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  1. It will not be long before JayEmm gets involved in this topic all this seat talk could be a bad thing lol.
  2. The red and black combo in the pictures
  3. The Carbon buckets look stunning in 2 colours.
  4. Well said T_Exige, nice for someone being positive about the brands new products, especially when you are one of the very few to see and hear what I think is a great addition the recent new line up.
  5. Targa Evora but not the one we where hoping for.
  6. Looks stunning my favourite Lotus colour at the moment.
  7. The best thing Lotus could do this year is to have a 70th anniversary at Hethel like 10 years ago for the 60th. Invite all lotus owners and probably more important the motoring press to show there next 5year plan with maybe 1 or 2 concepts, exciting time for the brand with the new ownership they need to make the most of it.
  8. scotty435

    New car

    Great price for a great piece of history and a amazing car, people are happy to pay a lot more for old ropy Cosworth RSs and other so called 80s/90s sports cars, so why not for one of the best to come out of Hethel.
  9. That's great hope to see you there I am down for the run on the 25th, a pic of Hassop this time last year.
  10. Great buy there Duncan .Your 250 as to be one best spec'd out there, the amount of Carbon alone that's gone into the diffuser is amazing, be great to see you out and about, do you ever go out on the peak runs with MLOC ? And you are right about the A/C mine never worked from new and took nearly a year to get it fixed not worth having.
  11. Like it's been mentioned numerous times no one is trying to make there cars into something that are definitely not, the new design took every one by surprise with it's great new look and I am sure a bit factor into you buying your 430.Some Owners of older models that do not have the funds to stretch to 430 prices are just trying improve on what they already have rightly or wrongly. Anyway I am out of this debate not even a Evora owner, just trying to stick up for the lesser mortal, just feels like there is a bit of model snobbery happening.
  12. The pits, I get the feeling that you think these aftermarket body panels are devaluing your 430 in some way and some GTE owners have similar views. Like you and most people on here when the 430 was first shown apart from the performance gains most people liked the front and rear design and we all where waiting for the 400 to get the new design instead the 410 came along, I still think there will be 400 with the new front and rear design in GRP instead of Carbon. Being a Cup 250 owner and having a aero kit that as been copied ten times over and have been fitted to many older Elise's all over the world, I have never thought they should not be doing this, instead thought these guys are just trying to achieve a look which that they prefer and good luck to them.
  13. Not just the 400 sure there are S1 owners out there that would like to update there cars to the latest spec front and rear bumpers and why not, good luck to them, like you said so many people like it and was always going to easier to copy than the GTE with its wider rear track and bodywork. Don't get the lame argument some people don't have the money for a 400 or 430.
  14. Like you're thoughts and opinions as always let's hope for a bright future, it's not looking to bad at the moment. Hoping for big things in the next 5years and I am sure the company as now the owners to deliver it.
  15. No source at the moment, the Owner as posted a good few photos on the Lotus Owners and Enthusiasts F/B forum
  16. Your thoughts on these aftermarket 430 bumpers and can you see many Evora's owners going for the conversion?
  17. Could we be getting Mercedes components in our future Lotus's?
  18. Purchased mine from Snows in Southampton to the spec I wanted from the factory, the other end of the country for me, but worth it, big discount on the List price.
  19. Lotus Silverstone type 250 Cup is by far the best looking Cup and as far as I know it's still for sale.
  20. We all love our Lotus's, but don't get this hate towards Alpine a great looking car with great reviews, need to get a grip guys, like to think we are all car enthusiasts and this car is a great achievement at there first attempt. Cars like this can only make the next generation Lotus's even better because it's good competition.
  21. No one would argue that Lotus are lucky still to be still here after Bahar time with the company, but the Concept cars looked great and with the workforce that was employed at the time would have been great road cars. I sometimes wish the company would have kept him at the helm of the ship until we had one or two of the concepts into production, especially the Elise. Yes a dark time for Lotus, but don't put down everything he did, his concepts could go into production today and still be as fresh as anything coming to the market as we speak all these years after they where first shown.
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