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  1. Interesting solution Thomas! Do you plan to still use the central vents? For the reverse cam, I will use a wireless solution on my side (I just received the receiver) I am very curious to see the final result of your integration.
  2. I will send you pictures of my installation of the Joying in my Exige at the end of the week The install is really plug and play with the ISO harness. I have pluged also a dash cam behind my central mirror which work in loop. Next step is the reverse camera that I already buy but I need some time to install it. Here is my Pros/Cons regarding this Joying unit : PROS : Easy install Many connections (USB port, Micro SD, Dash Cam, Reverse Cam, Mic) Possible to install many apps (Record Dash Cam, Automatic Reverse, Torque, Waze, iCoyote ...) with smooth navigation Very good GPS with fast fix and receipt Good touch screen Fast boot CONS : Audio is good but not better than the OEM unit (who cares ?) Display a bit too large (7"). It hide the ventilation panel from the driver's view And most important : the diplay is really directive so if you are not face to the screen, the indications are not very clear. For the price, it is a really good solution. But the SSC double Din with Tesla vent looks really nice !
  3. Hi Mick I confirm my interest ! 4. lanoirode: 1x V2, Matt Black In order to lower the shipping costs, we are in contact with French Frie receive one parcel for both of us. If you agree, it would be nice also to declare a low value in order to avoid the custom taxes. Thanks
  4. I you agree to send also to France, i'm in ! 1. 550superfast: 1x V2, Matt Black 2. SteveO...: 1x V2, Matt Black 3. alias23: 1x V1 or V2, Matt Black 4. lanoirode: 1x V2, Matt Black 5... 6...
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