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  1. I have a brand new "Lotus Forum" fitted indoor cover for a Lotus Evora 400 for sale. It has never been used and is still in it's box. The colour is dark grey with silver stitching and Lotus Logo. Please get in contact if it is wanted.......make me an offer. Thanks.
  2. So that will be why I can not book factory tour......or the Academy. What have I bought into??...
  3. Really sorry not to be able to make it. I'll leave the car in the car park and the keys behind the bar ad instructed ? I wont leave the tracker I can test the "unauthorised" driver function. I'm sure the boys on blue would like a closer look at the car too. Happy to meet up for a pint and a natter outside of official Hants meetings. The E400 is now run in and is really beginning to reveal its talents......comforting to know also that I haven't missed out on the squeaky seat issue. Only grumble so far. Cheers, Nick
  4. Hello All. I am sorry but I will not be able to make the meet up tonight. Work means I will not be back in the area in time unfortunately. I would very much like to come along to the next meet up. When is that planned.
  5. Thanks for the advice @CocoPops. I will see how I get on. @StuboxI will report back. It is going to be an interesting head to head. Bragging rights in the team awning next season are at stake.
  6. Doing my first track day in the E400 on 20th Novemeber @ Sillystone GP. Its 102 drive by with the microphone 30m away from the track......wonder if I will be ok?? Caterham racers play day!! Cayman GT4, Exige 350 Sport and the Evora. Should be an interesting day.
  7. Thanks Kevin. Good job we aren't meeting....just had a call to say my car will not be back today. Phone issue needs sorting. Such fun! Nick
  8. Hello. I have in my diary next week (25th). What time do you guys meet? My car is in having its 1000 mile service. Oops! In just over a week. Nick.
  9. E400 in for it's first service on Tuesday.....hopefully it'll be back in time to meet up with you all. Couldn't not drive it.....but run is better!!
  10. Thanks for this @Bibs. Just reset all the fiddling that I did to the sound. Doesn't sound too bad now Cheers, Nick
  11. @JayEmm Happy to get involved. You were a great source of info during research and purchase.
  12. CaterhamPorky 2016 - 400: Metallic Grey, black leather pack, black forged wheels, cruise control, manual Picked it up brand new on 8th Oct
  13. Hello All, Picked up my new Evora 400 last thought I would join and say hello. This is my first Lotus. Always wanted one, have come close a couple of times, but always walked into "German" showrooms instead. That was until I saw the Evora 400. I race Caterham's hence the username CaterhamPorky. Did the Caterham Academy in 2012 and have not stopped racing since. I got a second chance at life. Beat cancer & became a racing driver. 3rd in 2014 Caterham Tracksport Championship now in Supersports with DPR Motorsport. Next year is the big set to R300' th
  14. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Guess this is part of the ownership experience. Just checked my diary and can make 25th Oct. I know the meeting place, so I will see you all there. I will be the bloke with a massive grin on his face. This car is brilliant. Caterham Cars COO and CEO are very grumpy with me not buying a 620s.........but this Evora is just on another level. And that noise!!! I seem to drive everywhere with the windows down and the exhaust valves open.
  15. Would be great to meet up. Please let me know the details and location. Only just joined as only picked up the 400 last weekend. Live in the New Forest and happy to travel to say hello!!
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