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  1. I wouldn't bother with a headunit with built in nav. Get a head unit that supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Then the maps are constantly kept up to date, you'll also benefit from live traffic data and police/camera hot spots. This also has the benefit of more choices of sources. Deezer, spotify, podcast and Tunein (radio). Tunein is a big advantage as your not relying on the poor aerial that Lotus fitted to the Evora for a signal. Look at the normal brands such as Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer and alpine. If your on a budget you'll get a Sony for about £260 with the above. Chinese head units look appealing with all the bang for buck you get with features. But the amplifiers are normally terrible and the bluetooth quality piss poor.
  2. I was looking at the aftermarket solutions but as I'm in the UK I would need to import either them. Is one regarded better than the other?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, @agentdr8 no its RHD 3 Months to get a new master cylinder sounds fun.
  4. Hi guys, This morning on the way to work my clutch pedal wasn't returning fully when I was in standstill traffic. I know people have had issues with the clutch master cylinder in the past, but from the reading I have done it seems to mainly affect plastic master cylinders fitted to cars after 2011/12. My car is late registered 2010 and the vin number seems to indicate it will have the metal master cylinder fitted. Is this likely to be the master cylinder or could it be a clutch failure on the way. The car is on 64k now. Any tips? Thanks David
  5. Yeah they are fed from the interior. They are hidden behind the rear trim panels in the back of the car.
  6. There is a big hose either side of the boot corners that fits in to the inside of the cabin behind the rear trim panels below the rear windows. Number 1 and number 2 in the drawing below.
  7. Looks like they have removed them all now They were there an hour ago.
  8. At the moment Lotus are selling off bilsteins on the motorsport auctions site for £180 for all four corners. They are much cheaper than a rebuild and cheaper than buying directly from a Lotus dealer. I was getting a clunk from my suspension which is now gone and the ride is much better than before (less crashy). My car has done 60k now so well worth replacing for how cheap they are just now. Nitrons and Ohlins are lovely but I think as said above they are too much for the road.
  9. Be careful with the SAAB sensors as discussed elsewhere on the forum I bought a set of these and they didn't work at all with my car. I ended up buying Autel sensors and the machine to program them. If you want to buy a set of Autel sensors I'm willing to program them for you and post them back. They cost about £22 each and they fit the wheels better than the OEM sensors. I've done this for a few users now.
  10. The switch is inside the boot lid behind the leather panel above the boot latch. I've had this a few times the wire falls off as its just a spade connector. I soldered it on the last time.
  11. My first service with Murray's wasn't that great on the Evora, They missed items off as they couldn't get them in time i.e. spark plugs and forgot to fit a pollen filter until I asked why it wasn't on the bill they then fitted it and put it in upside down. Also when they used to call me up to ask me to book the car in for a service I would ask how much it would be and they didn't know and had to check, same when I asked what would they be doing on the service they didn't know and would have to check. Maybe things are better now its Leven as the person who phoned this year was different and had noticed I never used them last year so actually asked if I wanted to be kept on their database. I just wanted to add this to give some balance.
  12. I find the TPMS works really well and it advised me of a puncture which I was quite happy about. It does occasionally "lose" a sensor every now and then but not that often. I have also found it to be very accurate. When the Autel sensors are only £20 each and fit the wheels better than the original GM sensors its not even that expensive either.
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