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  1. amazing pics, congratulations! this even makes my day when just looking at it... ;-) have fun with it!
  2. Hi guys, short update on my side: I finally decided to upgrade my audio set-up as well. to make use of the positive experience from James by doing his upgrade, I took the easy way and copied the upgrade-list 1:1 and did go for the same components from Hertz. Price in Austria of course was not exactly comparable like in the UK, but at the end (for me) its still a reasonable investment that will pay off... will give an update as soon as the parts are fitted after the winter! @James: thanks again for your shared experiences, this made it much easier to take a quick decis
  3. Update from my side as well now: car has been moved to my Lotus Service Partner (actually the only one in Austria). They will re-check the warranty coverage with Lotus (I hope that this will be a non-event) and will then hopefully exchange the seat frames as well... will give an update as soon as I will get back the car after the Winter season! cheers, Hymo
  4. Thanks James for this very interesting report on your upgrade! really helpful for me too, as - after driving my Evora 400 now for a few weeks time - I have the same opinon: the sound quality of the built-in speakers/sub are really sub-standard quality. although I love the sound of the exhaust, from time to time I also like listening to some music, and for this an upgrade with the parts & costs you listed seems to me reasonable! anybody else who did do an Audio upgrade on his/her Evora already and could share some experience? kr, hymo
  5. thanks for your feedback, DJW! I checked it in my car now and it seems that it is exactly the same source of error you mentioned... will be solved within the next service, I hope! kr hymo
  6. Hi guys, after driving my 400 for 2 weeks now, I definitely realized that I have the same problem with the creaking seat ;-((( It´s really annoying, when driving the car a bit faster, of course my 90kg weight is doing the rest... nevertheless, I won´t accept this in a 100K+ (EUR) car and will request an adequate exchange here as well what I don´t understand so far is - even after going through the whole chain here: what exactly is offered/done in this respect, i.e. to solve the problem? what part of the seat (if not completely) will be exchanged? sorry for botheri
  7. thanks for your thoughts & experiences! really appreciate! this sounds all reasonable to me, somehow what I would have expected. cheers, Hymo
  8. by the way: does anybody have already another exhaust on his Evora/400? I´m thinking of an alternative, where the valves are a bit more "active" when the sport/race modus is on. also the 2-pipes system optically looks a bit better to me, but I didn´t see any on an Evora so far... kr, Hymo
  9. Hi guys, as I just got my new Evora 400 - my first Lotus so far - I´m of course also interested in the annual service & maintenance costs this car "produces". for sure it was and will not be a show-stopper, but I´m just curious how demanding the newer Lotus cars are regarding that? thanks for your inputs & thoughts, Hymo
  10. thanks for your feedback, Bibs! did just follow your advice now ;-)
  11. Time to register as well now: 2016 - 400: withe, black alcantara, black forged wheels, black pack, manual shift only since 5 days in my garage now, more than happy with it but waiting for better weather here in Vienna ;-( cheers, hymo
  12. First of all: hello to everyone here in this forum! Since yesterday, I´m also a very proud owner of a new Evora 400. by chance, I got a really nice offer to buy this care, not having it in my core focus before (was rather looking for a cayman 718 s or a F-Type S Coupe), but now more than happy to finally went for the Lotus! in order to get the car good over the winter, I´m also looking for a (indoor) cover, as the car will be parked under my Carport next to the house (which is open only in the front, so in general it should be save from any bad weather! I already got an of
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