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  1. scotty435

    Lotus Emira

    Looks better than a Porsche wheel, it’s going to be a winner 🤩
  2. Nice brisk run in Lincolnshire this morning with MLOC.
  3. That is the most stupid statement I have read in a long time. It looks and reads like you want the Emira to flop, perhaps you are in the wrong forum. I am sure a Porches forum would suit your needs better.
  4. Yep 100% right regarding the wheels and your right regarding the handbook. The first few +2s did come out of the factory with the heavier 400 cast wheels and then for some reason they decided the light weight wheel was not issue for +2 cars and nearly all GT410s are fitted with them. Anyway not here to get into a battle saying mine is better than yours. Both are great cars and would not hesitate in recommending them to a potential buyer.
  5. You are right that my car sadly does not have the Carbon diffuser surround but most GT410s do come with a Carbon Surround and you are wrong about the wheels most +2 do come lighter wheels same as your wheels or even better the 430 Diamond Cut light weight wheels.
  6. GT410 rear wins the day for me the Carbon wheel arch tunnels look awesome the 410 sport just to bland and obviously lotus thought the same and then you have the front of the cars and there is definitely only one winner there. Both cars are great but in my humble opinion one is going to age a lot better than the other.
  7. There on Thursday, travelling down Wednesday and stopping at the Goodwood Hotel. Anyone know if it is possible to walk into the event from the Hotel?
  8. So they are I need new glasses 🥸
  9. Stunning colour, looks great with the silver wheels and without the stripes. It’s beautiful ❤️
  10. Carlos Sainz wisely decided to jump ship and one of the few who gave Max a run for is money as a teammate. Definitely saved his career getting out of the Red Bull program and is in a much better place where he could have easily been a Monaco winner at the last race if it was not for his teammate putting into wall when Carlos on course to take pole. It’s not just Marko that comes over 🛎end, Christian Horner is no better and then you add Max not the best environment for any second driver to be in.
  11. Erm, that’s a reply to discourage anyone from posting anything Lotus especially when it comes from a Moderator, as it got any connection to the future Lotus. Well both have resent dealing with the brand. So obviously it has. Just a rude reply in my opinion.
  12. Like I said not for me, just my opinion nothing more 🤷
  13. Yep looks a good buy all 3 packs, the bigger diamond cut wheels, auto not for some buyers, adding black pack is not for me sooner leave it as it came out the factory, it’s not a sports racer why try and make it look like one?
  14. Agree Vivid Green is a stunning colour especially in the sunlight, to much money? not sure anyone knows where the Evora market is at the moment.
  15. The Vivid Green Cup430 with silver seats and diamond Cut wheels, simply stunning A FE Cup250 in this combination is going to look fantastic well done Rob you have ticked all the right option boxes there. Can not wait to see it 🏆
  16. The highest death rate in Europe could be your answer?
  17. Filming for the lotus in the Peaks promotion video, photo courtesy of oneelvenfilms please check there amazing lotus content on YouTube and Instagram.
  19. Why? adverts for high 40s sports races are common at the moment in that context makes this 400 a bargain in my humble opinion.
  20. Time it was dropped from the calendar but then again cash is king
  21. Well a other captivating GP from the streets of Monaco.
  22. Stunning cars and for me the best lively 400 money can buy.
  23. Looks like the owner as been to a few Evija events, Silverstone Lotus last year.
  24. Fantastic Jimmy was hoping to see you both at the Lotus in the Peak again. But looks like you have been busy on a other road trip enjoy 👍
  25. Stunning definitely no garage queen there, well done 👏
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