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  1. I suggest going to Komo-tec and having a proper dyno done.
  2. Good to have you on board! Hope you enjoy it
  3. Back on Track have done mine plenty of times, they’ll get it perfect for you
  4. Just a random shot from when I was in Wales
  5. What a great looking car, and even better now you've made your changes!
  6. Are there any issues at all if you try and quickly put it into 5th when stationary? It could be that the crosslink cable needs a tiny bit of adjustment.
  7. They also told me it wasn’t possible, but after enough research, I thought it was worth the risk. I’m glad it worked as it would have been a nice waste of money otherwise! I’m glad I didn’t go for the inokinetic option, while it’s an improvement on the standard shifter, it’s no where near as good as the OEM solution.
  8. I wasn't impressed with Royal Steering Wheels, quality wasn't good, some crooked stitching, they chipped it and I don't think it was real Alcantara. D:Class did my Caterham wheel and it was perfect. I'll be getting D:Class to redo my Lotus wheel at some stage, probably over winter.
  9. One of several reasons I believe it's best to go direct to Komo-tec for installation of one of their kits.
  10. The switch is adjustable, so you need to make sure the adjustment is correct for the position of the pedal. Lotus have access to a lot of stuff with "Tech Centre", including being able to calibrate sensors. I recently had a similar issue, but the brake sensor wasn't the cause, it was actually caused by the steering wheel position sensor. Lotus Silverstone expertly diagnosed and fixed it in about an hour.
  11. Went to Trax yesterday at Silverstone... Did a session on the National circuit and they said it was 40 cars on track. It felt like about 400 cars on track, was utter chaos with what seemed like no rules. I didn't actually know it was the national circuit until I got Maggotts on the sighting lap! Phil from Driftworks was in his E30 M3 which has an e90 V8 in it with a DSG which was awesome. I'm not really feeling great in the car at the moment, the setup just isn't right. Really I need a full day on track to dial into a setup I'm happy with.
  12. I have 3 ways, not 2 ways, but the old rebound figures sound very soft.
  13. I'm definitely in now, will be there for about 9am.
  14. I'll echo what @BatMobile said, I had one session with Jack last time I was on track and found a lot of time (several seconds). I then compared data to a lap that David Pittard did in my car and gained more time again. Well worth getting an instructor to help with driving style. I thought I was doing okay before, but when they can knock off that much time it's quite humbling.
  15. I'm not so sure the geometry is the issue, try smoother inputs with your steering, at the moment you're turning in too early to most corners very aggressively, having to then wind off steering lock to try to balance the car, then turn in again. If you did one smooth steering input and set the car, the car would be a lot more balanced and not overwhelm the tyres as much, gaining a decent amount of time.
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