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  1. Some one mention a 410 on lower revs. No fake sounds there. not sure you are going to get that with a 4pot?
  2. Not sure why the Gurney flap is fitted, could be some aero problems at high speed? A Emira mule at the same location.
  3. A different colour not really it’s probably a wrap, but its good to see a different one from the the two that have been round the world a few times.
  4. Fantastic car and its a stunning colour in the flesh, Mark the owner of the 720 has a deposit down for a Emira.
  5. Previous NA owner and in the ownership of a 2020 410 sport now, driven most Evora’s including 430 and the transmission is still as noisy as it was from day one and honestly can be a pain when you are doing any town driving. I sincerely hope Lotus manage to rectify this problem, if not i would go for the auto.
  6. Yes obviously i do do know them, but you have lost me with the red carpet treatment? .Please explain your logic on my post, there is never a mention they have been treated any different from any other FE customer? 🤷
  7. Great video on the 250 Cup FE. Rob and Jon are true enthusiast of the brand and have some fantastic lotus content on there YouTube channel with lots more to come. Please press like and subscribe to there channel you will not be disappointed.
  8. Potential yellow customers wanting a metallic flex in there paint believe me it is not a deal breaker. All flat yellow cars here my pics and i sure the Emira will look as good and potentially even better, what more could anyone want?
  9. Been in the lucky position to own two lotus cars in yellow and had nothing but pure amazement and love for both the cars from the general public. I am sure the Emira will look stunning in the same colour.
  10. The S2 Exige for me is one of the best looking cars lotus have produced in the last few decades especially with the 240 big roof scoop and in black now that looks amazing.
  11. Nimbus grey with silver wheels and no black pack, looks stunning 😍
  12. Yep I suppose we all have a different opinions and taste on such matters and we will just have to wait to see the finished product.
  13. Video of the colour samples if this helps anyone.
  14. With nearly two and half million subscribers like it or not his opinions matter especially to the first time buyers to the brand. Great choice of colour and spec, me for one can not wait to see his future videos on the Emira.
  15. Love him or hate him with nearly a two and half million followers on his channel his opinions will matter with potential new customers to the brand. In my opinion a good video and a very nice spec.
  16. Congratulations and what a fantastic colour combination dark green with beige interior. I went from a NA to a 410sport and never once regretted it. A totally different beast compared with the NA. Sure you are going to love it.
  17. Low 90s for the first edition they are certainly going to be very happy with that over the pond.
  18. After having 2 Evora’s with a manual box the latest being year 1 year old 410sport I would definitely go for the auto if i still had my deposit in place, in my opinion the most disappointing aspect of the Evora is its manual gearbox and it looks like the very same box is going into the Emira. Don’t get me wrong its not all bad, it does change nice and ratios are good, the bad is the first two gears can be a pain with transmission shunt and in town it gets very tiresome with the clutch being so heavy. It looks like duel clutch are not so popular now with most manufacturers going back torque converter route, obviously finding big improvements probably from upgrades in software, something that Lotus could easily do with what is already a very good auto box.
  19. Was hoping Lotus where going use car moulds similar to what the competition use, with the rough outline of the Emira. They do give a great idea how the paint reflects of the surface at different angles.
  20. Did you spot the lotus in front of the bin, it was camouflage 😂
  21. Does the Emira’s rear end look as good as this?
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