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  1. Exactly a year apart and we meet up with cattle again.
  2. Agree with Phil stunning photos in the link, have to say I am a bit envious, fantastic Andrew
  3. Not surprised I know the previous owner a true enthusiast for the brand, he had the one of the best collection of four cylinder lotus cars in the country. The car is immaculate.
  4. The Williams drivers have to take the main responsibility and more so Latifi. The rules say you have to be within 10 cars length of the car you are following and you are not allowed to drive to slowly. Latifi was 20 car lengths at times and there for driving to slowly to gain that gap. Same for Russell to a lesser extent. Both Williams accelerate when they see green lights only to find the field are still going at the pace car speed and both take drastic steps to avoid collisions after that the cars following the two Williams also think the race is back on and find a wall of slower cars when
  5. Sunday morning run with this and have to admit this McLaren looked beautiful, but after following it felt a bit underwhelmed. How much speed do you need on UK B roads Never once did i lose its tailgate. When it came to sound track the 410 embarrassed it.
  6. Geely not to be underestimated when it comes to investment in racing.
  7. The more I see of the car the more I like it. Have to say well done and hope they sell enough units to put them back on a footing to be a serious sport car manufacturer again especially with there great history. Lotus are going to have to go through this process next year with there new car. Both companies trying to get back to where they belong, to sell great sports cars in the numbers to carry the business forward.
  8. A reliable source who has seen a few teaser photos of the new Lotus to be launched next year as said the exhaust layout is similar to this.
  9. Not sure on there sales figures but it looks like Tesla are doing something right the model three is a common sight on British roads.
  10. Hot Tub night watching Evora 410 videos on YouTube with a glass of wine, bliss.
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