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  1. Wow, A very detailed progress.  I doubt that the oil and coolant needs replaceing.  Oil is inexpensive enough and filter also, so hey it couldnt hurt.  Might suggest a 10w50 Mobil One Synthetic,  I did use a Mobil 1 - 204 filter and cut it open to look at it and was pleasantly suprised at how well made it was. I am not sure the cam belts would need to be changed as the onl;y real worry is possibly a flat spot on them since they havent been exercised.  There are certainly wiser people on here than myself in those regards.  I would of course keep the rpms low initially once it is started and I would also check the oil lines at the filter and also at the oil coolers in the front of the car to make sure that the clamps have not loosened up.  I recently had one come off and fortunately all ended well, but well you know.  My Esprit has cat delete pipes (Off road use only) and it really sounds great and the turbos definetly spool up quicker.  That is my only real mod.  I also tried to clean my original injectors when I changed coils, and plugs and wires, and thermostat (Big Help), but the injectors were locking up and the car would not run right and I also changed to NGK Iridium plugs and it would not run right, so back to the original plugs and it runs like a champ.   What software are you using on the laptop?  Sorry to "Ramble On" as Zeppelin would say?  Thanks Mark

  2. I have quite a bit od items that i have talked with the forums help and kind much smarter people on here , but never replacing the pumps in the tank. Ask me about coils, wires, injectors and everything else under the plenum and I could probably answer. ??? I believe you can remove the pumps without removing the tank, but it is definetly tight quarters. Mark

  3. I tested mine and it is a standard Schrader valve. I just screwed it on very tight and that was it. I want to say I had about 55 to 57 lbs or 4 bar pressure. Typically, the injectors operate at about 43lbs / square inch or 3 bar.  Some injectors, mine were locking up at the higher pressure. I changed out my injectors with new ones. Lots of work as I tried to clean the originals, bought a machine etc. Reinstalled them and they were locking up. The new ones , cheap work perfect and really made a great difference. Use the stock ng plugs. Don't use Imodium plugs mine would not run right with the iridiums. Thanks Mark

  4. I just had the front left oil cooler line blow off while out the other weekend.  I shut it down as soon as possible.  I had it towed home.  I saw what the issue was and fixed it and filled the moter with fresh oil.  Crossed my fingers and started it.  It sounded fine, so I put it in my garage on my lift.  I have a 4 post lift.  I ran some Motul brand motor flush thru it and drained out the brand new oil I just filled it with.  I always put a magnet on the oil filter of all my cars.  I was running the Mobil 1 brand MI- 204 filter.  I drained the oil and then cut open the filter.  I did not see any metal in the filetr or the oil.  I had a NAPA filter on the shelf a NAPA Gold 1068 and refilled the car with 15w50 Mobil One Synthetic and also a PTFE type additiove by Motul.  It was a hair raising experince and I think all is well, but the Mobil One Filter looked pretty stout to me.  Seemed very well built and heavy gauge internals also.  Mark

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  5. Fram does and I have it upstairs.  Napa sells one their Gold Filter 1068 is the number, also Mobil 1 sells one the MI-204 I believe.  I just cut open a Moobil 1 filter and it looked very sturdy to me.


    I will try and look up the Fram nujmber for you.


    Thanks Mark

  6. Ralph,


    I had my battery light coming on and off for the 1st time on my 98 V8.  It was the original Delco Remy Made in France, 100 amp alternator.  I decided to take it to a local, Baltimore, MD. shop that rebuilds alternators and starters etc.  They tested it 1st and said it was OK, but dirty terminals and corrosion in and out.  The recommended a mild rebuild, new bearings and brushes and new regulator.  It was $85 and I was pleasantly surprised when I got it back.  It looked better than new and I just recently installed it and haven't had a chance to really drive the car far because of weather, but on a quick restart the light was out.  It was worth the money and piece of mind.  I can certainly get you the name and address, as it was a 1 day turn around also.  Thanks Mark Seifert

