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  1. 2 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Might be for you, but I thought it was utter shite on my Volvo S90 - you had to pull out so early on the motorway/dual carriageway or the car would just slow down to match the speed of the one on the lane you were in.

    I really, really, do not understand why people are salivating over something like this on a brand new car "for the driver!"  If you want the car to do it all for you then just wait for the autonomous vehicle that will be around the corner surely?

    It must be fun living in a black and white world with no grey!

    If you think the volvo radar cruise control was shite then you dont know how to use it - read the manual with your specsavers glasses on.

    As for the whole "if you want the car to do it all for you" comment, then go and buy a caterham.  For Lotus to succeed, they cannot make the car you want.  You are a tiny minority.  The vast majority of customers that Lotus need want a better interior and want a few creature comforts, and I am not talking about taking anything away from a car being a drivers car before you start saying go and buy an S-class or some such rubbish.  There is a very big difference between wanting simple things that facilitate using the car on long trips or as a daily driver such as cup holders, radar cruise control, a fully functioning integrated infotainment etc and wanting an autonomous car.

  2. I am surprised no one has mentioned the interior shot that was posted by Lotus PR on twitter a few days ago.  It shows the Emira steering wheel and the digital display which does give a few titbits away.  Firstly, there will be a lot of Volvo elements including the driving assistance like radar cruise control (awesome).  Secondly, there will be an infotainment system based off a volvo system as the steering wheel buttons are from a volvo.  Thirdly, there will be multiple drive modes.

    The fact that the interior will be brought up to current market standards, and also things like radar cruise control will be offered give me great hopes that the Emira will actually be a lotus one can buy without having to excuse it.

    There has been various post about power needing to go to 500bhp, but that simply isnt needed.  500bhp is porsche GT3 territory.  450bhp will compete very well against a carrera S for example, as long as they get the weight correct so the performance is there.

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  3. 9 hours ago, The Pits said:


    The main reason that some great Lotus cars are still sitting in showrooms is because the brand is not aspirational to many of those who buy expensive cars. Until they fix that no new Lotus car will set the world alight. How do they fix that? Skoda did it by addressing the negative associations head on with great marketing, design, dramatic improvements in build quality and (to a lesser extent) motorsport. Not many will want to hear here it but to many Porsche owners a Lotus is about as desirable as a Skoda. Totally undeserved in my opinion, nothing but prejudice and ignorance but that’s the challenge. Convince them and your work is done.


    One of the biggest things Lotus needs to do is also to completely change the dealer network.  If they want to compete with the likes of Porsche, BMW or any modern manufacturer for that matter, they need brand new squeaky showrooms.  Buying a car is an experience which starts in the showroom.  How can you expect to attract new customers and to be aspirational when most of the dealers sell cars from warehouses, usually alongside other car brands.

  4. Whilst people may get in to an Evora and think it is special, that is because it doesn't look like a normal car interior.  That does not make the interior special in reality.  The plastics are horrible and cheap, all the touch points are bad (apart from the gear shifter).  The head unit is a joke as is the factory stereo.  Whilst that doesn't matter to most of us, the reality is when the list price is 90k today, it is unacceptable in todays market.   I agree that making everything digital is not the answer, but certainly a massive interior change needs to happen for the cars to have any hope of surviving into the future.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, EGTE said:

    What the Evora needs most is a better interior. If it had even the same quality cabin as a 3-series BMW (not even a new one; maybe E90-era) Lotus would sell so many more, I reckon.

    this exactly.  While I know most people on these forums poke fun at people who want a better interior, the reality is the evora that is on sale is no longer fit for purpose on the inside, especially at the quoted list price.  This is the aspect of the Geely take over I am most interested to see influence Lotus.  I have read today that apparently a last hurrah of the Evora in its current form but with a properly updated interior and better entry/exit will be debuted at some point next year.  I really hope this is true.

