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  1. if there is anyway possible for you to NOT remove them- i would do it... i am almost done with an update and the chances of you destroying them to get them off are probably better than the benefit of removing them. you have to cut out the engine bay air inlet and then re-glass it back in, the paint and bonding have a tendency to break when you use a chisel to separate it from the body and there are rivets under the gas tank that you can get with a body saw but will impact the exterior of the sill. and just in case someone is reading this in the future world... i am grafting S4S on one side and V8 on the other and the V8 actually works. the S4s doesn't bolt up correctly - so if you have a choice, go with V8 ..... and the reason i went with 2 different years?.... dude destroyed the other one getting it off. DM me and i can share pics of what the sill looks like so you can see where the hidden rivets are and what the inlet looks like.
  2. i cant seem to find a good diagram of the fueling tank systems to pumps... My esprits fuel system was disassembled and i know they are a little different before and after 88. thanks for any info on the parts and pieces!
  3. Thanks! Yes- i have a belt in the order i just placed with SJS- i didnt see a lot what i needed on JAE- i am guessing i need to call and chat to see how to go about getting items from them- as they weren't on the website. It was a car from just outside of Birmingham Alabama- near the Georgia line... me being in Atlanta made it a fairly easy trip. He had a bunch of calls on it of course, but it was so remote that no one was going to show up. I showed up with a trailer and offered him just over 3K and we were loading it up. He didnt really know what he was getting into and he had a Mustang 508 swap that needed his attention.... he made a little money i'm sure and he can move on.... at least it wasn't parted out! im thinking i need to verify the transaxle works before getting too far down the road. the Tanks will be an issue -along with everything else that had or is supposed to have a seal or rubber on it! It will be slow going for a bit, but i must say that it is in suprisingly good condition for sitting outside for so long.... but we all know, cars don't just sit - there was a reason and while he said it was to be painted and something happened with the family- ill believe it when i see the transaxle work!
  4. Thanks guys! Group therapy has always helped overcome problems... even car problems!
  5. Posted this on FB so i will cut and paste instead of writing again... I want to say hello and show yall the mistake i just made! this was a forgotten 88 that i got cheap- like real cheap. It has alot of potential and i look forward to figuring this all out! Enjoy: So this happened... It needs help of course and I'm hoping the Lotus community can provide some advise/ direction/ secrets to help move this project along. It's an '88 - not the most desirable, but it was cheap... I know, there is no such thing as a cheap esprit! It has been sitting for a while so the goal will be to check the health of the motor and confirm the transaxle is not a boat anchor. The motor runs and sounds pretty good surprisingly. Here is the short list of items I will be tackling first to get a better assessment on where the project stands: -Gas tanks, pumps and filter -Clutch master and slave with braided line -Compression and leak down while I wait on the parts to get here. The good news is it is all there- It needs paint of course as it was sanded before it was parked years ago. Interior is actually surprising in-tacked and only has one seam on the driver seat that has let go. Needs a headliner of course. Drivers door looks like it needs adjustment- hopefully it's just adjustment and not worse. Brakes to be bleed but they currently work. Trans will pop into all gears but can't test anything until the clutch is functional. Headlights work but won't raise- have to take apart and confirm the motors are getting power and do a little research... If there are any other Atlanta folks that are int the know and maybe provide some first hand pointers- I welcome it! Misery loves company! Thanks for all the help and while this isn't a diamond in the rough - I think she can be kept from the crusher and brought back to life. Last thing I want to see is another Stevens off the road! Yes - the license plate instantly adds class! My wife said I should get another plate that says "Mistake" :-) Random Pics - ill get better ones as i start taking apart and inspecting.
  6. Wanted to say hello! Just picked up a super cheap 88 (no such thing, I know- its just not expensive yet....) and starting some work on it. Long time fan of the lightweight, low-horsepower idea so Lotus is a natural to me. I have built some race bikes in the past (most lightweight of course) and some cars. Currently have an 04 E55 AMG with a couple mods-nothing spectacular, but it is NOT light- but very fast.... also have an 87 635csi with a turbo 745i motor that has a bigger turbo, MLS headgaskets,studs- all that stuff and MS2 in a box for when i want to be a masochist for the second time. Tried it once and had to pull it off and focus on the car, not learning MS! I'll post the build thread over in the stevens or projects area for all to enjoy or hate.... everyone has already been helping on FB and i appreciate everything! Phil Fortune Atlanta, GA
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