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  1. Fire Red it is then, thanks Pits, looks amazing on the 430 and got to say even better than Toxic on a 250 cup??
  2. The Red 260 Cup in the Lotus Press photo,s last week, looks amazing, not sure what Red it is, sure there are lots off folks on here to answer that question, never seen a Elise cup in that colour, if I was speccing my cup again, I think that would be my choice. I know people are going to say the 260 was gold in the press photos, but I have seen pics of the car in the red which looks the same Red as the press Evora 430.
  3. Take no notice off Tony the best green is Toxic
  4. White certainly shows the Carbon of, looks amazing, the use of new materials inside looks great with the perforated leather, seats look great with the Carbon backs. Well done Lotus.
  5. Got to agree with Tony, I have the Carbon buckets in my 250 and they do get uncomfortable on long journeys, thankfully I don't do many and the new Sparco's look amazing with the different use off materials and the Cabon backs.
  6. Great to see you got over that bump in the road Tony and can not wait to see your spec off your 430,I am sure it's going to be special with you having probably the best spec 250 cup and knowing and what Lotus's you have had in the past, you should be excited, I am excited for you pal lol
  7. Well said slim boy fat, Lotus are never going to please some of the Brand knockers on here, they say they love Lotus and the Evora, then do nothing but slag every new addition to the range that comes along. Makes you wonder if they want Lotus to survive or go under.
  8. Well done Lotus for a amazing looking car and for addressing the big complaint of the auro on the first 430 that lots off people did not like, I was not one off them I think they both look great. As for price point I think it's fair , just wish I could afford one. Nice to see the same few being as negative as ever on yet a other great addition to the Lotus range.
  9. Hi guys my 250 cup will soon be a year old, can you please tell me if it needs a service when I have owned it for 1year or is it 1year after its 1000m after sales service?
  10. Good to see the full Carbon on the front bumper before it gets painted
  11. Well said Pits was just thinking the same, never heard 400, 410 owner say they not happy with there power with there Evora it's all getting a bit tedious now, if a owner came along and said he was not happy with the handling, then I would be concerned, your not buying a heavyweight Nissan GTR with with stupid amount of power that you can not use or enjoy, your buying one of the best handling, best looking with more than enough power, was going to say on the market, but probably not because I bet bet they are all sold now.
  12. One thing that no one as mentioned yet, well as far as I know, got to say I do like the black stone chip protection in front of the rear wheels, I think it gives the impression of width, a wider rear track.
  13. Was going to say, is the press car included in the 6, but then noticed its LHD
  14. On there Facebook page today, they say 4 have been sold and they have one of the last two build slots
  15. Central Lotus have 1 build slot
  16. That's a job I would not turn down, I do think they need some help in that department, but sadly it's not me, just giving my thoughts right or wrong, being a massive motor enthusiast for to many years i care to remember, it's not just this model I have reaped praise on, I have mentioned your 410 in the past and said how special that is and wish I could have one in my Garage and as I have said I am a true car enthusiast and it's not just Lotus that I like, there are some special brands out there, that are turning out some great cars, I just think this is one off them.
  17. All the comparison with other brands and models is getting a bit boring now, yes I understand the agreement, lets get back to the basics, this is a very special car and only a 60 unit production worldwide and only 6 UK, is it worth £120000 yes 100%. I would be surprised if there are many of the 60 left as we talk, you can pay a lot more money for a family saloon in this day and age and yes there are better cars at this price point but there lots more inferior cars and there are plenty of customers out they're to buying them, sadly it's not me lol. So where does it stand well it's a massive step up from Lotus, no one expected to be this good, looks amazing, the finer details are outstanding, would it look out of place in any super car paddock, the answer is no, it will probably stand out as one of the best looking and not far off being the best driving car on the day, no matter what price point your looking at.
  18. I m sure this car as took us all by surprise, I did not expect it to be this good and even the people that say a lot of negatives on here are saying good things about it, let's just hope this is just start of great things to come
  19. Well said Ian, one of the best and I am sure from the heart comments all day long, Bravo to you and Lotus
  20. That's 2 that I know that's been ordered only 4 left, what a fantastic car your going to have
  21. Not a reference to you, wish I was a 400 owner but sadly can not afford one, so got no chance of a 430, there is 1 or 2 owners that just like to slate anything that Lotus do to improve the product
  22. The usual 400 owner, owners giving it a hard time already, don't understand it, lotus pull out all the stops and produced what you can only say looks like a proper super car with fantastic specs and yes know price point matters, lotus can do nothing right in some people's on here, give Lotus some credit it's a amazing car, built on a tight budget.
  23. That looks amazing, let start giving Lotus some Credit instead of slating them at every opportunity, they still make great products and this as got to be the best for years, I say well done Lotus
  24. Got to say I am not a big fan of silver wheels, but they look epic on a yellow 410
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