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  1. This as to be a bargain, the Carbon interior parts must have cost a fair bit and the alcantara dash is a big improvement on the poor quality materials that where used on the early Cups.
  2. Talk about being negative 🀷. For me GT spec makes sense, front clam wheel vents, but with latest front bumper in painted carbon like the rear bumper, carbon backed sparco seats. A increase in power 420? Obviously not hard for the production line as they have been shipping this car over the pond for the last few years.
  5. A photo posted today. The new home of Lotus Engineering, what’s interesting is the car under the cover, obviously one of the 3 versions of the 131. Looks like it as some great curves. Very promising in my opinion.
  6. Is just me that thinks good NAs are a steel at this sort price?
  7. Great choice in car and colour, I have had 4 cars on this platform the last being a 250 Cup, which had full carpets and in my opinion well worth having, they give the cabin a more quality feel. πŸ‘
  8. My old NA as been sold by Central Lotus for close to the sticker price I have been told, could prices be back on the way up?
  9. Essential shopping yesterday β˜ƒοΈ
  10. Fantastic photos some great memories there for you, thanks for posting πŸ‘
  11. It’s Cold ❄️❄️❄️
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