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  1. Looks like Lotus could be sharing engines with Mercedes some time soon.
  2. Fantastic choice of car and sure it will look stunning in Pearl White, purchased my new Evora GTsport from Conner at Central early this year, nice easy transition and great support since. Looking forward to you posting some pics
  3. Well said could not agree more
  4. It’s not only the USA that as good news on the political front in the last week the Uk as to celebrate with this departure today.
  5. Well said and God Bless America Lets hope the Uk can head in the same direction sometime soon.
  6. Not heard much from this guy in the last 24 hours i wonder why ?
  7. I started my Lotus ownership many years ago with a 135R plenty performance for a enjoyable Sunday morning blast out with fellow enthusiast and now my latest GT410 sport is bordering on to much performance for any Uk A and B roads and I do not get from A to B any faster than my fellow enthusiast in much less powerful machinery on the same Sunday morning run.Just don’t get this argument more is better apart from the top trump card game.
  8. 2014 brochure showing suedetex as a option and remained a option till the S1 was discontinued.
  9. Looks fantastic and in a great colour
  10. Part two and have to say really enjoyed it. Very informative.
  11. Good to know you are not a fcutard Barry, yet you are happy to support people to break the lockdown rules. What do you mean some folks won’t be able to carry on doing so ?
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