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  1. I thought it was the Polestar 2 that was the first with the Android ICE? Either way, same family as Lotus, so could be interesting! Also, the idea that a double DIN is better than a built-in ICE is laughable when one is actually trying to sell a new car today. It simply does not fly. Ask a "normal" customer on the street whether they want BMW iDrive or a an Alpine touch screen DIN, and I can guarantee 99.9% will say the iDrive, and correctly so.
  2. MPSS are much much better than the Cup2s in the winter and cold. Just to give context, by cold I mean 0 degrees plus, nothing too extreme. They handle the wet weather absolutely fine, but obviously dont go driving like a hooligan. One thing to avoid even the MPSS are puddles, especially on the motorway - the tyres are simply not designed to copy with that, so just keep an eye out for puddles on the outside lane.
  3. When people tell the tyre pressures for track driving, they are referring to hot pressures, not the usual cold pressures. In other words, you want the pressures mentioned above to be the pressures that your tyres hit when they are warm on track. That means you typically have to release pressure before tracking with the cup 2s. Don’t forget to inflated them again for the drive home.
  4. I am running 410 geo and the cup 2s. Sorry, should have clearer! That is a good question, and I didnt even know this was a thing! I shall take a look at the tyre codes when I am back home and let you know.
  5. Recently had Cup 2 tyres installed on the 400, and I thought I would share my initial impressions in case someone else is interested as well. As a bit of a back story, I had test driven a 410 whilst on the hunt for an evora, and I absolutely loved the steering response and feel from the front end, even compared to the 400. The problem was that I hated the seats in the 410 (I know, the seats have been discussed plenty of times!) and I found the ride just a little too busy compared to the 400, so I bought a 400. I wanted to replicate the steering feel and response of the 410 however, so I got a full geo done to 410 spec to see if that would make a difference. It didnt do much! So, the next thing for me to try was to put on cup 2s... The cup 2s have made a much bigger difference than I was expecting, and all positive. The one concern I had about fitting them was how they would affect the ride, and in the end the havent made a huge impact on the ride at all. Yes, its very slightly busier, but because the 400 still has lovely soft suspension, it still rides beautifully. As for the steering, the only way I can describe the difference its like someone has remove an insulating layer between the steering wheel and the tyres. There is zero "softness" in the steering now, as in it is so much more responsive now. Small inputs on the steering have an immediate result, whereas before bigger steering inputs were need to make adjustments. I know this is due to the stiffer side walls, but the difference is quite pronounced. You almost "think" the front end into the corners. One unexpected benefit this has is that the cup 2s make motorway driving far more relaxing (bizarrely) as the little adjustments one makes to stay in a lane can be made by literally tiny movements of your fingers. Its uncanny.... makes the car feel like it is diving on rails. Also, steering feel has increased, which is always a bonus. I cannot comment on driving in the wet as it hasnt happened to me yet, but I do not daily the 400 anyway, so its not a big concern for me. Of course this is all within the context of the evora, which all have amazing steering when compared to anything else, and in no way am I suggesting that the standard 400 has indirect steering or needs big steering inputs - I am just highlighting the effects of the cup 2s. All in all, I am really happy with the cup 2s, and I would recommend them - it does make a 400 feel almost like a 410 (in the steering department). They definitely have quite a large impact on the feel of the car, for a similar price to the new ps4s tyres. I will update my impressions in the future when I have a more miles on them, and I have a track day booked at anglesey, and I will report back then.
  6. Cypriot

    410 questions

    my 400 is booked in for its annual service next week, and I shall be fitting Cup 2s all round, as I really enjoyed the turn in speed and feel of the 410, and I think the tyres are a major part of that. My geo is already "410" spec, so I shall report back how the car feels once I get a few miles under my belt.
  7. Cypriot

    410 questions

    There are still quite a bit of weight savings... the carbon roof, carbon tailgate, lithium battery, wheels... these are all very important for lowering the centre of gravity, and the unsprung weight. Whilst they might not seem much on paper, they make quite a difference to the physics acting on the car when it’s in motion.
  8. My evora leaks from both windows in those exact places as well... Although I do think there is an issue with my particular windows, as they rattle quite a bit when they are fully up.
  9. Its not a case about whether one person uses a stereo or not, or even whether one believes there even is a point in having it. The reality is Lotus charge for it, and its a very very poor system when it shouldn't be. We all love Lotus, hence why all of us on here own them, and love them, and definitely want them to succeed. Asking customers to pay for a premium head unit, sub and amp, then basically not delivering what was intended (again irrespective of whether one actually uses it or not) is not really acceptable in this day and age, and at this price level, and given the remit of the Evora. Exige and Elise are different animals entirely. Its also one of the easiest things to fix about car, so why not just do it? Does lotus not take the quality of its interiors seriously? Ok, I know I am being rather aggressive in my assumptions here, but you can easily see the thought process of your average customer who isn't on a lotus forum... Am I being crazy here?:P It definitely didnt stop me, or any of us here, from buying one, but little things like this will stop your average joe from buying one. Also, fitting a quality stereo will have zero impact on the the small minority who don't care about it, unlike say, adding some kind of "comfort" electric seats...
  10. Enjoy both of your 410s! I have to disagree with you slightly Andy and say the stereo is not subjective, instead it is most definitely objectively terrible. However, you are 100% correct in that people's priorities are different! Also, I have massive fire red envy. damn its a gorgeous colour!
  11. Resurrecting an old thread here... Just been to check the deroure site, and it seems the price of the forged 400 wheels have dropped significantly in price. They are now £792 for a front, and £852 for a rear. Obviously still not cheap, but way cheaper than they used to be!
  12. This had me f-ing and blinding the first time. Also, why lotus didnt design the 400 grill with a hole in it for the toeing eye is beyond me... Fun and games nonetheless!
  13. cold for MPSS on the 400 is 2.0 front and 2.2 rear. Keep an eye on the pressures... you really don't want them going above 2.4 and 2.6 when hot. If they do, bleed some air out as soon as you come off track. This means taking a tyre pressure valve with you, and also a pump to top them back up when you are heading home. It looks like monday will be quite a cold though, that should help keep your pressures down.
  14. BC Forged cannot make wheels for the evora in OEM spec. I spoke to them last August, and this was their response: "our 20 inch wheel barrell does not lend itself to clearing the brakes on the Evora due to shape and design". However, BC Forged did tell me that they work closely with another brand that may be able to help, but I didnt pursue it any further.
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