearance when you try to put the radiator pack in. The lift did come with a trolley that fits bet
  9. I saw you did that and I might just do that as I don't have any help in this coronovirus world right now, I want to get this done and cross it off the list and start driving my car again. These cars are so rare that you just don't see them much here. I know there were a few cars that I did damage to in my life, so now I am committed to saving these rare cars and making sure they continue life. I am just a curator and caretaker for the moment. Thanks the advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. I tried to do the lifting of the radiator assembly with the housing / brace and ducting myself.... mistake #1, so I took it apart and bolted up the radiator housing assembly without the radiator pack in it......probably mistake number 2. I still had the triangular braces in and it just looks like it is too difficult to maneuver with them in, so I did take them out. I think before I remove the radiator ducting / brace I am going to loosen the bolts that hold it up that are accessed thru the front trunk area. I want to see if it is lowered or in the back if it will enable me to then install t
  11. Well not sure I can compete.......Bought my 98 Esprit sitting on a storage lot. It had a blue tarp covering it. Knew it needed to be rescued.......I am not sure the car wanted me to rescue it. After a few months it stopped running in my Lotus people around..........I got the parts manual and dug in..........tried everything I could think of.....thought it might be alarm related as it was bypassed somewhere in its was the alarm system which took a local (Smart Guy) about 2 weeks to figure out......all good......then the miss happened........whats that......
  12. I don't get it. If we arrange towing here in the States.......they just tow us........Where I live near Washington DC in Maryland as long as the vehicle is 20 years old or older........No MOT at you would say. They will just give you plates as long as you title the car historic!!!!! See you Brits need things hundreds and hundreds of years old to be historic. Us Americans think something is historic.........shit if we cant remember something it makes it historic. At least with cars we have you beat!!!!!
  13. Someone shoot me. Man what a pain. Even with the Radiator out the hoses are still a small pain to change. I did test the water diverter valve when all was out. I thought it might have been the issue why I have no heat. I never have had heat and really only a few times was it a chilly issue. I put vacuum on the valve and the vacuum held so I assume it is working correctly ? It will continue to be a slow project for me for many reasons, but I will be happy once it is done.
  14. I am glad you shared that, I also thought it would be difficult to attach the tray and radiator assembly together in the car . I will do as you have. I need to get on it this week.
  15. Looks very well done. When I took mine out The Radiator assembly was the last item I removed and I had it separated from the Radiator Tray / Duct. I did not remove the Triangular braces from the suspension when I removed my assembly, but did undo the front bolts. I think I will put it back in the same way you did with the tray assembly bolted to the Radiator frame etc. I will also take some pictures and try to document best I can while I am doing it.
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