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  1. Great channel, Subscribed. 👍
  2. Agree with Dave the same happened to my S1 but luckily did get the door open with lots of pulling on the door handle. I would suggest you try the same. Better than cutting hole in the door card.
  3. If it looks as good in the flesh I could be changing my spec. Can see them sat together at Hassop now lol.
  4. Have to say Magma with red leather looks stunning.
  5. Wow interesting certain forum members agreeing with a article from Evo a publication that they usually strongly disagree with there content for obviously reasons. Yes I am Evora owner and have been in a lucky position to own a few models from a early NA to the latest 410 GT Sport. Is it fair to compare a car that the motoring press as have limited access to and deposit holders on this forum have as yet sadly no access to. Let’s be honest as good as it is the Evora it as it’s faults. All we are doing here is judging a car from the brand we all love and not giving it a chance. I have no doubt the Emira will be a far better car than the models it replaces. Good luck to all deposit owners on here, looks like the long wait is nearly over. Sure in a few months will have some honest owner reviews.
  6. Yes Bibs for a little four pot they sound fantastic not sure the neighbours agree what with the Evora and now the little Abarth 595 comp.
  7. Expensive week Evora and Mini both been in for service and purchased a 595 comp for the other half. Have to say what a fantastic little pocket rocket.
  8. Sadly for a lot of members of this forum the only winner of this leadership contest is this guy.
  9. Point me in the direction where I can get a Emira FE V6 for £70k
  10. Great Sunday morning run in the Peak District.
  11. Never said I liked them. There are a lot of things I don’t like but keep my opinions to myself especially when a fellow enthusiast is trying to sell what was his probably proud and joy. A lesson to learn there maybe?
  12. You don’t see many with the turbine wheels. Great price considering the mileage.
  13. Great run out this morning in the beautiful Peak District with MLOC what more could a Lotus enthusiast want?
  14. Great drive from Lewis and max let’s see if Chillidoggy can give Lewis some praise?
  15. Drivers side and yes WD40 fixed the problem. I did fit a new latch a few months later just in case the problem came back.
  16. Give it a rest how rude can a individual be. Phil as the right to reply on this platform and yes have a sensible debate. Take a breath or have a heart attack really?
  17. 🎣 like i said usual suspects. 😂
  18. Could be because we have we have been in a pandemic?
  19. Sure you are referring to Dover. It’s called Brexit and freedom of travel sadly it works both ways. Still waiting for the benefits of the referendum. Sure there will be the usual suspects that differ on here. Even Boris could not call on the old calling card leave means leave.
  20. Thanks Jimmy yes great to catch up again especially Friday night at the barbecue. Sorry not to see you much yesterday but totally agree with all the comments what a fantastic day.
  21. Will be there all weekend and i am a group leader from Matlock on Sunday.
  22. Could be this guy he is known to be more truthful than Boris.
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