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  1. Race stewards decided no further investigation into the incident, something you used to like to point out on the numerous occasions when Max used to run Lewis off the road or even worse crash into him. Pot calling the Kettle black?
  2. 60k unsold. No surprise there unless the owner needs the money.
  3. What 410 did you follow on the LITP promo video? If it was my last Lotus it would make feel very privileged getting you into a very special car, I do hope it was yellow in colour if not that privileged as to go a other owner of a fantastic car. Sorry to hear about your misfortune’s this year and hopefully things will get better in the future👍
  4. Hi Jimmy, yes the Macca still meeting and on some ocasiones beating my expectations it’s a very capable car. Will be back in a Lotus at some point, a 430 would be a very tempting car to get back into the brand, they have to be a very hard car to value as they don’t come up for sale that often. With the economic climate we are in at the moment anyone in the market for the best modern Lotus made to date this car could be the best opportunity to buy one?
  5. Will be interesting what this 430 achieves in what is a struggling used car market at the moment ?
  6. The Evora GTE raced by the National Academy of Motorsport is a new chassis up car built for this season’s racing, the 2011 Le Mans car as been retired from racing, put back in its Le Mans livery and is on show at Central Lotus show room.
  7. A great in-depth review, have a feeling the Electra are going to sell by the bucket load.
  8. To be fair some lotus especially Evora’s do go through a lot of owners and my NA was on its 8th owner when I sold it and at that time I sincerely thought it was the best NA on the market. Lots of money spent on it not just by me but previous owners. The amount of owners and miles recorded should not put potential buyers off and that’s from a person that’s had a good fair few new lotus and used cars from the brand.
  9. Looks like Shmee’s 675LT in the background?
  10. They have made a slight mistake with the advert as it is not a Sports Racer, it’s a really well specced Evora S with a expensive option list and probably better for it, there are not many about, the main giveaway is the full leather interior with no Alcantara. Looks a great car with good history, you can say any Evora’s or Lotus are bargain’s especially when you see what some inferior and ropey so called fast Fords are demanding at the moment.
  11. I have a Lotus lithium charger anyone who wants one for a bargain price PM me
  12. Looking forward to our invite to MTC tomorrow it’s going to be buzzing with Lando’s second place today. Checked into Foxhills Hotel this morning and parked next to Lando’s car, reception not happy it’s been there a few days waiting for McLaren to collect it. Sorry to say Lotus need to up there game, even buying used McLaren’s gets you these benefits free of charge.
  13. It’s a good watch, the two journalists seem fair and knowledgeable in there judgment and like you and probably most of the members on here I was expecting the order as you said above. I happy to say you have got this one wrong the Emira get the number 1 spot.
  14. My old NA was definitely in fantastic condition when I sold it a few good years ago and looks like the present owner as kept in a similar condition.
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