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  1. Hi guys - next question - silencer please - just rang lotus supplies (Banks) just to be told its £500+ I got a full new exhaust for my 65 S-type Jag for £400 and its massive with 2 full pipes and 3 boxes. The Lotus is 1/10th of the size. So anybody with any info? cheers dave
  2. Finally getting somewhere - wheels on - body to sort ready for paint - I think its going to be red - and possibly fire up the engine next week Getting sorted - lots still to do Engine and gearbox looking nice - all aligned - so far so good. New clutch kit fitted - thrust bearing was a nightmare to get hold of.
  3. cheers phil - I will check them out
  4. Hi guys - hope everyone is keeping safe. I'm looking around for tyres - what would work on the Europa - I'm thinking Pirelli or Michelin - advice please.
  5. Hello - help Where can I get hold of a clutch release (thrust) bearing for a europa with a renault 1565 pre crossflow ????
  6. Update - so far - chassis is being built up with new suspension front and rear - fully rebuilt engine getting fitted - new brake lines callipers discs pads -rear shoes and drums - reconditioned carburettor New petrol tank alternator dizzy waterpump coil leads plugs - I have reconditioned the seats and am waiting for the new clutch to arrive - I need an exhaust but they seem quite expensive - any advice on this. I have a full set of new clocks and switches Next job for me is to clean the gearbox ready to go in when the clutch arrives. spot the wrong one out from the pics -
  7. Engine is just about ready - should have it back in a day or so - carb is back from weber - really mint - chassis is starting to be fitted out - new front adjustable shockers ordered. I'm on with the original steel wheels - refurb and need new tyres - advice on tyres would help and I need gauges and switches (dash is done in carbon fibre) I'm trying to repair the crash pad but if not successful they are about £150 from Banks. Picked up some bits from ebay a dizzy for £40 - new old stock caliper £30 new hub caps £100 choke cable £7.50 - I need a heater cable but I might just use a choke
  8. Just an update So Far ......... body off and chassis stripped Engine out and off for rebuild - unfortunately somebody has fitted liners and pistons from an 843 engine so the new bits (ordered for the 821 engine ) means that the gudgeon pin is 22mm and it needs to be 20 or 21 mm to fit the new pistons - so I need to change the con rods to the standad rods - if anybody has some. I have refurbed all the engine mounts steering rack and other bits and bobs. I have had the dash refinished in carbon fibre but will need new clocks. The carb has been to Weber services and they have done
  9. Ok - I've started so I'll finish - today cleaned up the anti roll bar and the rear engine crossmember - sanded down rust converted etch primer and finished with black stone chip now taking the rust off the calipers and some brake bits with the dremmel. I wish I has a sand blast booth. I'm sending the carb away for a full refurb and I think I will send the steering rack to drivelink for a refurb - I could do it all myself but I have so much more to do and I'm running out of time as I could be losing my warehouse shortly. Starting with the suspension next. I will probably replace the damper
  10. yes it must be - first registered october 1971 - it seems that there were small changes made to cars built from september - so this could be an early or late model. I'm sure that I will find out when I get the wrong part. Every time I turn around I need more bits. Just starting to strip down the front braking system - caliper bolts are locked solid so will need heat. ah well best get on with it!
  11. thanks my car has a renault pre crosslow 1565 engine - I think its a type 65 - just trying to get my head around it. After my heart failure thing and being stuck at home I'm lucky to have a mechanic that usually looks after our trucks - so he is slowly getting his head round it. Body is off and chassis (or whats left of it) is pretty much stripped down - lots of bolts had to be cut - these are quite expensive - its just cost me over £100 just for front suspension bolts. The head is off but pistons are totally siezed - so its a rebuild. - yet another ouch. Lots to do - even the seat runne
  12. bit of help needed please - my europa was registered october 71 - it appears that there were changes made to cars built in september - I'm not sure if mine is an early or late car how would I find out? and what differences is there. - thanks
  13. Hi guys Just getting started wth the resto - so looking for lots of bits - I could do with an exhaust system - my car has a renault pre crosslow with a weber 32dir36 - (siezed) Just got the body off and building up the new chassis - any bits would be appreciated - I'm on 07850 653250 - just ring me if you have any parts surplus. thanks Dave
  14. I'm looking for a pedal board and associated hydraulics if there any out there thanks
  15. Hello guys - well its been a long time since I took delivery of the Europa - Its been standing in my warehouse nice and dry but no work done until this week. Since my last posting I have had a knee replacement a hernia op and heart failure. Ouch. So that stopped me. I'm on the mend hopefully and have got a good guy to help with the heavy stuff. So far I have been collecting parts - refurbing the dashboard in carbon fibre and stripping down the easy bits. I'm looking for lots of bits - engine, alternator, gauges switches pedal box and hydraulics. I have the body off and interior stripped out. T
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