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  1. Thanks for all of the information everyone, I did get the door open today , took of the inside handle and played a bit with the linkage. With everyones help I think I have the door opening and closing Ok. Now i am diving into trying to repair the passenger side window that has been stuck in the closed position. I am pretty sure I have isolated the problem to the motor itself. Seems to be a hard bugger to get out. After getting some of the mounting bolts off I am able to pivot the motor and bracket so the window comes down, But of course this is a "jimmy rigged" situation, and I really want to
  2. So this is the second time my passenger side door has stuck closed! The last time i used a hack saw to cut the door latch catch, (The U shaped piece that is mounted too the door jam) scratched the inside of the door jam it was pretty much a total disaster, I purchased a new door catch from SJ Sportscars and I thought I had straightened out the linkage that locks and unlocks the door, worked fine for awhile, But now its stuck again. After i get the door open again I guess its time for all new linkage and new door handle.. Meanwhile, Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the door o
  3. Has anyone found window switches that will work in a Stevens Esprit? I don't mind doing some modifications if necessary..
  4. Its time to install new bushings on my 1989 Esprit, Thinking of going with a quality shop press vs the manual push and pull kit that you turn with a spanner/wrench. I am guessing it would be best to get something like a Snap On Brand bushing driver kit to go along with the shop press? Anyone have any recommendations on tools that they have used to replace front suspension bushings? I have already picked up the SJ Sportscars Bushing Insert tool for the lower wishbone bushing, more concerned about all the other bushings of various sizes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  5. Thanks andydclements, Did some more research after posting this topic; I am going to use Castrol dot 4. Plan on completely flushing out entire clutch and brake system. I took a sample of my brake fluid and put it in a styrofoam cup, it didn't eat thru the cup, so all i have learned is its not polyethylene glycol based.. Maybe its silicon I am not sure? I was originally worried about putting new brake fluid in and having it eat the seals. From what I have gathered from all the various sources i looked into the natural rubber that was used in very early British cars had gone by the way side by t
  6. I have read on many forums that I should only put Dot 4 "non Synthetic" brake fluid in my brake system and clutch, as if I use synthetic dot 4 it will destroy the seals! I have also read a couple horror stories about this. The guys at my local parts store tell me all brake fluids are synthetic, I also have read on line All brake fluid is a variant of polyethylene glycol (synthetic) Today I read a story about someone going to Big Lots (thats a cheap discount store here in the U.S.) and buying some generic Dot 4 fluid that didn't have the word synthetic on it and this worked without ruini
  7. Thank you Everyone for al of your insight, I will look at the color diagrams in my Service Note Book. Thanks again, I am always delighted at the insight I get from other Esprit Owners on this Forum. Christopher Herbert
  8. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions everyone, Had Her turned around in garage a few days after I posted my question. So far I have pulled the manifold and turbo. I had the turbo rebuilt by Comp Turbo in Pomona, California. I am waiting on my new manifold from South West Lotus Centre. The manifold in the car was cracked at one time and welded, figured as long as I have these parts off the car i should go ahead and replace everything i can. Sure I will have more questions as i go thru this journey of bringing my Esprit back to life. Will post updates and more questions.. Thanks
  9. I always hate it when I am going thru a car that has had a previous owner and I find unplugged wires! Am I missing something important? What use to go here? enough to drive a Guy crazy!! Does anyone recognize this cluster of wire ends? I found them behind the engine bay access covers passenger side. In the same basic area as the manual release for the fuel filler caps. I also have female electric wire connectors on the struts that hold the Engine bay up.. What were these connectors for? if anyone has any information on any of these connectors I would appreciate it.
  10. thank you franjipane and CarBuff, I will look at the "dryer hose" and look for damaged Vanes.. Not entirely sure what a damaged Vane is? Did you mean Veins? will do some research on this and take a good look. Thanks again,
  11. So I have finally cleared out all the junk in my garage so i can put my 1989 Esprit Turbo project in the garage. Purchased the car from a Doctor who told me the Turbo is blown or at least not working. I have read lots about pulling the manifold and turbo,, This isn't my question.. My Driveway is on a slant (part of the reason I want it in garage) . When the car was unloaded off the flatbed that transported my Esprit the rear end is facing my garage door. I have to get the car turned around as it will be near impossible to do the necessary engine work the way the car currently sits. I turned
  12. So I looked at an article on Lotus Esprit World, It was said that Lotus Engineers recommended only one lubricant for the 4 cylinder Lotus Esprit Turbo; Castrol TAF-X 75/90 I special ordered some at my local parts store here in Northern California and when I went to pick it up the bottles say Castrol Synthetic Syntax 75/90 Limited Slip Gear Oil. I called Castrol and the friendly very perky Customer Service Rep. couldn't tell me much other than Castrol TAF-X 75/90 was not available in North America. She couldn't confirm or deny if the Syntax was similar.. Should I use the Syntax? Should I be lo
  13. Does anyone know what Burroughs belt tension gauge is the same as the Burroughs/Lotus Gauge specified in the Service Notes? I have been reading everything I can on all the Lotus Esprit Forums and from what i have gathered there is a Burroughs Gauge that is essentially the exact same tool as the $500. Lotus Esprit Burroughs Gauge with the single 95 Units "single hash mark". One Gentleman that is part of a Lotus Esprit Club says there Members have done many tests with the actual Lotus Esprit Burroughs gauge and standard Burroughs Belt tension gauges and the only difference is the Lotus Gauge has
  14. Herbert

    Lotus Esprit

    There is a guy in Pleasanton CA that has a 1977 Lotus Esprit, has around 50K miles, ran when parked. I was about to buy it when I found one a little less far off. If you are interested send me an email and I will have the guy call you. [email protected]
  15. Thanks again Paul Coleman and Mad-Wolf, All of the advice is much appreciated, and to answer your question; No not in it for money at all. The Esprit S1 will be one of my passion projects, have had many wonderful toys over the years a beautiful 1970 Porsche 911, Norton Commandos, 68 Triumph Bonneville. Sold all of them to pay the rent or pay for medical classes. The Esprit will likely be pulled from my cold dying hands. By the way selling this beautiful 1980 Ducati 900SS to help raise funds for the Esprit if anyone is interested. 15,134 miles, just went thru the top end, new valve seats,
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