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  1. Definitely a pre-12 car and a NA. Silver rear light surrounds and a NA diffuser. But have to say it looks in excellent condition and i am not one for aftermarket graphics but in this case they look great. For me its a good price for a 2015 car even though it looks like it was never registered for the first few years of its life not a first for a Lotus, good mileage whats not to like.
  2. Ditto pal this year’s event is shaping up to be very special. Its the clubs 10th year anniversary and to be back at Chatsworth is unreal. The car of the show all them years ago was lucky old me in my little Exige Sprint the title you can easily win with one of the best cars lotus have let out of there gates in resent years .Can not wait to catch with you pal and see the stunning Burnt orange 430 for the fist time. Which location are you booked into for your morning run Matlock or Ashbourne? I am a group leader from Matlock this year and it be great to have you on board. Group leaders have been out practicing this morning this year route’s are fantastic.
  3. First week in January this year order so reading Greg’s last post looks like i could be Summer 2023 🤷 happy i still have the Evora to enjoy.
  4. Jimmy (Blindside) is booked in for MLOCs Lotus in the peak this July, its going to be a fantastic event with runs in the Peak District and the main event being held at Chatsworth House. 200 Cars already booked and looks like there could upto 300 cars on the day. Would amazing to have some additional 430s at the event.
  5. Looks very classy the diamond cut wheels are definitely better with balck calipers nothing to distract there beauty, need to change my order.
  6. Not sure I wasn’t there wish i was lol. A few pics on found on the internet 👍
  7. Yes it is and here is a red and yellow test mule’s and what looks like a silver 430 in the background.
  8. Looks like there are a few cars coming off the production line now.
  9. The V6 still sounds great.
  10. Is that what Boris said when he received his fixed penalty for the party’s he said never happened in parliament, he did not know what he was doing 🥳🍾🎈🎉
  11. Probably the best two car garage any Lotus enthusiast could wish for. Congratulations pal 👍
  12. Chatsworth House, filming a promotional video for this years Lotus in the Peak.
  13. If a car can look this good on a cold rainy miserable day, what more could anyone want?
  14. My old 250 Cup ordered new from the factory, sold 2019 is back for sale, fantastic car and some great memories for me.
  15. Looks good with conventional door mirrors.
  16. For me the most impressive thing is the design and quality of the interior with groundbreaking tec, quality materials that in my opinion only RR Cullinan and the Bentayga can beat, design wise it even knocks these two into the park. Exterior you are going to love or hate it as with most SUVs for me its the former. When a manufacturer can bring a ground breaking car on there first attempt into this segment it must surely worry its rivals big time. Lotus should be very proud of themselves. For me i can not wait for the next three models its a very exciting time to be a Lotus enthusiast.
  17. I was previous owner of this car that came up for sale last week i can sincerely say it is probably one off the best NA out there it was in fantastic condition when i sold it and looks like the latest owner as kept the car in its pristine condition. It comes with a great history file.
  18. It as been mentioned in numerous videos that a retractable tow bar will be a option, and they have even shown the button in the boot that operates the tow bar in at least one video i have seen.
  19. Some good video of the Yellow Emira.
  20. It’s mentioned in this video
  21. My old car, good to see it again. Worth every penny she is a stunner.
  22. Some members like to slate our German rivals but if we are honest they do make some fantastic cars. Lets hope the Emira and the Type 132 and all the future models can finally make inroads to there market share.
  23. Believe me Liquid Blue is a stunning colour a past owner of the NA in the same colour. In my opinion better than any grey or black you possibly find out there.
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