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  1. Not hiding here my review is on the previous page.
  2. Fantastic car in a stunning iconic colour, welcome aboard. 😍
  3. Push the the mechanism in the middle off the boot latch with your key or screwdriver. This will allow you to leave the boot open, it turns the lights off in the luggage compartment and you can set the alarm, I drop the boot onto the latch and that gives you plenty off room to feed the cable out off the car. To put the latch back in working order simply press the outer leaver down. If you need any photos for a reference please let me know.
  4. Harry looks like he is enjoying his new Emira 2400 miles in a week 👏
  5. The 410 is not my first Evora and by far my first not my first Lotus having owned you could say more hardcore cars, including 250Cup, Exige 240 sprint, 135R Elise to name few. It was my honest opinion on the two cars and yes this drive was always going to be the deciding factor when weather I pulled my deposit and keep the 410 which as been a great car, you take whatever you want out off my review. But i like to think with the history off my car ownership I do have a understanding off the brand.
  6. Test drive yesterday at Central Lotus. Sports setup with Goodyears. The test was always going to be how it compared with my current GT 410 sport and have to say it’s better in every department. The drive was on a good mixture off roads sadly very wet. Getting seated in the car is easy and feels worlds apart from the Evora so much more special, seating position spot on for me the Evora you sit to high, fit and finish and quality off the material’s used are worlds apart. The suspension was a big surprise always been more than happy with Evora setup thinking the Emira was pretty much the same well they have managed to make it even better, on some really broken uneven roads where the Evora would have struggled the Emira just brushed them off. Gear change better the dreaded transmission noise that have dogged all V6s in the past is virtually not noticeable. Clutch better not as heavy, performance hard to judge with the very wet weather but felt very similar to the 410. The biggest surprise was the sound obviously not as loud as the Evora but for me it just sounds better the exhaust note is great with the valve closed or open, in sport it sounds fantastic on the overrun. Driving home in the Evora as good as it is I had the feeling it as finally met it’s match with the Emira. Well done Lotus for making a fantastic sports car.
  7. Cheap
  8. Here is mine brought new 2020 only fault engine management came on, dealer cleared it under warranty said it was a problem with the gearbox oil cooler that needed freeing off.
  9. Great run out in the Peak District this morning typical autumn weather damp, fog, a little sun not great for Cup2s but adds to the enjoyment.
  10. No it wasn’t me that knocked wall down 😂
  11. You have to appreciate Lewis Hamilton being so calm and gentlemen after Abudhabi 21. He was cheated and rule’s where broken but he kept his composure. A few words in jest from Ted Kravitz and the golden boy has lost his shit.
  12. Fantastic achievement for a great cause. Well done Scott.
  13. Looks stunning and like DarryIV8 says great number plate. 😍
  14. Lotus’s can be driven all year round even with Cup 2s fitted 😂
  15. You did vote for this guy.
  16. Yep still waiting for any benefits from brexit sadly car approval is not one off them.
  17. The country are fed up with this fiasco time for a general election.
  18. Good to see you being positive as always.
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