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  1. Love the blue and tan. Good choice. Miss my Evora, I know my McLaren is far faster but the Lotus was more fun to drive!
  2. Well I could, but then you'd shout at me for selling my Evora 400 (hi to any new owner of KX66BBK out there) and buying some other British car (with all its TADT's). But photos anyway!
  3. Credit where credit's due. These guys at in Newcastle Upon Tyne have just completed a PPF and ceramic coating job on my car and can't recommend them enough. Really good communication all the way through and they obviously love cars! Note that I don't have any connection with them apart from being a happy customer 🙂
  4. That's kind! Car has now been sold 😞 Interior of the replacement car carries on the theme though!
  5. New to me. I did have something like that just once but turned it off and on again and all fine
  6. I’m leaving the Lotus family too 😞 Had my Evora 400 from new for the last four years and completely loved it, but as the planet is heading for oblivion I may as well spend all my savings on the next step up. From my test drive and looking at McLarens, the build quality of my Evora exceeds what I’ll be buying into. McLarens’ panel gaps vary, rubber trims are coming away, panels are flexing out of shape, software glitches, continual fault codes. The McLaren I’ve just bought is two years old and has depreciated through the floor (which is how I can afford it - “afford” in the ‘man maths’ sense of course). My Evora is twice as old, still held on to a good value, never let me down, a few issues but all easily resolved. It’ll be going to Parks in Hamilton if anyone hear wants to know more about its (good) history (it is grey/tan, auto, 2016, 19,500 miles). I'm not leaving this forum though. There is real sense of family here - the McLaren forum and facebook pages seem to have a very bitter edge to them which Is Not Good. I'll be back one day!
  7. Looks like I'm selling my grey/tan 400 - 4 years old, just under 20k miles. I'm part exchanging it in a couple of weeks. PM me if you want to know more!
  8. Can you put it into Sport or Race mode with the traction control light on?
  9. Bugger. Ok - will tackle it with a hammer and a bucket of superglue
  10. Doesn't appear to have been bonded, more that there is rubber slot that fits into the seat frame. I'll look closer at the weekend
  11. The driver's seat leather has come loose on the base nearest the door. Just stuffing it back only lasts a few seconds - what's the permanent fix? Photos show the correct passenger side and the wayward driver side
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