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  1. Great informative video, watching the Emira on Hethel’s test track with the touring settings for me it looks like it as a fair bit of body roll and as been said many times similar to the S1 Evora. Having owned both a S1 Evora and the latest GT410sport, for me i would be going for the sport settings, on fast B road driving it gives you so much more feedback and confidence even at the lower limits of ability’s of the car and it as to be said the harder ride of the sports suspension is still fantastic for even the most poorly maintained roads that we have been accustomed in this day and age.
  2. Same can be said without Lewis it would be one of the most boring seasons ever and regarding dirty driving Verstappen was obviously looking for contact at Brazil just like he was at Monza, its something he seems to strife on the thought of being invisible so yes it’s obvious given the slightest opportunity he would take Lewis out and thats the difference from a multiple championship winning driver and one that’s never won a championship in his entire career. The most successful driver in F1 history as the ability to read the moment and jump out the way of a manoeuvre that was reckless attempt to take him out the race. Sorry haven’t got a clue what you are talking about dirtiest most dangerous piece of driving all year, Max needs to take a lesson from a multiple world champion then one day he might win something.
  3. Please share your most iconic Exige V6 video and what it will be remembered for. This is my contribution.
  4. Totally agree with the struggle you see about where the hype comes from about Max, he as never won a championship even in the lower category’s. Lewis came into f1 with championships under his belt and with probably the best driver in F1 at the time Alonso as a teammate, beat him in is rookie year something Alonso as never got over and what he did in qualifying in Hungary 2007 his something that is cut from the same cloth of dirty tactics that you get from Verstappen. Will Max ever change? Well he will probably win his first championship in his long motoring racing career this year will it change as a driver and a person probably not he will will always leave that nasty taste in your mouth for true f1 enthusiast. The sport as become even more toxic than even football, thanks one team and its senior management and its No1 driver who strangely in some peoples eyes is the best F1 driver ever. Thanks Christian, Helmut and Max, lets hope the junior categorys are seeing through what you stand for. Flavio Briatore was a nasty piece of work in his time in F1 but those mentioned above make him look like angel.
  5. Yes 25 places made up over the weekend, love him or hate him there can be argument it was a drive of a champion and yes probably it cements he is the best ever 🤷the the history of F1
  6. What a fantastic weekend we have just witnessed for F1 and in for particular for Lewis Hamilton, yes he his not everyone’s favourite for what ever reason usually the wrong one. What he achieved this weekend was a true masterclass in driving ability. One of the most epic comebacks you will ever witness.
  7. That looks stunning 😍
  8. If thats all people have complain about for me it looks like Lotus have done a tremendous job on the Emira’s interior. Perhaps the diehards would say what’s wrong with a key or even one of these 😂
  9. Well that’s disappointing not sure i would pay big numbers for what looks like a bit of a bling Elise interior upgrade.
  10. I use my Cup2s in the snow 😀
  11. Not sure i like the number plate DNF 😂
  12. Some one mention a 410 on lower revs. No fake sounds there. not sure you are going to get that with a 4pot?
  13. Not sure why the Gurney flap is fitted, could be some aero problems at high speed? A Emira mule at the same location.
  14. A different colour not really it’s probably a wrap, but its good to see a different one from the the two that have been round the world a few times.
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