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    Owned Elise 135R, VX220 turbo, Exige 240 sprint. Own Lotus Elise cup 250, Discovery 4
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  1. scotty435

    Future of Lotus

    Don't mention double din, lotus as been 4,years behind with what ever they brought to the table. I sincerely hope Geely will put this bed with the help with there leading info entertainment from there other departments within the group
  2. scotty435

    Future of Lotus

    'This is where Lotus need to be at the very least.
  4. scotty435

    250 Cup comes out on top

    Elise Cup 250 is the pick of the bunch
  5. scotty435

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Great review for the Exige 410 pitched against the Cayman in there lasted Edition.
  6. scotty435

    Exige 380 Sport 70th Anniversary

    360 Cup the one to have for me, the last one to come out of motorsport.
  7. scotty435

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    7 year warranty sounds great and works for certain Korean motor manufacturers, but for me it would devalue the Lotus brand, the company doesn't need to look like it's competing with with the Koreans, so for me something along the lines of what Ferrari do with what they call general maintenance that covers everything for 7years, yes it's expensive, but the second owners do not touch a car with out it, so adds value to the car, I know people are going to say why should you pay for it, but this is how most premium brands offer extended warranty and i am sure as it looks like Lotus are wanting to be competing with these brands even more in the future and at the end of the day your not going to pay Ferrari warranty price, obviously it's going to be a fraction of the price.
  8. scotty435

    Lotus Elise Cup 260

    Looks stunning would look great on the TLF display at the 70th.
  9. scotty435

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    We all know what happened the last time Lotus went full pelt in the PR department not always the best way to go, in my opinion Geely are doing the small steps it needs to do, fleet cars for the first time in 2years as said by EVO the once haters of Lotus and now doing more for Lotus than Lotus are them self, with there glowing reviews. Lotus is still small car manufacturer in the big world, let's not forget that, but what Lotus have done in the last two years with ageing models is something that all other manufacturers dream off. So please give Geely time it can not happen over night.
  10. scotty435

    Evora GT430

    A few more from the same event ConcoursUK you got to say it looks stunning and fits the backdrop perfectly.
  11. This happened to me, just removed one of the fuses on the top of the battery refitted it and all ok again there is a reset button on top of the battery, but apparently it's hard to find.
  12. scotty435

    New member

    Welcome aboard Bill, keep us updated with the Elite.
  13. scotty435

    Meeting Elise

    Hope she as been invited to the 70th would be great to meet her.
  14. scotty435

    Happy birthday MJK

    Yes happy birthday Mr Kimberley and thank you for giving us a golden era when you where steering the ship.