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    Owned Elise 135R, VX220 turbo, Exige 240 sprint, Elise 25O Cup, Evora NA. Own Evora GT410sport
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  1. Posted before on my S1 Evora now on my present Evora.
  2. I have seen the key fob it’s definitely one you will proud to show your mates.
  3. Sounds likes sour grapes from a Verstappen fan 🤷😂😂😂
  4. Thanks for your insight on this debate and I would be amazed if anyone could disagree with anything you have said. Perhaps it would be a good time for Barry to withdraw his comments and give his apologies to spreading fake news. It is desperate times when you have resort to bringing the Hitler regime into the agreement. Sad times and definitely not the way to forge a relationship with our European neighbours in this post Brexit times.
  5. Come on let’s not beat about the bush what benefits as the referendum actually brought us so far? Even Barry with his not surprising comments about comparing the Hitlers values to the present day some 80 years on sounds a act of desperation to win the agreement. If anyone could please explain the positives so far that the vote to leave the EU as brought us ?
  6. scotty435

    Lotus Type 116

    To be fair sadly there as been a lot of VX owners that’s been ashamed of Vauxhall Griffin Emblem, you do see a lot debadged. Never once bothered me in my ownership, always thought it looked good. The one thing that did bother me was Vauxhall’s after sales service, I had some bad experiences with lotus aftercare over the years, but it never got close to being as bad what Vauxhall offered or in most cases did not offer.
  7. Seriously is that expensive there is a increasing number of inferior cars sell for a similar amount of money and in most cases a lot more. If you want me to name a few I am happy to oblige.
  8. Never been a fan of Max and just as he is starting to win me over. The idiots at Red Bull and especially the tosser Horner as put the most discussing taste in my mouth It’s a sad day for the sport that I sincerely love. Flavio Briatore was probably the most disliked team boss in the history of F1 as been surpassed by Horner by a country mile.
  9. Even with its doors open, spread wide like wings and all its bling transfers the McLaren only got marginally more attention than my humble Evora.
  10. For me having lived with lotus cars for the last 20years and owned most varieties in that period, including S1 Evora and till my latest 410sport. I felt it strange getting into the Emira, any easier I am not sure, having sat in both cars at Goodwood and yes I am getting on in years but I definitely felt my 410 is easier to to get into,the sill helps me in the its somewhere to put my backside before clambering in or out. The Emira felt like you was sat on the road before you even started to enter the cockpit, just felt like wow that’s a long way down. Just giving my honest opinion and my deposit is still firmly in place so sure its like most things you just need to adapt to change.
  11. Brilliant and like most level headed F1 enthusiast, journalist, team manager would surely agree a racing incident. 👍
  12. Red bull are coming over as the Republican Party of the F1 pitlane with Marko playing the part of Donald Trump. Its just embarrassing the sorest losers in the history of motorsport. Horny will be making a Trump statement next and say that Verstappen actually won the race and should be awarded the 25 points.
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