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    Owned Elise 135R, VX220 turbo, Exige 240 sprint. Own Lotus Elise cup 250, Discovery 4
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  1. scotty435

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    Out of production usually means better resale values, 410s are not far of used 400s values as it stands now, so as to be a good time to buy a 400?
  2. scotty435

    A day out with Julian Thomson

    Julian’s, Dino.
  3. What a pleasure to meet the designer of the original Elise for a article in Absolute Lotus, gave me a great insight to his time at Lotus and some amazing stories that I can not repeat will post more photos of what was a amazing day. Just like to say thank you to Julian, Ian stent for organising the shoot and the article and to Patrice for taking the great photos and last but not least to Bibs for posting on this forum the opportunity to meet a true iconic lotus designer.
  4. scotty435

    "Exciting New Car" - EVO

    Your money would be better spent on a Absolute Lotus subscription.
  5. scotty435

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    Paul I have Matte 3M PPF applied to my spats been on my car for nearly 2years and have done a great job and still as good as the day it went on, the one thing about Matte PPF is that it is not as adhesive as gloss PPF, any matte finish like the spats is not ideal to apply PPF. If you have problems getting it to stick it could be a good idea to apply gloss first and then Matte over the top.
  6. scotty435

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    Sure it's going to look great, can not wait to see it.
  7. scotty435

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    You are going to love it, came from S2 240 sprint to my 250 cup.Your car looks great and in a great colour, totally agree about the hardtop and all the other options you mentioned apart from the Alcantara sills, just feel they would show wear so quickly and the standard leather sills look great and take all hammer you can give them, unlike the plastic ones on earlier Elise and Exige models.
  8. scotty435

    Picture of the Month

    My day out with Julian Thomson the designer of the original Elise for a article in Absolute Lotus, he still loves the brand and gave me a great insight to his time at Lotus.
  9. T125 for sale. A lot of money, what's your thoughts guys?
  10. scotty435

    Future of Lotus

    A interesting article from piston Heads, some Lotus content here, especially with people saying that it is Geely that as brought the rights, surely not? What with the the input that Lotus had into the original car from day one, extruded chassis development and so on. What's your thoughts?
  11. scotty435

    Top Gear - New Series

    Good choice will make it entertaining, would have been better to if Harris would been dropped, good driver, but rubbish presenter, try's to hard to be funny and as a chip on his shoulder. And his lack of humour will show up against these two guys.