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    fitting Jaguar 3.0 V6 engine
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  1. Sorry for the poor picture quality, here are a couple more of progress, one shows some of the coolant pipes for the engine conversion, the other is of the fuel control system. Not seen is the Lotus low pressure fuel pump and fuel filter which supply fuel to the swirl pot. If all goes to plan the engine goes in the car for the first time this weekend.
  2. Not posted for a while as progress has been slow due to other commitments but back on track again now. I have been working on the exhaust system and got it tacked up this weekend, will fully weld it this week and hope to get the engine in the car in the next few weeks. From the collectors it will be straight into the silencers then turn down through 90 degrees then 90 again to horizontal and out through the 2 slots in the rear valance. Will post some pics of the finished system when complete
  3. Thanks guys, got sorted with a Fiesta unit from Fleabay
  4. Hi All This has probably come up before, but I have looked through past threads but not found anything. I am looking for a replacement radiator fan motor for my 83 Turbo Esprit ( 3 motor model ) can anyone provide a part number for an equivalent unit please. Thanks Steve
  5. I can use the existing manifolds, will make up a stainless steel system exiting through two silencers, I am hoping to get them out close to the centreline of the car rather than the usual positions, it creates more work to do that but for me its looks a little better.
  6. Happy Easter to all Things have moved on a bit, all the suspension now rebuilt and back on the car, brakes overhauled and all braided lines fitted. Engine and box now mated together and sat in the chassis I bought to use as a jig, engine mounting and alternator next up, I can see already there will be an issue with the gear linkage, will need to be a bit creative here. Starting next on the cooling system refurb, will get the standard radiator checked over and maybe recored
  7. At last here is the engine / gearbox adaptor plate and flywheel ( made correctly this time ) The clutch assembly is all turbo esprit. Should have the engine and box mated together this weekend and can then start to make some proper progress. Next up will be the engine mountings, alternator mounting and exhaust system, in and among I am now rebuilding the front suspension and brakes, should have some pretty pics of that soon.
  8. Nearside seems ok, failed part is the offside, not seen any evidence of past damage at the rear, has been a small repair to front near side. Whoever painted is was quite generous with the paint, it is everywhere !
  9. Hi Dan Hope you get sorted with some hubs for yours, I have access to very good 3D modelling, casting and machining facilities, if there was enough interest I could look at producing some of these. I have a theory on my failed hub, if there is any corrosion at all between the bottom wishbone bolt and the split steel bush then the expansion due to the corrosion will cause the bush to expand into and stress the aluminium, the point at which most expansion will take place is at the split in the steel bush. In my hub the split in the bush is aligned with the thinnest section of aluminium and the split in the aluminium is directly above the split in the steel bush. If the steel bush was turned through 180 ° in the casting the split would then be next to a more meaty ( stronger ) section of casting. I have checked both the other side of the car and the second hand replacement casting and in both of them the split in the steel bush is lined up with the stronger section of the casting. Any thoughts ? is this something we should be checking on the cars, presumably as they get older the hidden corrosion between the parts could be what is causing the cracks in the aluminium castings
  10. Yes it is the Welsh car, I have heard there is some history attached to it but have not yet found out what it is, the car has had a stack of previous owners and it seems to have changed hands on a regular basis. I am not over bothered about its history as when I have finished the restoration and modifications it will be a different car. I spoke to SJ about a new bearing carrier to be told they are now obsolete but have picked up a secondhand part from LotusBits. I think I am keeping the various suppliers in business at the moment !
  11. Not what you really want to find when restoring the suspension, luckily I have found and have a used replacement on its way. Interesting that the crack is exactly in line with the gap in the split bush. Don`t know if it was like this when I bought the car or whether I caused it when taking the suspension apart but it came off ok without any force required,
  12. New shocks, existing spring checked, shotblasted and powder coated, all other parts shotblasted primed and painted, all new bushes and bearings. Working my way from back to front, will do the same at the front when I get there ! its the engine and transmission conversion which is taking the time.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys, here is a scrap flywheel !
  14. Hi All By now I should have been posting pictures of the new flywheel and adaptor plate, however due to a design cock up I now have a very pretty by totally useless flywheel. The Lotus clutch mounts with 6 bolts and my new flywheel has 8 bolt holes, the design is such that it can`t be modified, hey ho, all part of the joys of engine conversions its just put me back a couple of weeks while I get more material and start again. In the meantime I have been rebuilding the rear suspension so rather than the engine parts here are a few pics of before during and after the suspension work, hope to be back in a couple of weeks with the flywheel and adaptor photos.
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