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  1. Not sure if this as been covered before, but would be great to see members past and present ownership and to get the ball rolling here is my history, sure there are more interesting ownership out there so please post.
  2. I have this fitted to my NA have to say for me it sounds epic.
  3. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet? But a good NA is half the price of a 400 surly must be taken into consideration is it half the car that’s got to be a firm no.
  4. Don’t get wanting to make look like a sports racer, for me leave it like it came out the factory, not many my 12 Evora’s came out the factory without the black pack and that’s got to make it a bit different in a good way and for me it’s got the best wheel option diamond cut 19/20s. Looks great as it for me leave it OEM, the person that ordered the car for me ticked all the right boxes.
  5. Silverstone Lotus have had a similar car for sale for ages, is it a marmite colour? Probably down to the mileage? but for me I love the colour.
  6. We complain when there is a new or shall I say a limited edition model every month and now we do the same because there is not been nothing new out doors for what would be seems a life time to some. We have had what can only be described as stunning Halo car yes well out the price range for most of us, but it’s there for a different reason. In my opinion lotus needs a ground breaking sports car and if it’s takes a bit longer then we all should like, so be it, the company as never had such a secure footing and a bit of patience is what is needed to tick all the boxes to achieve the class leading sports car that I am sure they will deliver.
  7. A drive in the Peaks yesterday with MLOC, Winnats Pass, Castleton.
  8. This seemed to be a great price and it sold in a matter of days after being advertised.
  9. I have only seen 4 advertised seems to be one missing somewhere i think it must be the one that was at the 70th at Hethel in green I seem to remember it definitely was in a shabby condition.
  10. Right upto date and still keeps its iconic shape looks fantastic in my opinion
  11. Down to it being a 2 x2 and lotus saying at the time the light weight wheels could not support the additional weight of 2 extra passengers, but there where better options of wheels at the time but sadly this car missed out on them and now it looks like you can order a 2x2 with the wheels that the car should be fitted with the light weight wheels. Should it put you of the car It would me when spending that amount of money.
  12. Great car in a stunning colour, for me it’s a shame it’s sitting on 400 wheels
  13. It’s not unfashionable at all, you have as much right to speak your mind on this forum as anyone else, the hard Brexiteers will definitely disagree and by the why I totally agree with you, a no deal is not what the country needs, so it’s simple MPs putting people’s livelihoods especially the younger generation before party politics in my opinion is noble, great to see bullying in any form is not the answer and as been put back where it belongs in the gutter.
  14. Seems like silver wheels are making a comeback and why not they look great against the blue
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