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  1. True that with a 911 GTS budget you'd be doing man maths on the next level up more than sensibly looking at a great alternative thats usefully cheaper. But its not really true that the marques from the next level don't suffer big depreciation, they certainly do from new. The exception is GT Porsches because , ironically, IF you can actually get one they are ridiculous VFM , 991.1 GT3 listed at £105k, the RS at £135k. They are sure fire investments at that level. Cars in the £200k bracket will easily lose £30k in year one, even the copper bottomed ones. A Mac 650S Spider would have cost £235k in 2014 would sell retail 2 years later at £170k (so the owner might get a bid of £155k) thats the entire list price of an Evora 400.
  2. Not the first time I've heard people say that about GT3s. Personally don't quite get that. Maybe I'm an irresponsible hooligan but wringing the last bit out of my GT3s was entirely possible from time to time on the road , as was getting the car near to its admittedly considerable limits on a suitably quiet road. As a car in traffic or clogged up roads its clearly inferior to a regular 911 but well worth the heavy clutch, very limited ground clearance and much reduced NVH levels just to hear it run out 8500 rpm , one of THE greatest engines ever made. my Evora is much more versatile but shares the delicious steering, feel and interaction of GT cars whilst sounding just about as good.Its probably a match for a 997 GT3 in a straight line too , or pretty close to it.
  3. I have around 70,000 miles in 5 different GT3 variations and they are fantastic rewarding exciting drivers cars that deserve all the accolades they get. They are all substantially different in character to vanilla 911s. They really do not attract the attention of the general public. If its the aforementioned petrol pump conversation you are after look elsewhere. what attracts me about lotus is much of the same TBH. Great dynamics , developed by engineers who clearly "get" what is required to make a great drivers car. Exige does compete with GT3 and arguments can be made to favour either, certainly a close call. As to the current prices of used GT Porsches, that's a product of their reputations in a very hot market and little to do with Porsche, or in some cases merit. £140k for a 997.1 RS against £80k for a regular 997.1 GT3 is completely unfounded in any rational way, the 2 cars are 99% the same.
  4. Agree that London is different to most other places. A Ferrari is nothing very unusual and I swear in some parts of west london there are streets with more Porsches than Fords. i know what you mean about the pleasure in driving something that attracts positive attention, that starts petrol station conversations every time. i love that aspect of ownership. So far the Evora has been a big hit Most positive attention I ever got was for my Gallardo though, people loved it.
  5. I know Martin and he's in a position to know.Don't get me wrong I am quite aware that even a bewinged decal laden GT3 RS with scaffolding in the back gets less attention from the general public than many other cars, Evora included. If I parked my old Gallardo next to my RS in a tescos car park no one would notice the Porsche , especially from the front. But these aren't car people and their appreciation although fun doesn't mean a great deal. on the whole they have little to no idea what the merits or otherwise of the cars in question are. Special for me is all about the engineering and little to do with looks.
  6. Very good points about perceived reliability. My last GT3 (a 2007 RS) was a fantastic car but it also left me stranded at the roadside twice. Whilst neither of my supposedly unreliable Renaultsport Megane Trophys missed a beat in 40k miles and 38k miles and counting respectively.
  7. If you don't consider a Porsche GT car special you're setting the bar pretty damn high. All GT3s from 1999 onwards have GT specific 8000rpm+ N/A Mezgers, unique and very adjustable suspension specifically deigned to allow them to go racing. Different racks, ride heights of course and numerous other parts that distinguish them out. Sure they share body shells and some boring stuff with regular 911s but they are all special IMHO. Now 991 generation has muddied the waters a bit with variations of the 9A1 and PDK only but they remain visceral driving machines that can hold their own against anything money can buy.
  8. Yellow is the new black James.
  9. Had a 650S Spider for about 6600 miles and I haven't driven 570S myself but the 650 is almost exactly the same balance between sports car and tourer as the Evora400 and massively more comfortable and refined than an Exige. Not really sure what he's thinking, no McLaren is a particular match for an Exige
  10. A GTS is the ultimate non-GT 911 of each generation, lowered, power kitted and loaded as standard. History suggests they are very much the pick of the multitude of 911 variants. Its a little unfair to suggest they aren't special. They also retain their value better than a regular 911. But a typical UK GTS would be around £100-105k, an Evora £75-80k
  11. I am a big fan of Corvettes, if they made them in RHD I'd definitely have one. They look and sound great with world class performance and dynamics. Fantastic VFM in the states, rather less so here though (and LHD only as well) lotus by comparison look a little pricey in the US but that exclusivity and dynamics would make them a compelling option to a Porsche i would say. A 991 GTS is a sensational thing though, no question.
  12. Correct. And so far so good.
  13. Are these the Lotus settings ? I'll download the Alpine app regardless.
  14. Wales and back this weekend, with the OH this time so a test for its Jekyll personality rather than Mr hyde.. She's not a fan of my shoutier cars or generating 1g plus on a Welsh A road. Did a great job, deeply impressed with its ability to munch miles in quiet, comfort though it was as always a pleasure carving its way through the bendy bits.More serious work out next Sunday on a proper Welsh raid. Elan Valley and Snowdonia. So far none of the issues that James has had with the exception of the on again off again fan.What a faff to set the Alpine up to the recommended settings though.
  15. Depreciation on McLarens super series cars has largely been down to the unknown nature of the brand, a wariness of potentially expensive failures and a total lack of independents to support older cars. McLaren's early build niggles didn't help but they're rock solid now. 12Cs have pretty much stopped depreciating at a little over £100k and 650s are holding firm at around 70% of their list price. My 650S spider listed at £249k , though sold for maybe £25k less than that, but its changed hands three times in 9 months for around £170k. So the price of an Exige gone in depreciation initially but it won't do a lot more in the next year or two. Running costs are however on a completely different planet to any lotus. Everything costs a fortune just like their perceived rivals at Ferrari and Lamborghini.
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