  7. As you can see it has been awhile for me since I have been online and unfortunately life got in the way of me enjoying my Lotus.  The problem actually turned out to be a poorly bypassed alarm system.  Appearantly in the past a sub par bypass was done at the ECM with a paperclip and electrical tape.  The mechanic that I took it too was really pretty electrically savvy and after I sent him the PDF of the Repair Manual he looked at the wiring diagrams pretty thoroughly and correctly wired the bypass.  I was afraid I might need a loan for payment, but they ended up being very fair.  Months later I did develop a mis and have been tackling coil replacements.  Of course if you are going to do might as well do Plugs, Wires..............................Coolant Temp Sensor...................................Thermostat........................Also, took out injectors and bought an injector cleaning machine to clean them.....................................I am now just putting everything back together.  Gonzo Mendoza walked me through taking off the Intake Plenum, so a Thanks to him and Yes it was awhile was pain for a ........................larger than I should be man!!!!!!  I thought about making an extension cable for the IAC connection under the plenum to make it easier to remove in the future and still might try.

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  8. I also just had an issue with my 1998 US spec Esprit.  I got a code P1301 and a P0501.  seemed to be down on powere and running worse and worse etc.  It was a classic mis in non computer cars.  Falling flat on its face when you gave it any real gas.  The speedo stopped working the other day and was sporadically working etc. then nothing.  I hadnt had a chance to look at it and of course went for a drive...... and noticed in 5th gear to not be runnungf quite right or strong.  It felt like the secondarty injectors were either clogged or maybe as I thought a coil had gone up.  After reading some more it might be the rubber lines in the tank have been eaten alive by the ethonal in the fuel today???  Who knows cracked line loss of fuel pressure etc.  I havent had a chance to chjeck but will start my diagnosis.  I think if it is bad / cracked lines I will want to fine some ethanol tolerant replacement lines.


    What do you think.


    Mark Seifert

    United States / Maryland

  9. I did not but the guys at the garage did. Do I know if they checked all eight cylinders.....I do not. Hopefully  it is this , what I would consider  to be a relatively  minor fix in the big scheme of things. Am excited to get it sorted out.

  10. Motor turns over fine and there is compression  with no abnormal noise and never was. I would think if the belt broke we would have heard a collision even at cranking speeds. I agree and am leaning towards crank sensor versus cam sensor. Will possibly  know something hopefully by Wednesday.

  11. We can.  When I backed out of my garage it dragged a carpet out that was on the floor to catch drips etc. softer on feet....  So it was balled up not real tight but under the car.  I pulled it out and looked everything and didnt see anything obvious.  Could just be a coincidence, but once I threw up my hands I took it to a local guys good with Audi Bmw VW etc.  They were stumped as I thought in the beginning it might be the crank sensor........but the tach was jumping around.  I stoppped in this morning and they verified fuel pressure and pulled a plug and saw no spark.  they ended up back probing the crank sensor as they had some other diagnostic stuff on it and they said they got nothing so they are leaning toward the crank sensor.  They havent seen any Lotus'es so yes I was worried a bit but we will put in the sensor and a new serpentine belt at the same time and will keep my fingers crossed a bit.  My best friends 20 year old said...........Uncle Mark..................that is a Bad A** car!!!

  12. I have 1998 new to me that I just brought home. It was running perfect and had it state inspected to get my tags. All that was needed was a drive / serpentine belt. Took the car out of my garage to make sure I had the correct belt. Backed it up and when I went forward car died and refused to start. Have checked all the obvious  fuses and relays best I can. Car cranks and turns over, but I don't think it is getting gas or spark. The alarm on this car was bypassed by a previous owner so all I have is the ignition key. It always started and I have had the battery in and out a few times as the car was in storage . ....until I could break the purchase news to my wife.

    Checked the inertia  switch also and seemed that the button  or p luger on top was down and did not move. I assume it should be down versus up. Can the ignition relay in the front fuse box be checked with a dvm. All light come on no codes really. I tested for codes when it stopped and it did have a new code, it was a pre cat o2 sensor on bank 1. Looking from the rear of the car is bank one the right side?



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