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  1. Garage project escalated a bit... plasterboarded the ceiling, made a stud wall, added insulation, added a load of lights. Still a long way to go, but it’s starting to come together now!
  2. Congrats on the new car! If you can stretch to it, the 60l tank from pro-alloy makes road trips a lot more enjoyable. In fact, I was finding that I needed a break before the car needed fuel on the last road trip I did...
  3. I highly suggest the Lotus track exhaust as sold by @Seriouslylotusas its repackable. Means the exhaust will last significantly longer than other options.
  4. @jbs my photo was taken with 80mm 1.8 and I just put some presets on for the colours it was a very overcast day, the wheels still pop and look great!
  5. Has anyone tried one of these? I'm getting a bit fed up of driving down the road with my indicators left on...
  6. That’s awesome, I love my carbon rear lid!
  7. I’d rather wait for the Komo-tec dual clutch gearbox.
  8. Well spotted, it’s habit as I often do it with commercial photography as cars look a lot better without horrible shut lines! It means the viewer looks at the bits that matter, not shut lines
  9. Spent the afternoon fitting the skirts, adjusting fitment etc. Not the easiest task and they need to come out a little, but getting there. The good thing about fitting them myself is I can have them exactly where I want them. I’ll roll the car out of the garage tomorrow and see how they look outside...
  10. @GuyT - Took a lot of work to get to this point where we're happy with them, should be relatively easy to do the same process again for each set now. I am hoping a few weeks to have them in stock now. On a different note, I bought some new headrest pads from Tillett which I think are a nice subtle(ish) way to brand the car, plus nice and high quality as it's custom embroidered.
  11. Side skirts for my car are now complete and will be fitted early next week
  12. My subframe was signed by someone called Adie. Basically the same as having a plaque...
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