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  1. I am not an expert, but you have anti-roll bars, and maybe you should set them to full stiff.... this will decrease the "rolling" effect of the car .....this is helpful on fast tracks with high velocity turns.....
  2. I've been doing a lot of track days with Porsches and Porsche Club Geneva in my Porsche days, and I can tell you just one thing, the one overtaking is responsible for what he's doing. And you're responsible for your trajectory, not his.... and this is repeated over and over in all briefings before a track day, and I believe on every track around the world.... so don't worry, and be happy ...
  3. Unfortunately no 3-11 is street legal in Switzerland... I'd have one already if it was the case..... Sniff...
  4. Did Lotus succeed in getting people fed up with new models every 2 months ????? ..... they launch an extraordinary 410 Charge cooled Exige and people argue about headlights and A/C...... strange world...... people get used to novelties very easily it appears.... maybe the crowd will get alive again with the last 500 Exige Charge Cooled with Harrops TVS 1900 for Christmas 2019.......?????
  5. @BAS You're right. Carbon is gorgeous and I love it. That's what I've done to price the 410, substract all the carbon parts and titanium exhaust, essentially a 430 is that, a 410 without Titanium exhaust and all the carbon parts. It's a CHF 20k (€ 15k) price tag... huge amount of money. If you add carbon to the 410, the better choice is definitely to go for the 430.... no question asked. Unless you want / need to have the roadster which you can order from factory with the 410 Sport, That's why I will wait for the new 2019 models and go probably for TVS 1900 in the meantime which is the easiest and cheapest big power upgrade you can get mitigating the heat soak issues. Easy to revert back to the original and easy to install. Maybe not the EX 460 performance, but if I change in 2019, what's the point. I love the 380 Cup look and it's an amazing car anyway. Eventually I will definitely want a charged cool engine that's for sure, but I can still wait another 12 months with a very performant upgrade with TVS 1900. The next models will approach the 500 HP I guess. 460-475 is in the works already I'm sure. KT extract that from that engine, so Lotus will do too.....
  6. @BAS you're right but I might do a simpler change going for TVS 1900 instead, waiting for the models after the 410 and the 430. The jump from 380 Cup to 410 shouldn't be too expensive also I guess.
  7. You're right, I'll probably keep my 380 Cup for the next 12 months and see what's coming out of Hethel in the next few months. Probably with the new engine it will be much easier to extract 500 HP, quite easiyl with a few internats modification.......but you're they've been overdoing it as far as I'm concerned. Probably good to get a new customer base interested in their cars, but for existing clients not a good point... Wait and see
  8. It will be interesting to see the price tag on the 410, what do you think ? My wild guess is between CHF 125-130k, actually closer to CHF 130.-. I took the basic price of the 430, CHF 146'550.- minus the price of the titanium exhaust and carbon parts (roof, etc.) and got to CHF 130k......It could be tempting to trade in my 380 Cup for the 410 and than go to komo-tec and extract 460-475 HP, depending on what they can do with each model i.e. the Evora or 3-11 with same charge cooled engine.....This 410 is more interesting than ever to me....and could well be worth looking at..... I'd miss the gorgeous look of the 380 Cup but would get an amazing track car for sure
  9. Lotus is chasing Porsche Territory, the challenge, will Porsche aficionados buy an alternative product like a Lotus at a discount from Porsche cars ???? Between 410 and 430 it's a 2nd hand 991 GT3 Mk1....
  10. Maybe no drop in value for Sport 380 or not too much but 380 Cup fore sure...
  11. @BfranklynV6 always 5 k down the sewer, but if I get some out of it 2nd hand why not, the issue is that it's the easiest solution to revers back to normal... and sell the car with or without TVS 1900 depending on buyer's wish. And it will be a car with at least around 420 HP with much less heat souk issues
  12. It was about time that the Exige gets a charge cooled engine, so it's a very very very good new and of course a very désirable car. That being said, now that Lotus has lost a portion of its customer base due to price hikes....will the new models be attractive enough to the other brand owners who want a fantastic car for less money (GT3 territory). History will tell. With regards to myself I'm done for model changes for the next 2 years.... got a 360 Cup and a 380 Cup already in 12 months time, so my guess is I'll wait for the 1st 2nd hand 430 / 410 to pop up in the ads in the next 12 months.....and probably go for a TVS 1900 or Ex 460 kit in the meantime, most probably the TVS 1900 which is the most suitable to get the car back to it's original condition in no time..... And ALL bear with 380 owners and dealers with inventories, the values just went down the sewer...... I got one so it must be.... but I should have waited one more year, the 410 is a beast with this charged cool engine. I guess this time I'll wait at least another 18 months to make any move onto a new model....just lost enough money so far.
  13. Waiting for the 450 Cup..... and the 430 Sport
  14. Well, all thèse groups are a real mafia...... they control their markets very tightly...I have a very good friend who's imported luxury véhicules from Europe, the USA, etc, into CH. When the CHF dropped in value, there was a big advantage, but since he bought his vehicles from official dealers, at some point the large groups threatened these dealers that if they found one of their vehicles in CH they would reconsider their dealership contract.... so the mafia, we know where it is, in Münich, Stuttgart, etc. etc... they want to be able to decide their prices on all their markets on their own..... It would need a rebellion from the dealers to change that, but since they're afraid to lose the dealership they say nothing.... and in the end WE PAY the price......
  15. You're right, a few years back when I was still into Porsches, I had an issued with FVD Brombacher which forbid you to buy Porsche parts directly from their german site and redirected you immediately to the swiss site with higher prices. I announced this case to the WEKO, but they told me that they didn't have any legal ground to do something about it..... it's a group internal policy and doesn't come under the jurisdiction of the cartel legislation..... groups can do whatever they want without problems, especially having price differences between markets..... the only way is to import cars directly and you get back to the initial discussion we had. At least some more prominent manufacturers did something with extended warranty or "free" options.... this was done, because as major brands everybody was talking about it, ..... Lotus selling few cars in Switzerland there's not much chance that they will do something about it, but go after our wallets..... Here's an excerpt (unfortunately in french...) of the answer I got from Weko. They're really reactive and take seriously any queries or questions you have.. "Pour revenir à votre question, FVD-Brombacher GmbH et FVD- Technik GmbH sont, avec toute vraisemblance, deux entreprises économiquement liées. C’est-à-dire, elles font partie du même groupe d’entreprise. Or, la décision de ne pas donner la possibilité à un client suisse de s’adresser au site étranger et vice-versa est une décision intégralement inhérente à une stratégie du groupe. Dans une situation pareille, le secrétariat de la Commission de la concurrence n’a pas la compétence pour agir car les conditions légales ne sont pas remplies."
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