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  1. Not hugely relevant to my Exige, but part 2 is here: I'm amazed how well these videos are doing, 200k views in a month now, so looks like I should keep making more! Now what other adventures can I do in my Lotus?
  2. And some snaps: Yes, I prefer the back of my car to the front...
  3. My next YouTube video is going to be quite a special one I think...
  4. 1 way is still better than the factory dampers as they allow adjustment. 3 way is of course a lot better, but 1 way is still worth the upgrade. Speak to Dave @ Seriouslylotus and he'll advise what is best for you. I installed the dampers myself, it's not a huge job.
  5. Good to see @Arun_D earlier and measure up his Cup R wing, gives me a good baseline now to be able to accurately design my new wing...
  6. I put on performance friction pads with standard discs for a bit. It's not as good a solution as a full big brake kit, but it certainly improves stopping power. The disadvantage is if you do then go on track you'll find the discs don't last very long as they can't handle the added heat (and therefore crack). I suggest a chat with Dave at as he'll tell you what is best for your money and is just totally honest
  7. GFWilliams

    MOT Query

    Can Dan at HPE sort it for you?
  8. @steveoexige - that's not the smart way of doing it!
  9. 430>410. Therefore 430. I suggest adding Nitrons and big brakes (at the very least, upgrade the pads).
  10. Worth the drive to Komo-tec, they're brilliant. I'm very glad I went direct!
  11. Nice colour @JCERB - Sam told me yours is rather mint still!
  12. So as we're now into winter, it's time to sort a few things on the car. Unfortunately I can't make "snow tour" anymore due to work, so the car can be off the road with no issues. The car is due a service, so it'll be booked in with Back on Track as always. Belts need to be changed, so won't be a cheap one I guess. Also need new discs on the front as they're pretty cracked and on the limit of what I'm comfortable with. I'll fit these myself along with new PF08 pads again. I want to add brake cooling ducts to hopefully extend the lifespan of the front discs a bit longer, I'll update on this when I've worked out more. I'm debating a respray, I like the car to be in perfect condition, so with some stone chips starting to show, a respray would bring the car back to looking brand new again.
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