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  1. Hi Barry, thanks for getting back mate. No spark what so ever at the plugs! Getting a spark on the module test. Optronic Eye to be ordered now, nothing else left to change.
  2. Hi Andy and thanks once again for taking the time to respond. Yes did manage to get the clip back before removing the leads one at a time with a spare spark plug in them, but not one sparked on this test. I'm going to order a new optronic eye, its my last resort!!! Andy dc, thanks for the response mate. No she will not start at all. No spark on cranks. Test on new module proved it to be OK. New optronic eye next. Last resort before putting the Grand kids on Ebay to pay for an Auto-electrician!!!!!!! Only joking I luv them really, but boy am I frustrated not being able to drive her!!
  3. Gents/Ladies, The mystery continues: New Lumenition module, new dizzy cap, new coil, new leads, fuel pump going like a good un, STILL NO START!!!. Followed the fault finding on the technical sheet that came with the Lumenition module. Put a spark plug into the dizzy end of the lead from the coil, made sure it was earthed, bridged out the blue & black on the lead from the module, this produced a spark when turning the ignition on & off - however from what we could see the spark only appeared when the ignition was turned off?????????????? Could some offer any more advice please or recommend a mobile Auto-electrician in Lancashire or the North West? I have taken the noose down from the rafters at the moment, but..........................
  4. Barry/Steve/Andy, Again thanks or the responses. Barry - new coil mate not really had a chance to see how hot it gets Andy - did think of getting one before I commence the fault finding again - fingers crossed Steve - thought about bending an old screw driver, but not a bad idea to swivel slightly and then re-set the timing, I will leave that as a lest resort!
  5. Hi Barry, thanks or the response. I will get that friggin clip back on but had to stop as my arm muscles were at bursting point! Is there a tool on the market that may help? Still no spark at the plugs. removed a lead and put a spare plug in it, rested it on the block, but no spark on crank over.
  6. Still got the existing rotor arm in as it seems in really good nick. New Lumenition module, new coil, new dizzy cap, new leads and still no start. Any idea if the speed limiter would make a difference if it was faulty? Any tips to how to get that bottom clip on the dizzy cap to fasten, I am really struggling? I wedged the cap in place to see if I would get a start but to no avail !!!!!!! Before this no start issue, the car cut out on me twice and I had to wait at least an hour before it would start again. Once started she ran really well, up to this episode - cold it be related???
  7. Thanks for the responses guys, very much appreciated. New dizzy cap and full set of leads being picked up tomorrow. Not fitting the new somewhat flimsy rotor arm just yet, I will see how this goes using the existing one, it really seems in good working order. and is spotlessly clean now.
  8. Thanks John, I have just ordered a new cap and new leads. again they have told me that the same shape & size rotor arm can not be obtained and offered an alternative, but I think the new one looks far too different and much smaller so I will try again with the existing one when I pick up the new dizzy cap tomorrow. Fingers crossed - getting really friggin frustrated now!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the quick response Andy. Yes the carbon contacts are all in good condition, clean and the central one does spring/return
  10. Hi Guys, My 1982 S3 N/A Esprit has now suddenly decided not to produce a spark at the plugs. The car has always started up instantly and has run perfectly for 16 years, but it has now decided not to start. I ran a few obvious checks but everything looked fine. I then checked out the ignition side of things, cleaned the surprisingly large rotor arm, checked & cleaned the dizzy cap, checked all the leads for integrity, all connections were clean & tight, carried out continuity checks on all the earth leads I could get at, the plug leads are only about 2,000 miles old and seem in good order, a decent spark was being generated at the end of the coil lead, but when connect back to the dizzy there was no spark at all at the spark plugs. The RAC were contacted and the engineer kindly brought a new (although different from mine) rotor arm, which made no difference what so he ever eventually diagnosed the Lumenition module to be faulty. I have just fitted the new Lumenition module, fitted new plugs (Bosch) and replaced the coil with a Lucas gold performance, but still no start - HELP!!!!!! Regards...........................Gary
  11. Hi Geert, I have decided to bite the bullet and take the advice that everybody has offered. I will buy a new coil, dizzy cap and rotor arm. Looking on Ebay there are several to go for. The Lucas gold sports coil is favourite so far, would this be OK? Also several dizzy caps, which would the best to buy? Thank you to all for your time and suggestions. Regards......................Gary
  12. Hi Bazzer, Definitely not the fuel pump, the pump is working fine, plenty of fuel in filter and arriving at the carbs. My first train of thought was too much fuel, as there is a smell of petrol in the engine bay. It seems as if she runs perfectly once some of the fuel has evaporated? I will whip out the plugs tomorrow evening to check the condition. They are the 4 prong Bosh plugs that are in and only about 3,000 miles of use - however they are 9 years old!! I will try all ideas that have kindly been offered and let you know how I get on. Cheers..................Gary
  13. Hi Davey and thank you for the response. I have just ordered new plugs & leads and will fit them at the weekend. I'll remove the coil & clean, check the dizzy cap condition and carry out a general clean around the lumenition system. As soon as I can get out again, I will let you know how she performs. I will send photos later. Cheers.....................Gary
  14. Hi Geert and thank you for the response. I have just ordered new plugs and leads and will fit at weekend. I will remove and clean the coil, check the dizzy cap condition and generally clean up around the lumenition system. I won't get much chance to drive her this weekend, however when I do I will let you know the outcome. Regards.......................Gary
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