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  1. Television centre london, filming for Top Gear looks like it could be a i4 not sure what colour?
  2. It’s being hold accountable, yes one wrong decision can be a mistake, but numerous wrong decision are not mistakes it incompetence thats why he had to go.
  3. Totally agree on the choice of wheels and the Swizz Beatz reference.
  4. You are in the wrong thread its not a Evora
  5. Great collection.
  6. They do look better without the black pack in my humble opinion.
  7. FIA reading the room wrong yet again, the old saying cash is king springs to mind. Lets hope like FIFA they do the honourable thing and reverse there decision.
  8. You need to get a grip on life pal. 10 years from now there is a good chance that some of us will be not a position to enjoy the pleasure of driving a ICE car critically the older generation of the forum. Obviously you have never heard of the saying of live for today not tomorrow.
  9. Great run out in the Dukeries this week
  10. I do like smaller legal plates, so thinking should i transfer my current plate to my Emira, but not sure it will fit right with the car?.
  11. A Brexit promise broke yet again at least this one was not on the side of a bus.
  12. Gav is a fantastic Lotus technician. Have used him in the past and more than happy with quality of work and the price.
  13. Agree great price, don’t see what’s wrong with the advert, the owner happy will do a video walk around what more do you want apart from a actual viewing. Sure it will not be sale for long.
  14. Back onboard with a Emira purchase, deposit paid this week so probably looking at the end of the year collection, which actually suits my needs having only had the Evora 410 sport for 18 months, gives me most of the year to get some more enjoyment from what as been a fantastic car. Was previously a early deposit holder but due to stress of our new house build decided a new car purchase was not helping with things. Now the House build is complete and thankfully finally moved in after two years in the build, thought it was a great time to having a other new Lotus. Looking forward to all the reviews from the press and the early deposit holders in the forum.
  15. Happy Birthday C8RKH 🥳
  16. With Jep on this one, firm believer In keeping any car, especially a lotus as it came out the factory, parts and the colour of the same. In this case the wheels. Who said they dont like diamond cut wheels on a Evora are they mad. Loved the silver 18/19 that it came from the factory on my NA but love the bigger 19/20 on my latest Evora even more.
  17. My old NA always looked stunning from the rear.
  18. We all have our own opinions on the damage on public health the virus is having on the general public and rightly so. But for Barry to constantly try to down play the dangers of the virus is not what the members of this forum needs and sadly his comments are surely not hopeful to people on here that have lost family and friends to the said virus. Moderator’s did say his opinion’s where not helpful in his early comments of this thread, what’s changed apart from a a lot more hardship, poor health and sadly deaths since? Its not about politics and its not to be joked about.
  19. A bit late to stump up? He actuality went public and voiced opinion the day after the Abu Dhabi GP and what he did say it more like watching WWE than a professional sport. He is really a true motorsport enthusiast. But there you go lets just shoot him down him flames for being a Labour Peer. Grow up Keith.
  20. Still having strong ties to Red Bull i did not expect for him to say anything different. What Ruud did miss out probably on purpose that Coulthard did say that Verstappen would would have not won the championship in a clean manner in the way the Lewis as won his previous 7 championship’s and he won in the manner that Senna and Schumacher won there titles and in a true enthusiast that involved a lot of cheating. Sadly for Lewis it was not only his main competitor that cheated the FIA got involved in the same tactics.
  21. Having been very critical of Harris thoughts of the brand over the last few years. For me its great that he is saying some positive things at last. Not long now before the journalist get there chance to tell the world how good Emira is, fingers crossed. His views on any car do matter especially when lotus are hoping to bring new customers from other brands. So who cares? Lotus definitely do.
  22. Not my car the owner of the car was a member on TLF but sure he as sold the car on again. 👍 That will be me on the next MLOC run lol Have a good Christmas pal and hopefully see you out on run in the new year.
  23. Wow for me I don’t believe we are having a debate about a little badge on the dashboard on such a historic car and probably the best car the company as built for some time now into the future, sure there are better things to talk about for potential customers when they do come for sale, lets face it its not going to be very often. They are definitely going a 6 figure number car again in not the to distant future.
  24. Going against the general love for the original S1s here and will probably be criticised for my honest opinion about the same car. Not here to say how many lotus i have had before, i have had more than a few.I was lucky to be in position back in 2009 to be a early deposit holder for a launch Edition and was looking forward to take delivery that same year. Luckily for me i did get a drive one of the first dealership cars and realised it was not the car I wanted even then it felt underpowered coming from a 260 Exige Sprint probably clouded my judgment even though the Evora was something that a lotus owner as never experienced before when it came to comfort and a ride like a flying carpet. For me thankfully after some arguments i did get my deposit back. Moving forward to my ownership experience in the last few years after going through a divorce and not wanting to miss my love for the brand i had to sell my new at the time 250 Cup and purchase what I thought was probably one of the best S1s at the time for the going market price and still believe the car is one the best out there and still believe this is true. Now for bad news as much as i liked the car it still felt underpowered and occasionally the car at the limit did scare me, some brisk driving on Sunday mornings runs with other Lotus enthusiast never gave me much engorgement. For me i am in a lucky position to have a GT410sport now and yes its a lot more powerful and it sounds awesome for me its the handling that is the big difference between the two cars it’s night and day so much better.
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