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  1. Like the S2 the Cup originally was meant to be a hard top only when it was launched as the S Cup and 220 and like the S2 the roof can still removed if that is what you want. The Cup only became a soft top when the 250 was launched and I spec’d mine with a hard top and in the time of ownership two and a half year I removed one time. The 2ZZ engine in the S2 is just intoxicating. Like it’s been mentioned you need to drive them both. If you are looking at a S Cup or 220 be warned the interior is a bit low rent some very poor materials for the cost of the car when new, with the launch of the 250 came a massive improvement with interior trim.
  2. I went from a S2 Exige 240 to a cup 250 and have to be honest the cup was a little disappointing in comparison with the S2. Cup a great car but never put a smile on my face like S2 could especially when you it the 8500 rev limiter getting there use to make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and the supercharge wine was unbelievable, the supercharger is nearly impossible to hear on the Cup and lacks the frantic nature of the 2ZZ engine from the S2. Cups are much better built and and quality of materials much better. It’s a hard choice between the two but have to say if it was my money I would look for a nice well looked after S2.
  3. Not just the Press asking for him to be removed a list of conservatives MPs, one tendered his resignation as the Secretary of State for Scotland and sure there will be more to follow.
  4. Neighbours grass looks a bit long in the last photo
  5. If Bottas moves on, surly it’s time to give the young talent a chance. Mercedes have George Russel on there books, I watched him in all the lower formulas and as always impressed me in the way Hamilton did. I sincerely believe he is a future world champion if he is given the chance.
  6. For me can not see Vettel going to Mercedes unless Hamilton is not there. Vettel as been beat by two competitive teams mates, so going up against Lewis would be a disaster for him in my opinion.
  7. 11 Turbo had the same seats as the GTA and I can vouch for them, even to this day one of the best seats I have had the pleasure to sit in.
  8. Totally agree with everything you say and good on you to go out a buy one years later, shows how good they where at the time. Purchased my in 5 in 1990 on a H plate and sold 3years to a person that is still the owner to this day and is in pristine condition and as been in many magazine articles. Love to buy it back one day.
  9. I have previously mentioned that Renault will pull the plug on F1 sadly I can not see any alternative for them especially after the embarrassment in the driver market last week. As for the A110 wow it would be so sad to see it dropped and like it’s been mentioned the only winner as to be lotus. Aways been a massive fan of Renault performance cars. My first new car was a 5 Turbo in tungsten grey at the age of 21 and one car I will never forget, all my friends where driving XR2s and 3s always fun leaving them behind on the the fast B roads.. Went on a purchased a Alpine V6 Turbo a good few years later. Great car but sadly came with lots of little problems that took the enjoyment away but sure it was that car that pointed me to owning a lotus, plastic with the engine in the back.
  10. If members that think the thread as run it’s course they can simply stop participating in the debate. We can not all be a expert on every thread in the forum or can we
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