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  1. Lotus Dealer Conference at Hethel yesterday, looking forward for a announcement on future models.
  2. Could be the one, shame it’s looking a bit tired, looks like the bumper could have been painted, panel gap from bumper and clam not not good.
  3. Stunning car Bibs, Burnt Orange?, do you of its whereabouts now days?
  4. Two weeks into the new year and it’s all doom and gloom on the future of Lotus and it’s from the usual suspects, great news for the lotus membership in Scotland they still have one of the best dealership in the country, to point the finger at Lotus for Leven’s demise is a bit childish. For me I am so happy for owners and the employees of the brand the north of the border. Why be so negative? Winter and Christmas not the best time to buy a Lotus?
  5. scotty435

    TLF GT430 Club

    What if money was no object two black and gold 430s yes please.
  6. Welcome great car in a stunning colour.
  7. Well said Jonny this thread and some of the recent comments takes us towards a lotus forum I dare not to mention some respect of members opinions are not to be laughed at. We all have different views and cheap jokes towards other members is not what this forum wants or needs.
  8. Sorry I don’t know anything about this particular car, but looks a great price for a sports racer and yes high on mileage but wouldn’t worry me seeing it’s had a clutch change, it’s a NA so cheaper on tax and insurance and in some people minds a better car than a S. Is 65k high mileage not in this day and age? People buy other high performance cars with similar mileage and they are not probably as reliable as a Lotus and cost a lot more to repair.
  9. C8RKH question for all you Greta huggers if I may. What actually has she changed? Whatreal tangible difference has she made? Not a Greta hugger but if I may say she as a lot of grumpy old men on this thread talking about climate change
  10. Before we jump into the next decade in a few hours time, thought it would be a bit of fun for members of the forum to name there favourite Lotus of the last 10years. Will start with my favourite which is the beautiful Evora GTE.
  11. You know no more than me or any other true enthusiast of the brand, yes we all have read Phil Pophams various pronouncements any sensible person could not disagree with what he as said so far these issues need to be addressed, as for what he as not said auto only ? let’s not jump to conclusions and think the company will follow Porsche business model as bad as you think it is and yes they do make some truthfully amazing cars. You did say in one of your previous post that us diehards have been keeping the lights on at Hethel for some years now by buying against popular opinion especially in the last 5 years. Out of my lotus ownership in the last 15years 2 out of the 5 cars have been new sadly not 430s as in your case but still a big outlay on my behalf. Did I listen to public opinion after buying my first lotus a humble 135R no of course not that’s why I am still here and believing that the brand will keep on delivering what I and all us enthusiasts and hopefully lots of new customers to the brand want a true drivers car. Have I read anything yet that this is not going to happen is a firm no.
  12. Who is to know what next year’s car is going be, apart from one of the best design departments in the world down at Hethel, pure speculation here from people on here that don’t really have a clue what’s coming, could well be the best looking V6 2 seater sports car the best you have ever seen with 500+bhp manual and auto with a bit of help from Volvo’s parts bin, would that be a bad thing, sure some people would still be critical, pure speculation on my behalf just trying to be positive sometimes frown upon sadly in this thread.
  13. Its very saddening that even the most ardent enthusiasts are so critical at a time when we all have not a clue what the company are going announce regarding new models, like I have said many times on this thread let’s have some patience give the company time to evaluate the fast changing market, let’s face it the last new cars even though not ground up new models 430 Evora/Exige and released a few years ago now where not a massive hit and some are even for sale as we speak in showrooms, lotus can not survive on limited runs of 60 cars. Let’s wait to next year if we don’t don’t like the path Lotus are going down I am sure we can all have our say when there is some meat on the bone.
  14. Great article and nice to see Lotus keeping the public and enthusiasts upto date with what’s happening at the factory
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