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  1. @Tex 1. I’m pretty confident that you’d fowl the arches. Would be fairly easy to check for a garage (or some at home), remove the spring from the damper and fit the wheel back on using large washers to simulate different spacer widths, then test the wheel at different lock and with the damper at full compression. Of course this doesn’t allow for movement in the tyre at speed, but would give you an idea of it it would be close to the bodywork or arch liner or not. Having had wheel spacers on previous cars I’ve owned, to be honest I don’t think it’d make much of a difference. 2. Komo-tec offer some forged wheels which are a little lighter than the factory ones. I prefer the factory wheels personally. 3. Be careful of the hose for the remote reservoir if fitting 295 as you don’t want to damage it, and it’s already pretty close to the tyre with 285s. Also bare in mind that a 295 tyre would increase the profile which affects ride highs possible and also the gearing of the car. 4. I can’t comment from personal experience but probably a good move. 5. A mechanical LSD makes a big difference and works in a different way to the electronics. The electronics are braking wheels, therefore helping you to get traction but pulling back a bit of momentum in the process (and wearing rear brakes). An LSD just fires you out of corners with no drama (unless you want drama). Well worth it as an upgrade IMO.
  2. Okay, bit of an update and some decisions to be made (hopefully) soon on my car. I still want to do the respray when I can, this will depend on how long the world implodes for etc though. I need the louvres, then want to send them away to be done in carbon fibre before the respray is done, so my timeframe will be slightly dictated by that. When the respray is done, I want to do some other small changes to the bodywork: - Flatten out where the front Lotus badge is and get the painter to do the new Lotus logo with some small changes in black, in paint, under the lacquer. - Potentially change rear access panel to gloss black as this would mean it can all be under the same lacquer and offer a better finish. Any thoughts on what will look better, Satin or Gloss? - 460 logo above the side indicator - not sure on this one, potentially a bit too much? - Brake callipers in pink - is it possible to flatten off the Lotus embossed logo? I much prefer the AP Racing callipers on the newer cars, would be nice to have my own logo maybe? - For the rear engine lid, I'm tempted to get it skinned in pink to match the body. Need to find out if the finish can be made to match though. Next thing to consider is my gearbox, unfortunately the Quaiffe LSD isn't working anymore and it's popping out of 3rd gear which implies synchros have gone potentially. Man maths says it would be "sensible" to take the gearbox out when I respray the car and rebuild it and put a new LSD in. Costs on this are obviously quite high, in the region of £3k I'd guess? Depends on the state of the gearbox when it gets opened though, the gears are quite expensive, so if they're worn it can start to add up quickly! I still want to make my own big wing, I've got everything designed in CAD now, but costs are too high to justify this year with so many unknowns. I'd also like side skirts, front splitter and side scoops in carbon, but I'm in no rush to do them.
  3. An LSD can have a straightening effect on the car when you're on throttle as both wheels want to try to spin at the same speed. This is less of an issue with an ATB LSD than a plated LSD, but still has a small impact. Of course, it's pretty easy to fix this effect with setup changes to the suspension, give the car more front camber and rake and you have a sharper front end which cancels out the negative aspect of the LSD and leaves you with the positives.
  4. It's not anymore, but was for a long time before I tuned it (17k miles). Max drove my car before the LSD was fitted, and race mode is actually less intrusive with an LSD as the car has more mechanical grip so the electronics don't have to "e-diff" using the brakes. The race mode is a self learning system, I'd say it works just as well with 460hp as it did with 350hp To me, the real power of race mode is when you use it as a learning tool, if it's kicking in and restricting you, you can be smoother with your inputs to reduce the power cut. If you use it in this way, it can teach you to drive smoother and faster.
  5. Max Chilton (ex-F1) drove my car at Silverstone and did about 2 corners in race mode before turning it off and preferring it... I've done over 40k miles in my car and just refuse to believe that race mode is quicker than all off. Brake wear is also a lot worse on track if you keep traction control on.
  6. I find this very hard to believe, race mode is very restrictive if you’re really pushing on and can hold you up on corner exit. Almost certainly marketing came up with that...
  7. Speak to Back on Track 01483 456030
  8. Tour when on motorways, Sport for all other road driving, Race for when learning a track & warmup laps, then all off once I feel happy with the car.
  9. Great looking car! Rear lights really modernise it a lot
  10. A good wheel place will do the wheels gold perfectly. Just tell your dealer to get it sorted before delivery...
  11. Also, fitted the Anthracite wheels and 225 front tyres today. Love the look of the Anthracite wheels, the finish is very good (from wheelworksuk in Gatwick). The car drives really well on the 225 tyres, better than the 215s, but I don't like the difference in profile being so large compared to the 285/30 tyres on the rear. It's purely looks, but I think I might go back to 215 on the front. If anyone wants to buy the 225 Cup 2 from me, let me know, happy to do a deal and they're brand new.
  12. Took this Evora Sport 410 for a quick test drive today thanks to Bell and Colvill, it was very interesting to compare to my Exige... Chassis of the Evora is clearly superior, as is the damping quality, it absorbs bumps in a way an Exige could only dream of, which means you can drive down a bumpy road at might higher speeds without getting thrown around at all which means you can press on easier. The downside of this is it doesn't have that race car kind of feel where you feel like you could die on any corner like you do with an Exige... The noise of the Evora 410 is just nuts, very addictive in fact, although it didn't have much of a shove in the back compared to the Exige. Feels comparable to about 350hp in an Exige I think? 460hp in my Exige on the way home felt a lot lot quicker. Interior was really good, nice to be easy to get in and out of and things were well finished. I understand why they added arm rests to the new version of this, it's bloody annoying without them, also you sit way too high with these Sparco seats which is a shame, the original Recaro seats were much better IMO. Storage behind the seats is awesome, would make the car much easier to use day to day. Overall, the Evora would actually suit me a lot better in many ways as it's more usable and I do lots of miles, but I think the Exige looks nicer (the front more so, the rear of the Evora looks awesome now) and I like that the Exige is more stupid and more of an experience. I highly recommend it though overall, worth a test drive, got me thinking a bit...
  13. Had a flat tyre yesterday in my Exige on the rear left Cup 2, I already had a set of tyres ready to go on, but instead of paying for fitting, I thought it would be a good time to also do a wheel refurb and choose a new colour, so the wheels will be redone in gloss anthracite. Hopefully I can pick them up either on Friday or Monday. I'll lower my suspension back down when I change the wheels over I think, then when the car is resprayed I'll get Back on Track to do a proper geo and corner weight.
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