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  1. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Looks like quite the adventure! Sorry I bailed earlier, didn't really see the point of driving any more than needed when on Cup 2!
  2. Exige 380 ecu remap

    If the revs are to 7800rpm (the log is likely more accurate, the dash only shows up to certain figures, same with the speeds) then that's 1000rpm over what the limiter allows on the 380. While this is your own fault, I would be very disappointed in Lotus if I were in your position and at least expect them to cover some costs if they weren't going to help at all. IMO the autoblipper has nothing to do with it and is irrelevant. Although I do think you should learn to drive as hell & toe isn't that hard
  3. Really interesting update Imran, lots of things there that I'll be doing at some stage, so your very precise details on installation and understanding your very considered reasons for choosing each change to the car is very useful. The car is looking better by the day, it's making me want a bloody wing...
  4. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Enough about bloody phone holders... Pretty extreme snow here today
  5. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    Forged wheels and the brakes will be making a nice difference...
  6. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    @DJW - I originally ordered similar, but it wouldn’t fit in the new vents 🙈
  7. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    It's a super wide lens. I have the normal Screamers. My flatmate wishes I got the XL in the passenger side...
  8. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Some more photos... Just because...
  9. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Photoshop! When doing night photos you have to do several shots to light the interior, so I took the key out as it's ugly! The passenger seat is on the new EB4 fixed bracket (I think). The drivers seat is on a bracket (EB5 I think) on top of the Lotus runner, although seems a lot more sterdy now it's properly fitted than the Lotus seat ever was. Today I'm going to change the pitch of the drivers seat a bit to lean it more forward as it's a bit to laid back, even for me.
  10. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Really don't like that phone mound, sorry! It interrupts the view out of the windscreen and is just an ugly design! On a more positive note, I popped out to take a photo of the interior... Can't express how happy I am
  11. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    I'm still enough cheaper than a 430 Cup that I could buy another Exige with the difference I much prefer my car now, if I had a 430 Cup I'd still want to address the same things again! The only things the 430 Cup has over my car now are: - it's much lighter due to use of carbon and light battery - downforce levels - open gated gearshift I'm sure there's more than this, but... In contrast, I now have a similar spec as 430 Cup, but: - More power - Better brakes - Nicer interior - Much better seats - Bigger fuel tank - Better rear lights - Better mirrors - LSD! - Rear tailgate I can see out of. With the new B6 Screamer you need the new EB5 and EB6 mounts instead. I'm very impressed with the mounts, the seats are very very stiff compared to the standard seats, which much be much safer! Super happy with the seats in the car, for the extra cost of the stitching (£80+VAT per seat), I think it's well worth it! I'll take some proper photos in the next couple of days. I've now got to go replace the rear brake discs as one of them is warped
  12. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow, Slightly Modified, Exige V6

    Carbon fibre Tillett B6 Screamers with custom yellow stitching are going in today! I’m so happy with how these have come out!
  13. 1 Bar of Fuel = ?

    The top half of the standard tank definitely seems to last longer though...