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  1. Stage 1 Janspeed exhaust and decat is a great combination for a NA Evora.
  2. Come on what’s it matter, it’s just a plaque and it’s definitely built in the Uk and in my opinion very well built.
  3. scotty435

    TLF GT430 Club

    Wow tell us more, which one and from where?
  4. Evora passenger side badge came as part of the premium pack on all early Evora’s so not just limited to LE cars. LE car should have have a LE badge on the door sills.
  5. Agree great car. Will had this same car for sale late last year and I made a enquire about the car but it was sold in a matter of days of the advert going live. For me the one thing that lets it down is not having the premium pack.
  6. Great run out this morning in the Peak District, thanks to MLOC.
  7. Looks stunning, like the leather in place of alcantara.
  8. Wow that’s not bad going for a first Lotus. A amazing car and for me one of the top three in one of the top three colours. Congratulations
  9. Early days for me moving from a very well sorted NA to a GT410sport just last week. Even with limited revs allowed in the running period the GT feels like a bonafide super car, the NA never felt slow but the 410 is in a different league. The ride Quality in the NA was out of this world probably better than most family saloons, not bad going for a sports car. As much as i liked the NA interior the lastest model just feels more upto date with lots more room. One of the most talked about topics on early Evora’s the gear change well can honestly say the 410 doesn’t feel that much better than the NA, no record of my NA having it’s cables changed in its life time so probably a very well sorted when it left the factory and yes it’s bugging me a little I keep trying to rest my arm on the armrest and it’s not there, something I will get used to I hope. Like I said early days for me with the 410 but for anyone looking for getting into the Evora for the first time a very well sorted NA is a great place to start.
  10. My old NA for sale on pistonheads at a dealer’s for a hefty price.
  11. A drive into the peaks today, putting some miles on the car before a peaks run on Sunday with MLOC.
  12. Looks really nice and could well be a bargain depending what it goes for and clutch to worry about.
  13. C8RKH is right my old NA is a cracker and totally agree with him not discount pre 12 cars. Having been so many Evora’s I have lost count, my 2010 was as well built as any MY12 I have driven or sat in, gear change spot on, not a squeak or rattle and when it comes to the cost of running it’s win win.
  14. Traded the NA in, offered me what I thought was a really good price so very happy with the deal
  15. Collection day. Early days but first impression the car feels amazing.
  16. They have black 410 they are selling on behalf of the factory and guess what it as the much talked about armrest fitted.
  17. Collection this afternoon Darryl. Hope it stops raining but never mind if it doesn’t, looking forward to some days out next week the weather is looking better and will give me a chance to get the 1000 mile run in out the way. Collection this afternoon my other half is at work, weeks of planning to talk her round to buying a new car so not planning to upset her now and going with out her lol.
  18. Will be happy to give you comparison Justin, will get the 1000mile run in out the way and then let you know
  19. Just one more sleep before I pick the 410 up tomorrow. Feel so lucky and excited for what is for me a post-lockdown present.
  20. Sorry for the McLaren pic, a reliable source as said expect a exhaust similar to this on the next model.
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