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  1. Exhaust parts went on today - very impressed that they fitted straight up perfectly and didn't need any adjustment at all. Car is back to being lovely and quiet in quiet mode and is a bit quieter than it was in loud mode as it now has a 200 cell sports cat. It sounds much nicer now to be honest, less aggressive, but much smoother and can tell the mapping prefers having the cat. Also gave the subframe a bit of anti rust paint as after the dry ice cleaning showed a few areas which needed some stronger protection. Got to say, with a new exhaust fitted, a load of cleaning and a lick of paint, th
  2. I had the traction light come on a while ago and it was caused by the steering wheel position sensor. Need Lotus diagnostic tool to find out and reset it. It can be quite a few different things, but the brake pedal sensor is most commonly talked about.
  3. Took a friend's 430 Cup round the block yesterday to try to help diagnose some problems he's been having with the car not letting him heel & toe. I was getting about 8 out of 10 downshifts perfect and only 2 would have slight issues. Considering the brake feel, throttle response and seat position are different to my car, I'd say that's pretty good. And when immediately getting that many heel & toe downchanges bang on, it concluded that the car is fine and it just needs some learning. The car isn't randomly choosing to not allow it, the driver is doing something slightly different with
  4. I have Komotec manifolds and they’ve been fine for over 30k miles. @Seriouslylotushave the KT Y pipe and cat in stock, so I could have the parts the next day instead of having to wait for the parts. My Y pipe failed because the fit of the link pipe wasn’t very good and had too much pressure on the flexi. I’ve also had 3 back boxes which haven’t lasted too well. The komotec stuff may not be as pretty welding, but from my experience it seems to fit like OEM parts do and last well.
  5. I can’t answer that, but here is a photo of the factory Y pipes - the 400 series is noticeably larger and also has the “dent”. Komotec one seems much nicer quality.
  6. Little update... Spring clean was needed on my car and a few weeks ago I spent the day under the car using dry ice to clean the underside of the car and then protecting it with spray wax. Dry ice is a non abrasive way of cleaning mechanical components and I was very impressed. It doesn't strip the surface coatings, only the dirt, so this is just a way of cleaning properly to then be able to protect for longer. Eventually I'll do a full suspension refresh, but this has helped to protect it for a good while longer. The trick if using wax to protect the underside of a car is to do it regular
  7. It's easy to make big power for a short about of time... Komo-tec have proven that their way of tuning is safe and have a lot of cars out there now with their kits. My car has had the 460 kit for over 30k miles now and it's been the most reliable part of my car!
  8. You’ve clearly never driven a Caterham in the rain. It’s one of the most fun experiences possible in a car!
  9. I've owned my Exige 4.5 years and I've always considered the car a keeper. But driving the 620S really made me consider whether I'd sell it. Decided to make a YouTube video to try to discuss my thoughts...
  10. @Peapod - looks like you still have to do the walls Be careful with those floor tiles, some can trap water which causes issues. I got advised by quite a few people to avoid them. I'll be doing another layer of screed, then an epoxy paint. I'm not expecting it to be perfect, but it's fairly cheap and I can do it myself. One day I'll maybe do proper tiles, but for now this will do.
  11. I've got this Caterham 620S for a week, I've always said that my Lotus will be a keeper forever, but this Caterham is just so much fun that it's giving me silly thoughts about selling the Exige to fund a Caterham! Also, garage is nearly finished, just the floor and skirting board to do now.
  12. I thought about this, but no one seems to make nice looking ones, and from what I found they all have silver nuts which means you're back in the same situation as you started really.
  13. I also run the solid black bolts from SeriouslyLotus. If you buy the VX220 ones, you get the right quantity: Nice to have bolts which don’t go rusty!
  14. Give Elise parts a call. It’s not on their website, but they can supply one
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