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  1. For the benefit of Brian my last post, posted just over a week ago and one of many posted on the subject of SUVs and if I like someone’s post it means that I agree with what they have to say, sure there is no crime in that?
  2. Would be great if Lotus can offer some of the after market options you are making to your 250 on the next generation Elise would be great if they could carry on with a stripped out racer format but with up to date real world technology.
  3. Sorry but it’s a bit rude to say it my sufficient on your side of the pond, we totally understand where you are coming from, yes there plenty of unknowns what direction the company want to take, but be sure the USA will be in the forefront of there plans, it’s the second biggest market after China. Please have a bit of patience’s ,it could be said it’s like a start up company from what they brought into. Sure they do not want to make any false promises, Geely will put Lotus where it deserves to be at the forefront of sports car automotive industry, we need to give them the opportunity to do so.
  4. Please explain why they would do that?
  5. I would say as much a GTE as any of the factory 20.
  6. Interesting, I would say it’s a lotus if it’s at Hethel, but who knows
  7. Follow up from his day with the Exige and Evora
  8. Probably get criticised for saying this from the same old crew, but me for one I feel excited that a camo SUV as been spotted near the factory, still a firm believer that the company needs one to survive and its sad to say but the figures tells the truth, sports cars are a dying breed and if it’s as good as the I think it could be, I shouldn’t mind one parked on my drive.
  9. Well said Dan, I think we all have complained about Lotus wrong doings over the last few years some a lot more than others, sadly this iconic brand as just become some kind of punching bag even in its own community, it’s great to read a positive comment and totally agree with everything you have said and like you can not wait for the 16th, I truly believe this will be one of the most iconic days in Lotus history.
  10. A local dealership to me they have a good reputation and sell some great high end cars.
  11. C 63 Coupe, bulletproof, good to drive, sounds awesome.
  12. Well said the first sensible post in the last few days.
  13. Well said it’s never been down to numbers drive one back to back and that’s where the lotus wins hands down and will always demand a big premium over the coxster, sorry boxster.
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