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  1. Have to agree with you Neal in regards to the Auto for track use for a normal driver, we all think we are super fast drivers, believe me we are not, till you been with some driver coaches you soon realise are average you are including me been there and done that. It also gets me why people think you are buying 410 just to track it, some people just want the ultimate Evora and if they can afford it good look to them, I think they have the best lotus in a long time. People always ask me if I track my 250cup and the answer is no, I wanted the best Elise I could afford with my hard earned money so for that reason I have no intention of abusing on track, I would sooner use someone else's car. The big debate about loud exhausts, which Lotus does veary well, winds me up as well, I am sure more customers are wanting a great soundtrack which the 400 and 410 do in bucket loads, than a soundtrack that would get you on track but would sound dreadful and not in the spirit of the car.
  2. Lots of Auto fans on here, so not sure why Centrals 410 is still for sale, at you have to say at a competitive price, easy job to put a head unit in, something better than the much criticised lotus unit, some good cheap apple car play units are out there, it's in a nice colour, just my opinion but I do think darker colours suit the Evora more, I have seen this car a few times now and have to the Carbon body panels are a work of Art, it's a great buy for someone I am sure.
  3. Just posted photo on the Facebook page there where 2 there that day, yours and LF1 one
  4. And me being trying to upload a photo of your car from Chatworth a few years ago 21bb, some reason can not do it, beyond me lol, was just going to say it looked amazing
  5. Where on Facebook are these discussions 21gg, would like to have a look.
  6. When I asked about the car and mentioned the stereo they told me it's just the head unit missing and they could fit one, all the speakers and wiring is there and yes it as AC, it looks great in the flesh being a auto put me off, just surprised they had so long and sure there is deal there somewhere don't seem a bad price now, 400s with a lot more mileage on them go for not much less then this.
  7. Does anyone have any thoughts way Central Lotus 410 as not sold apart from it being a auto it's seems to be a very good price £75000. It's a really nice colour combination and yes I know it's a ex press car?
  8. Lost the big rear diffuser and big round tip exhaust and rest of aero have changed and not for the good, go and get the Toxic from Bell and Colvill it's not going to be there long after the new Gen 250
  9. As much as some guys on hate it the Brand as to survive and if it's a SUV so be it, sure it will be great and even something I could buy as getting on in my later years
  10. Had a good few Elise and Exige's in the past in my late 50s now and still keep buying them, you will love the 250 so much put together than old Elise's and they don't shake your teeth out anymore, could almost be a daily driver, massive improvement in ride Quality and even faster, a empty B road puts a massive smile on your face and one last thing I have driven some mighty supper cars but the smile was no bigger than driving my little Cup
  11. Going to be my next car, getting to old to get in and out of lotus tubs now days and a Alfa with a Ferrari engine good shout Toxic is the way to go and will get even more attention than your yellow Evora , which we all like if we don't admit it
  12. There are no old 250s for sale only new ones?
  13. Jay as much as I like your YouTube channel and your feedback on here, just don't get why you are always having a dig at the 410, it's had nothing but fantastic reviews, 400 owners upgraded to them and love them, seen a good few now, the car looks amazing with all the Carbon and Cup seats, be nice if they could incorporate a opengate gear linkage and a touch more power, but sure the cup version will be with us soon which I am sure will be mind blowing.
  14. Great looking car and from a good new dealership
  15. Central lotus have a 410 demo in and sure they can do back to test for you, they are a good dealership
  16. The Carbon alone is a piece of artwork and if you look at what other big brands charge for carbon it's still a lot of car for the money and the hours that's gone into the the development, I have been out in one and can say it's one of the best card I have been in, a future classic for sure
  17. There some great in car Bluetooth speakers on the market, which will sound better than lotus poor after market stereos, save money and weight and use better maps on your smartphone got to be the way to go
  18. The best colour so far, Toxic Green same as my cup 250
  19. Only Central have a 410, that's if they have not sold it, it is the only right hand drive press car, that lotus made and is a auto which put me of it, been told the yellow press car is in bits at hethel, which leaves the black one, a left hand drive, not sure where that one is but can find out
  20. The seats are the carbon buckets they fit in the cup 250, they are 2k each.
  21. So envious of you guys , got to be the best lotus ever, been in the grey demo car, central lotus have it for sale, I have driven all the the Evora models, but the 410 is something else, on a different planet
  22. Been to see the Evroa 410 at central lotus today, amazing looking car, love the seats but I would they are the same as the ones fitted to my cup 250, Carbon bucket, must save lots of weight from the standard squeaky ones and the carbon tailgate felt mighty light to me. Going out on track in it on Monday can not wait
  23. Hi John me to love to to see them going for even more, like to think used prices show how good the lotus brand is, was just trying to help a fellow member on here with the information he needs to no, think it's our duty as fans of great cars
  24. It's got tec pack but missing premium pack, so missing lots of leather in the car, the premium pack is well worth having makes a big difference for the feel of quality
  25. The last time this car was for sale it was priced at £39,950 earlier this year
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