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  1. At the tender age of 60 the last thing I should be wanting is for time to go fast but the July 6th can not come fast enough. Come on it’s getting a bit tiresome now all this DCT, Auto, targa top, 4pot, V6. It’s got to be better than Porsche Cockster, 2 seats 4 seats the list goes on and on. It’s all speculation and brings lots of negativity out of some people. Let’s keep the faith and hope Lotus knock it out of the park.
  2. Looks like Will B looks like he as a couple of new Evora’s in. The one in liquid Blue looks a great example, thought it was my old NA for a moment. Both cars look really competitively price.
  3. Sorry Clive don’t think I can help you in anyway, not a photographer and never been trained and I just use a iPhone 11. I do take a lot of photos and hope that there are some good ones then delete the rubbish.
  4. Hope valley, Peak District. Stunning location with amazing roads
  6. Where have all the people gone who say it’s all about the car?. Bottas is a good driver but not a champion. If it was not for Hamilton, Max would have be on a easy road to the championship already. Let’s celebrate we are watching something that is never going repeated in our life time and probably never. I do appreciate you can not compare different eras, but come on if Lewis is not the best British sportspersons ever who is ?
  7. Out filming last week a sneak preview
  8. Possibly will have the number 11 attached to it whe it’s launched 😂
  9. Looks like the final edition will not be the last Elise after all. Not good for the customers who have deposits on what they thought would be a special car, shame takes the shine of there purchase. Matt Windle as close links with Caterham so would think it’s a done deal.
  10. PO change the clutch on my old NA at 32,000 miles the bill came to £3800 would be surprised if independent could get below 3k, happy to be proved wrong. Any members on here dipped below 3K ?
  11. The TopGear latest video on the Evija for me is the best insight to where the company is heading, let’s hope the Evija and its siblings does what the Quattro did for Audi and be the front runners in the latest big game changing technology. Watching the video one as to believe that they are already there, the car as all the DNA to be a true drivers car and yes it’s light weight compared to its rivals. Let’s not even think what the next few months are going to bring with the launch of the Emira, if it looks half as good as the Evija and do the impossible of being the best driver’s car that the c
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