  6. So after 2 years of evora ownership, she has now been replaced.... by an Aston Martin v8 Vantage AMR with a manual! They are completely different cars, which is exactly what I was looking for, mainly because nothing could compare to the Evora in terms of driving dynamics.  This was the major dilema.  No other car below 130/140k could compare to the evora, it is that good! I am so glad that they are getting such good press from the likes of Harry Metcalfe and all the press Lotus are currently getting.  I will definitely be back in Lotus, and I will always use the Evora as a benchmark/pallet cleanser for all other sports cars.  Right now, I am enjoying the slightly lazy v8 with its lovely rumble, and finally a good stereo when stuck in traffic!  I cannot wait to see what Geely do with the Evora platform. Exciting times!

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  7. I have both Michelin Pilot super sports (the direct predecessor to the MPS4s) and CUP 2s for my evora.  For road driving i would take the super sports (and hence the MPS4s) over the Cup 2s.  You will lose a little turn in precision, but you get a more silky ride, and they don't aquaplane anywhere near as much as the Cup 2s.

  8. unfortunately I am not there, but I assume someone will be taking photos and posting them online somewhere, so I am sure we will all get to see the "sneak peak".  I just watched the new Evora GT4 go up the hill on the livestream.... it sounds brutal!! and it was being properly driven! love it!

  9. 12 hours ago, PAR said:

    That is the thing about electric cars like this, the performance figures don’t relly become obsolete quickly because electricity allows you so much output that the bit that becomes obsolete is the battery capacity/autonomy which would not really be relevant for a car like this.


    I suppose I wasn't explaining myself properly.  You are absolutely correct with this statement.  What I was trying to say is that with electric powertrains, they are all the same, except in their performance.  Whereas with an internal combustion engine you have all manner of ways of proceeding.  Turbos, NA, supercharged, hybrid, V engines, straight, flat, manual/automatic.  Each one gives you different characteristics, and this is the thing that doesn't become obsolete.  In contrast, electric cars can only vary in the size of battery.  The delivery of that power is identical from the most humble of electric cars all the way up to a Rimac - just in varying degrees of intensity.  And it is the intensity that becomes obsolete extremely quickly due to advancements in batter tech.

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  10. am I the only one not even remotely interested in fully electric hypercars? I do not see the point them.  They become obsolete overnight due to the rapid development of battery and electric tech, and as there is no noise, the only real party piece for cars like this is the performance figures.  Which become obsolete overnight.  There is nothing that would make you want to re-visit this car in years to come once a newer model has been released, as opposed to looking back at cars like the Carrera  GT, Ferrari enzo/F50/F50 etc, which provide something that newer cars do not.

  11. All great options guys, thanks! The new vantage isnt actually a bad shout... Especially now that a manual is now available! R8 would have been a perfect car, if it wasnt for the tiny boot space.  Its laughable how little luggage space there is in an R8 compared to an evora/911/aston/mclaren, which I find funny given the R8 is always branded as the everyday sportscar...


  12. I have had my 400 for almost 2 years and it has been unequivocally brilliant.  In fact it is so good I am having real trouble finding a car to replace it with.  Now, before someone asks, I am looking to replace it mainly as I love cars, and I like to experience different cars.  It is also my only car, as living in London means I only have space for 1 car, but on the flip side I don't use it to commute.  That being said, the Mrs uses the car for mundane tasks, like supermarkets and dentist trips etc.  Which is why the Evora has been so damn good! Very easy to use for the city driving, but hugely involving when properly driven.

    Now, on the short list are 3 cars: Mclaren 570s, Aston martin v12 vantage s (manual), and an evora 430.

    I have driven them all apart from the 430, and so it would be interesting to hear people's opinions on whether the 430 is that much different to a 400, or their opinions on the other cars on my list.  In fact, please go ahead and throw in some other cars if anyone has any suggestions, would be great to hear people's thoughts!

