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  1. 1 hour ago, C8RKH said:

    So 410 is 410hp and 416ps (maybe this is what Matt was referring to) - so have they put the 400 engine tune in, not the 410 tune (unless I'm confusing myself). But then the 410 was 420nm of torque which is what is quoted for the Emira.  It's all a bit of a muddle but then I was never the sharpest nail in the packet.

    Was also surprised the top speed of the Emira was 180mph, compared to 190mph for the 410 Sport.  Not that I'll ever get to that speed - but I'd have thought the Emira would have been more aerodynamic but maybe they have focused on downforce to aid real driving performance on road and track and sacrificed some slipperiness. That would make perfect sense to me as not many people get to 180mph even on a track - probably only ever on the Autobahn.....

    Yes and no - in looks yes, but in go, no.  Again, not trying to piss on the Emira Parade or on Lotus. The Emira looks great, but it just needs a bit more go for me as the V6. The figures are just a tad underwhelming - but then I am sure the drive will be superb. You can see the from my responses how the top of the fence is ripping holes in my butt! :)


    A year old 410sport owner here, is a a step above my current Evora? Having seen it in the flesh and had the pleasure to sit inside it i would say its a massive step in the right direction, will it be as fast as my Evora of course it will be  and it will probably handle better thats what lotus do best, as a ground up the new car its going to the best in its class by a country mile and make the Cayman a thing of the past. Sadly I don’t know where it leaves the used values of Evora 410s probably not in a good place when the Emira is coming in at this price point.



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  2. 19 minutes ago, worldwidewebs said:

    What tells you I’m not?

    Like i said I sincerely hope you are right and have no desire to get into a argument with you. My simple assessment is the the company charged over 90k for a probably inferior car GT410sport and a fully spec’d Cayman would be at the price I mentioned. Lets hope we get some news on pricing next week and if the price point is what i said its a fantastic buy any cheaper its a steal.

  3. Yes we are entitled to our opinions, but come on this is Max and he will never change. If it was not for the halow sadly we could have a different outcome on this incident. The saddest part he climb out of his car and never looked back to see if Lewis was ok after just driving over his head. Will be interested to the view of Chillidoggey on this one. 

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    4 hours ago, Mctaff said:

    who cares what journos say?!

    its what it’s like to drive for you, not what someone who is paid to be opinionated thinks!

    dinosaurs - I had the M3 coupe with the V8… test drove the replacement with a modern turbo V6. It was shit and boring in comparison!!



    Well you seem to be in a minority, looking at Harrys viewing figures 200k to 250k for his latest reviews one could say people like to listen to what he says

  5. Do you really need a test drive ? I have purchased a few new Lotus that i have never driven and never been disappointed. Including my latest Gt410sport will it be better than my latest lotus of course it will, i am sure it will blow it out the park, both the V6 and i4. I now know i have made a massive mistake pulling my early deposit. So now looking to place a deposit again, if any dealership can help me please PM me.

  6. You seem to have forgot that the motoring press drive and review the latest models from any manufacturer including Lotus long before any potential customer even gets to turn the ignition key, press the start button and there as definitely been no mention of any embargo’s. Will they get to drive the car this year? I very much doubt it given what we have been told so far. If the car is on schedule one would think the motoring press will get there chance to drive the car early next year and hopefully write some great reviews and then not long after that  customers and potential customers will have there opportunity. 

  7. One of the biggest Russell fans here, but come on close to his first win? lets be realistic to be on the podium on race day would have been super human. Yes great for him getting his second place in race that never even started just leaves a bitter taste in most fans minds, especially those track side.

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  8. Come on do potential customers need to travel to Hethel especially from the US or anywhere in the world or even the UK to see more than the two unfinished cars we have seen so far, one that looks great but is just glued together to give you a vague idea what it could be like or the other one that sounds great but when its comes to production it will obviously not sound the same. All it takes is to show customers some good images of the car professionally taken at the factory or any other location of cars in different configurations, colours, wheels, interior, base spec, first edition. What more are customers going to see when the September tour begins? I sincerely hope it is more than the the only option we have now the dreadful configurator. 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, exeterjeep said:

    I suppose them's the rules they play by. Shame for the crowd who must have spent many hours in the wet.

    And after the race being classified they are not entitled to a refund. Cash is king.

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