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  1. It’s convinced me to change after seeing it at Goodwood and I have a year old GT410 sport. Will it drive any better? of course it will it’s a Lotus.
  2. It’s not got the titanium exhaust and I could be wrong but I am sure the titanium exhaust was never a option till we got to 410. As does it make any difference, definitely not when it come to sound but in weight yes it saves a couple of kg.
  3. Wow what a great day for British Motorsport and yes I know it’s only the Friday, but as a proud Brit and a passionate F1 enthusiast, it’s what we need after the aftermath of not winning the euro’s. It’s hard to pick the driver of the day, Lewis? Fantastic yet again, easy to see why he is a 7 time world champion. Lando? Fantastic after the shit week he experienced from the British fan base of a different sport. George Russell is my pick of the day what he as done this year as to put him the seat along side Lewis next year and let the best man win.
  4. scotty435

    Lotus Emira

    Wow some negativity here, no wonder they are looking for a bigger audience.
  5. Agree a great video and yes I understand Shmee is not everyone’s cup of tea but he will put the Emira into the into the public spotlight, probably more than than anyone on the planet which will obviously bring a big increase in sales. A great insight into the new Radford sounds like it’s going to be a very potent, Exige tub and lots more power, clad in Carbon, makes for a very special sports car.
  6. A 410sport owner here and yes agree the Sparcos do sit a bit heigh, sitting in the Emira is a totally different feeling, climbing in feels like a supercar experience and even though the seats are not the final production was told they will sit lower with more side bolster it honestly felt like sitting a supercar, a friend as a MaLaren 720S it felt similar. Having owned most of the recent lotus cars over the last 20years and mainly been happy with the seating position and the sense of occasion that as brought, I have to say I could not believe the difference it just felt like a junior supercar.
  7. Only two in the Goodwood hotel on Thursday.
  8. I was definitely going for Hethel Yellow, but after seeing the Seneca Blue on the stand change my mind there and then thought it looked stunning. Speaking to Scott Walker he seems to think the Yellow is a flat paint if that’s the case that would put me off. As for everything else the show car is probably be the spec that I am going choose with the V6 manual.
  9. scotty435

    Lotus Emira

    There will probably be a Carbon option somewhere down the road and would look the business in Carbon instead of the cheap looking shiny plastic.
  10. scotty435

    Lotus Emira

    Right my honest opinion on the Emira. First things great hospitality from Lotus, they took us into there guests lounge and gave us tea and Coffee while we waited for Scott Walker to come and talk us through the car. The car? the first edition are going to be tremendously spec’d virtually every option on the car and obviously a a big saving on if you where ticking the option box on the base car. My thoughts on the car, it’s stunning in the flesh there where a couple of things I did not like, the cheap looking shiny plastic surrounds on vents feeding the engine and same applies to the rear arch vents apart from that I could not fault. Interior is in a different league even though its a preproduction car with and they said said the final car is going to be even better, felt strange not climbing over a sill to get into a lotus. No mention on pricing at the moment, but get to see the car again in September with a lot more information by then.
  11. scotty435

    Lotus Emira

    Seen it in the flesh today all I can say no one will be disappointed.
  12. Checked into the Goodwood hotel, seen the Emira already and will give my honest opinion on the car in the next few days. One the thing I will say no one will be disappointed when they see it in the flesh.
  13. scotty435

    Lotus Emira

    Nice one Duncx, will let you know what it is like in the flesh when I see on Thursday 👍
  14. Yes it Yep it looks like it’s going to be orange this year and let the best car and man win. It’s a shame we can not support British born talent a bit more no matter of his skin colour . Let’s hope we can support England to win the euros, the taking of the knee as not been so much of a problem as the team as progressed. 😁
  15. I can vouch for the car a very good friend of mine was the previous owner, it’s a one of one in Colour with yellow brake callipers and decals and its stunning in the flesh.
  16. My local dealer was at the factory last week and they wouldn’t allow him to see the car and yet Sam from Seen through Glass the YouTuber said on his last podcast that he had seen the car at the factory and even showed some pictures of car to his mate on the same podcast, but said he was under strict embargo not to say anything 6th.
  17. Last Friday there where 2 places left for deposit holders one on Friday and one Saturday for a run up the hill at Goodwood in the Emira. Any deposit holders interested in a run I suggest you speak to your dealer holding your deposit asp.
  18. A very lucky first owner to the brand, the car looked fabulous car and advertised at a bargain price. You need to introduce him to the forum. 👍
  19. Deposit put down this afternoon.
  20. Sooner have the yellow one in the forum classifieds and save 7 or 8k.
  21. Just added to the forum classifieds, have to say it looks fantastic, dont see many earlier Evora’s in yellow. It as to be the best value Evora for sale for sometime at this price especially with having a recent clutch change. If I was in the market for a Evora NA I would be on the phone now booking a viewing.
  22. It looks stunning, don’t see many early Evora’s in yellow and what a fantastic price especially with having a resent clutch fitted. Bargain for anyone looking at the moment, it will definitely not be for sale long.
  23. Wow that’s a great price. Definitely go for a better quality leather that looks OEM sure the interior specialist can advise you.
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