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  1. 3 hours ago, Tim K. said:

    Sheesh - drivers latch playing up ……


    @scotty435 when you had the car which side was playing up and solved with wd40?

    Drivers side and yes WD40 fixed the problem. I did fit a new latch a few months later just in case the problem came back.

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  2. 5 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Oh dear 

    UkPLC is a generic term that is associated with the commercial interests of the whole of the UK including the Government. And government takes a huge amount of tax income still when we export carbon fuels extracted from the UK fields.

     Energy companies and Utilities pay taxes on profits. Utilities are forced to plough hundreds of millions into social schemes etc etc.

    My point was about the extraction and export of UK Gas which is very much a good earner for the UK.  If you wanna go off on one stick to the topic.

    It seems that whilst you are very happy to attack National Greed, as you put it, you're also happy to fill your own greed boots from their coffers. A bit hypocritic don't you think?

    Take a breath Phil I'd hate you to have a heart attack!

    Give it a rest how rude can a individual be. Phil as the right to reply on this platform and yes have a sensible debate. Take a breath or have a heart attack really?

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  3. Sure you are referring to Dover. It’s called Brexit and freedom of travel sadly it works both ways. Still waiting for the benefits of the referendum. Sure there will be the usual suspects that differ on here. Even Boris could not call on the old calling card leave means leave.

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  4. In no doubt it was a Lewis win befare the safety car intervention. But great to see Carlos win. For me loved Verstappen getting booed. Great to see nice guys can win.

  5. 1 hour ago, Bruss said:

    Yeah in about 50 years.


    Buying a Lotus is about the driving. Buying with any thought of investment is marketing hype or just plain stupidity.



    Not trying to plug Evora values in any way and yes being a owner of a 2020 car one would think I should and yes i have a deposit on a Emira and yes it could be a gamble moving from probably the best mainstay lotus to this dates and time will tell. As for a investment sorry i do not get your argument. There are some not so good Fords and Lancia’s to name a few demanding big money and they are not 50 years old.

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  6. The Governing body obviously do not believe Piquet’s apology is sincere his life time pit and paddock pass as been revoked and rightly so he will not be missed.


  7. 1 hour ago, march said:

    Just found out that Rail drivers average salary is £54,000.00 a year, which is over double the average salary in the UK. We are coming out of a pandemic and are now basically at war (at least with sanctions) with Russia so they think it is a good idea to hold national strikes!

    What as Rail drivers salary have do with this dispute they are not even on strike. 96% of train drivers are members of ASLEF who are not in dispute. Misinformation yet again.

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  8. Just switched from LV to Churchill this morning all the benefits mentioned above by Mellow Yellow came in at £180 decided to pay a additional £25 to drop my excess by £350. More than happy.

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