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  1. Is there a degree of fishing here by the OP? Many mackerels caught! I'm not one to sit on the fence, so...... shit, or get off the pot please. This is a forum for people that like Lotus cars. You have had many offers of assistance and advice from well respected forum members. Yet your story has no substance. My 981s driving seat didn't squeak because it didn't go around corners like my 400 with a 6'5" 19 stone chunk strapped to it. I have no trouble with views from the wing mirrors but the rear window is a little small Naturally, I wish you all the very best . Genuinely.
  2. @DJW @JayEmm See reply from Dave @Hangar 111 regarding Komotec's response when asked about the 460. I have no interest in taking my car on track so fast road use will be ok. So I managed to ask Daniel the question directly… what he said was that on the Exige IPS cars, they have not had any problems with 500nm, it is only the earlier Evora that have issues. He believes that the hardware/software has been revised, which seems to handle it better. The torque converter is ultimately the limiting factor, under hard use it can overheat and essentially cause slip. He also said that rene
  3. I have now had on good authority that the IPS will cope with the Komotec 460 conversion. IMO this is better money spent than purchasing a 410. Watch this space............
  4. When you are 6ft 5" and 19 stone, who's counting a couple of extra pounds! Mr Chapman should have implemented a weight limit for drivers too
  5. @PZE i am not far from you in Truro. I asked a friend of mine who lives in Manchester to go and look at the 400 Oakmere Lotus in Northwich. He knows how fussy I am but I must say Simon at the dealers was very helpful with videos etc. Id have no hesitation in asking a forum member to take a look. After all we're all a bit anal!
  6. I'm finding it easier to halve my body weight rather than get any assistance or genuine advice from Lotus main dealer!
  7. Does he make an exhaust and manifold for the Evora 400?
  8. I bought that very HE car you refer to. I saw the YouTube video at that event with someone revving the arse off it from cold! Bastards. Good job I got an amazing deal! #stoleit
  9. Hi @JayEmm, it's definitely not if, but when! I have a history of modifying all my cars and spending money in the pursuit of individuality. It seems from Hangar111 response that the 460 is possible with IPS. I would definitely be up for a lunch meet when I pop over to Suffolk. Best, Ed
  10. @Hangar 111. Can you clarify for us please the price of the EV430 remap and the EV460 inc VAT. Also, how long do you need the car for when fitting the 460. I'd need to get a hotel booked due to distance etc. What is your availability like in Feb? Perhaps you could fire a suitable date so I can book the time off work. Ed.
  11. Thanks for the prompt replies. I suppose I will be limited by the auto box in my 400. I've read a previous thread but there doesn't appear to be a definitive answer on the power capabilities of the box. Any ideas chaps?
  12. Hi, As per title, anyone know of a remap for the 400. I see that Hangar 111 does a 460 conversion for a price but I'd rather do things in stages. TIA Ed.
  13. Colin. Nope nada no interest there may be a recall soon.........assistance appreciated! I took a familiar left handler at some speed today, I thought I was exiting stage right!
  14. I had a day off from work today. Nice dry day, so I thought I'd pop to the city to get some food for dinner. Lovely drive in to Truro, parked up, went shopping, got back in the 400. Selected reverse, went nowhere. The car then went into neutral and that's where it stayed! Couldn't even remove the key. The dash lit up and the car wasn't happy. The lady at Lotus Assistance was great and the chap from the AA - a very nice man. A disconnect of the battery terminals solved it and he cleared the error code. No problem since. Ive had the 400 for three weeks, the creaky se
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