  13. 31 minutes ago, harrry said:

    The Honda EV prototype is the first car to market that will use 100% Android ICE. I suspect this will come to dominate in future, and will include some upgrade-ability like our phones. But the next Lotus must surely not use a cheapo aftermarket system. 

    I thought it was the Polestar 2 that was the first with the Android ICE? Either way, same family as Lotus, so could be interesting!

    Also, the idea that a double DIN is better than a built-in ICE is laughable when one is actually trying to sell a new car today.  It simply does not fly.  Ask a "normal" customer on the street whether they want BMW iDrive or a an Alpine touch screen DIN, and I can guarantee 99.9% will say the iDrive, and correctly so.

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  14. On 23/11/2018 at 20:28, pete757 said:

    Any idea how they compare to the 'Pilot Super Sports' or the Cup 4's on the same tyre of roads?

    MPSS are much much better than the Cup2s in the winter and cold.  Just to give context, by cold I mean 0 degrees plus, nothing too extreme.  They handle the wet weather absolutely fine, but obviously dont go driving like a hooligan.  One thing to avoid even the MPSS are puddles, especially on the motorway - the tyres are simply not designed to copy with that, so just keep an eye out for puddles on the outside lane.

  15. When people tell the tyre pressures for track driving, they are referring to hot pressures, not the usual cold pressures.  In other words, you want the pressures mentioned above to be the pressures that your tyres hit when they are warm on track.  That means you typically have to release pressure before tracking with the cup 2s.  Don’t forget to inflated them again for the drive home.

  16. 3 hours ago, Stubox said:

    So you’re running a 400 with the 410 geo and Cup2s ? Or did you reset the car to 400 geo and added Cup2s.

    If the former it sounds like a nice compromise 👍

    I am running 410 geo and the cup 2s.  Sorry, should have clearer!

    3 hours ago, rallyesax said:

    Did you bought replacement market tires or the 410 ones (which are half RT and half BMW if im right) ? 

    Thanks for the feedback anyway. 😊

    That is a good question, and I didnt even know this was a thing! I shall take a look at the tyre codes when I am back home and let you know.

  17. my 400 is booked in for its annual service next week, and I shall be fitting Cup 2s all round, as I really enjoyed the turn in speed and feel of the 410, and I think the tyres are a major part of that.  My geo is already "410" spec, so I shall report back how the car feels once I get a few miles under my belt.

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  18. There are still quite a bit of weight savings... the carbon roof, carbon tailgate, lithium battery, wheels... these are all very important for lowering the centre of gravity, and the unsprung weight.  Whilst they might not seem much on paper, they make quite a difference to the physics acting on the car when it’s in motion.

  19. Its not a case about whether one person uses a stereo or not, or even whether one believes there even is a point in having it.  The reality is Lotus charge for it, and its a very very poor system when it shouldn't be.  We all love Lotus, hence why all of us on here own them, and love them, and definitely want them to succeed.  Asking customers to pay for a premium head unit, sub and amp, then basically not delivering what was intended (again irrespective of whether one actually uses it or not) is not really acceptable in this day and age, and at this price level, and given the remit of the Evora.  Exige and Elise are different animals entirely.

    Its also one of the easiest things to fix about car, so why not just do it? Does lotus not take the quality of its interiors seriously? Ok, I know I am being rather aggressive in my assumptions here, but you can easily see the thought process of your average customer who isn't on a lotus forum... 

    Am I being crazy here?:P It definitely didnt stop me, or any of us here, from buying one, but little things like this will stop your average joe from buying one.  Also, fitting a quality stereo will have zero impact on the the small minority who don't care about it, unlike say, adding some kind of "comfort" electric seats...

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  20. Enjoy both of your 410s! I have to disagree with you slightly Andy and say the stereo is not subjective, instead it is most definitely objectively terrible.  However, you are 100% correct in that people's priorities are different!

    Also, I have massive fire red envy. damn its a gorgeous colour! :help:

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