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  1. I've done about 30k in the car now and the drop links have never been done in that time. I decided to do them as a belts and braces approach and they were so cheap I was as well doing them at the same time.
  2. I agree to an extent that greasing the standard bushes aren't too hard to do but who wants to jack up the car, remove the undertray and undo the ARB every 6 months/1yr depending on usage. I fitted the powerflex bushes at the end of December with brand new droplinks at the same time as my car had hit 55k and it is used daily. The ride isn't any harsher and I don't need to worry about the bushes any more.
  3. When I was getting quotes it dropped quite significantly when I told them it was a regular Evora 4 (278) rather than a sports racer.
  4. My car is the same when I do insurance quotes. I just manually pick the model.
  5. If I was you I'd source the parts myself and get a local lotus indie to fit them. In Scotland we're lucky to have a very good indie, I would never go back to a lotus dealer for servicing. Down south they seem to be too expensive up here they are a bit sloppy and miss things off in the schedule or fit standard service bits wrong. Every little helps
  6. I have a 2010 N/A and did the plugs myself as Murray at the time couldn't get them. I got mine from a Lexux dealer online and paid £60 for the set. They were exactly the same as the set I removed And I saved about 50% on the Lotus price. It's only the S and 400 that use different plugs. So there's no risk getting the plugs from Toyota or Lexus.
  7. These bumpers are made of a weird plastic and don't weld very well at all. Drilling a hole for a camera is dead easy so any of the bumpers you have found will be fine.
  8. The thermostat may also be stuck open and not regulating the temperature properly.
  9. @DBG Sorry I saw your location after I posted never mind! @Bruss Let me dig out the machine tonight and get back to you as its sitting in my garage somewhere.
  10. I have a TMPS machine and the sensors from China don't work using the Evora settings. They do work if you set the machine to SAAB so its not an activation issue. I can code blank sensors for the Evora by Autel Like these If you want to buy some and send them to me I can code them for you for nothing if you cover postage. I have 4 Autec sensors on my car and they work perfect they also fit the wheels better as they can tilt in towards the rim so they seal better and work perfectly on Forged wheels. You can buy a set of 4 for £88 so quite a saving. I was going to buy a couple of sets and start coding them and selling them on Ebay as they work on any car once they have been coded but I decided I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of selling on ebay etc.
  11. I agree the cost isn't much but my car is a daily driver and the hassle of fitting them every year or every 2 years when I can fit something more durable just once for the life of the car is worth it to me. I might upgrade to these in a few months to see if they are harsher or not.
  12. Yeah Powerflex are a UK company. I've used some of their bushes before on my M3 for the rear diff. They last the life of the car and cost not much more than the OEM lotus bushes so I'll probably Upgrade to these at some point.
  13. Hi Guys, I know our cars are known for going through arb bushes and there seemed to be no solution other than to replace them frequently. Well it would appear the Americans have developed a poly bush to replace them with! Hopefully they are a fit and forget solution. Link here I wish I had found these a few months ago as I've only just replaced mine with the standard Lotus Rubber bushings Are any of the UK suppliers such as Elise parts etc not offering a solution to this? Cheers David Actually scratch the above it appears Powerflex now make bushes for the Evora. I emailed them last year and they said they had no plans to make bushes for the Evora!
  14. Thanks to everyone for a nice friendly day out, we really enjoyed it. Also thanks to @hedgerley for chumming us back to the kingdom of Fife. David and Maryann
  15. 1 & 2 Mark plus 1 (Fullx2) 3 & 4 Brian & Jackie (Full x2)  5 Jim S (Full ) 6 Mike C (Full)  7 & 8 MarkT and SJ (Fullx2) 9 & 10 Andrew and Alister (Full x 2) 11 & 12 David and Maryann (Full x2)
  16. Bruss posted something similar recently and it was the clutch pedal switch which will also effect Cruise Control. The ECU apparently cuts the power to the engine momentarily when the clutch is pressed if the switch is faulty the ECU may think the pedal is in the wrong position.
  17. Is the reduced tyre wear down to the geo difference or the different tyres? Or a combination of both?
  18. My car didn't come with the tech pack and I have retrofitted everything except the Subwoofer. You don't actually need to remove the bumper. You can feed a piece of stiff wire through a grommet in the boot (I used one that was for my parking sensors) remove the black bar on the bumper that holds the number plate lights and drill a hole in the center where the cut out is for the camera bracket. You will be able to feel the wire with your finger and pull it through the hole in the bumper. Tape your wires from the camera to the stiff wire and pull it through to the boot. I then cable tied the cable to the existing loom in the boot behind the latch cover (I also taped in to the reverse wire here but I didn't use the oem camera). There is a grommet on the drivers side between the boot and engine bay I fed the cable through this and found another grommet on the firewall between the engine bay and passenger cell I then ran the cable along the sill cover. Running the cable in passenger cell is the most time consuming part, the trim is held on with the most hardcore velcro and screwvits ever.
  19. Its held in with trim clips. Be careful as the male part of the clip will fall in to the space below
  20. I think I've read somewhere before about over inflating the tyre and driving for a bit for the light to go out then dropping it back down to the right pressure.
  21. Yeah the machine is mean't for garages really and I needed 4 sensors so buying the machine and the sensors was still cheaper than going to Lotus! I was planning on selling some sensors pre programmed on Ebay for other makes of cars to try and recoup some of the cost, But I'm lazy and haven't done this yet lol
  22. I had issues with some Saab sensors I bought from Ebay in the end I bought programmable sensors and the machine to code them. If you want you could buy a programmable sensor and I'll code it for you? The sensor is here. As a side note these sensors also seal really easy due the the valve being separate from the sensor, I have these fitted to forged wheels with no leaks whatsoever.
  23. My Knob arrived yesterday. Just need to buy a grub screw now.
  24. Just spotted that Lotus are selling some knobs on the Motorsport auctions Here
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