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  1. ok ok ok - I'll get out there with the black shoe polish
  2. Black tyres, black wheels, black calipers! It's the only way to go
  3. It was for me - well, I asked them to remove it at the first service
  4. Parked my grey Evora behind your Elise late Friday night. A nice pair
  5. Certainly don't get that level of whistle from my Evora 400 inside the cabin
  6. I used to own a Porsche 944 Turbo and was congratulated for my good driving by Porsche when the clutch lasted for just 18,000 miles
  7. Happened to me, replaced window regulator (well, I didn't)
  8. Had a TVR 420 and then a 430 wedge in the past. Loved them. But love Lotus more
  9. After Silverstone cleared the codes and it hasn't happened again even after 10,000 miles
  10. I'm with this topic. Just finished a 600 mile round trip in the last 24 hours. My 400 just purred all the way (except when I wanted it to howl and it complied!) and I had no aches stepping out of it. 31mpg on the A1. Very happy!
  11. Interesting programme! "Colourful and controversial, Colin Chapman changed the face of both Formula One and sports cars. Matthew Parris profiles the man behind Lotus with Rohan Silva and Maurice Hamilton"
  12. Yes - fixed it straightaway and has never returned (fingers crossed)
  13. Give the seat belt a twist where it crosses your chest. Works for me
  14. Any idea of this mottling on both of my headlight washers ?
  15. An answer! Car is in for its 24 month service and they found that all the drilled holes on the inside of all the discs are blocked with dirt. Not something they or I have ever seen before but the discs are being cleaned out. Maybe worth a look if you have the problem of delays to the brakes biting in the wet
  16. Re the random windows movements - new window regulator fixed it on mine. Mechanic tried adjusting it first but just as bad
  17. Wahooo! Silence is golden - you can concentrate on the music from the exhaust now
  18. Just noticed the same thing on my Evora 400 Auto - on change up at high revs there's almost a flat spot for half a second then it powers on. Service coming up so that's top of the list
  19. No idea - I just knew that I would have to buy and throw away the subwoofer. I think the cost was around £250
  20. Same position as you. Lotus Silverstone looked into and and I would have had to buy the subwoofer with the bracket and then thrown it away. It didn't seem cost effective so we went for replacing the existing speakers and using sound deadening. Pleased with the results! The idea that they came up for a future next stage was to position a thin subwoofer under the passenger seat - maybe one day
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