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    Owned Elise 135R, VX220 turbo, Exige 240 sprint, Elise 25O Cup, Evora NA. Own Evora GT410sport
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  1. Willy t ribbs opinion on Jakie Stewart.
  2. What as Rail drivers salary have do with this dispute they are not even on strike. 96% of train drivers are members of ASLEF who are not in dispute. Misinformation yet again.
  3. Simple answer no, obviously not the review jimichanga and a good few so called Lotus enthusiast wanted on this forum they know who i am talking about.
  4. Just switched from LV to Churchill this morning all the benefits mentioned above by Mellow Yellow came in at £180 decided to pay a additional £25 to drop my excess by £350. More than happy.
  5. Out with a bunch of Elise Cups.
  6. Have to say my Evora looks a big lump in between the 250 Cups. But not to big for the narrow peaks roads it was pure pleasure today.
  7. Getting ready for the big event wich is just round the corner with a practice run this morning and a first for me leading the group if you are not already booked time is running out it is going to be a amazing day for any Lotus enthusiast.
  8. Yep not the Glowing reviews. The sad part of this thread and the Evora prices post Emira launch thread is that some members seem happy that it did not get the reviews most of us where hoping for and dare i say want it to fail. I am a owner of a late Evora and still believe the Emira will be a better product so will be keeping my deposit where it is.
  9. Two iconic Lotus right there.
  10. Agree it looks lovely especially in Liquid Blue it is a stunning colour, a past owner of a 201O in the same colour with all the 3 packs, sadly this is missing the premium pack so not a LE. But still a fantastic car.
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