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  1. Looks like I'm selling my grey/tan 400 - 4 years old, just under 20k miles. I'm part exchanging it in a couple of weeks. PM me if you want to know more!
  2. No idea but the fault on my 400 was due to a duff ABS sensor
  3. Can you put it into Sport or Race mode with the traction control light on?
  4. Bugger. Ok - will tackle it with a hammer and a bucket of superglue
  5. Doesn't appear to have been bonded, more that there is rubber slot that fits into the seat frame. I'll look closer at the weekend
  6. The driver's seat leather has come loose on the base nearest the door. Just stuffing it back only lasts a few seconds - what's the permanent fix? Photos show the correct passenger side and the wayward driver side
  7. Had my 2016 400 NSF replaced under warranty as that was clonking, but that was when hitting potholes etc.
  8. The bolts were rock solid so no need to remove that clam. Shame they installed them at angle but just had to drill out one of the hinge holes a tad.
  9. Just checked aircon on my 400. Nothing cool at all
  10. So there are 2 x part "15" screws that hold in the black grill on each side at the rear underneath the tailgate. I want to replace the screws as they have gone rusty - but, one does not unscrew as the bit of plastic (?) behind the grill that the screw goes into is going round with the screw. Any ideas? I've tried sliding a thin nail through the grill into a slot on the plastic but it does not hold it. There's one screw on each side that does this
  11. All disassembled, cleaned up, painted and will go back in tomorrow. The bolts are captive - hurrah! But, Lotus secured one of them just off perpendicular so a real fight to remove the hinge
  12. I would hope they've used plastic hinges! There's hardly any weight to hold. I've had mine open all week to really dry out, I'll take it apart at the weekend, Kurust it, drill some holes (larger than 2mm - thank you!) and slap it all back together. One serious upgrade. I'm also replacing some screws at the back that have gone rusty. Ace mechanic or wot
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