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  1. Got to say, I absolutely love your spec! Engine bay looks great too with carbon covers, just need a badge from @alias23 to finish it off Edit to add, I think the Komo-tec wing is the nicest looking wing. Interesting that you post a link to the wind tunnel testing blog post, they talk about it being boot mounted, but the pictures look like their chassis mounted wing.
  2. @R1chr1ch - so much better! It makes me want to get my winter wheels redone!
  3. Do you not remove the painted backs and replace with the carbon ones?
  4. Those pictures are good examples of how to ruin an Exige V6. 🤣
  5. It's been a while since I've done anything proper to my car. After lots of research, I've ordered a 60mm low beam projector from Hella. I think it's too big a job at the moment to make a 90mm projector fit as it would require considerable changes to the headlight assembly. The 60mm is the same size as the factory projector, so should go in without huge modifications. I expect a couple of holes will need to be drilled, and maybe a little cutting, but that remains to be seen when the projector arrives and I have removed my headlight units from the car.
  6. I want to start a new project to improve the headlights in the Exige as they're awful. I don't want to dismantle my headlights without doing proper research first, plus I want to minimise the time my car is without headlights! Does anyone have a headlight unit (damaged is ideal!) I could buy and dismantle to try and find the best solution?
  7. I got Zenith Detailing to fully detail my car last month. I do my best to keep on top of the car to keep it looking as amazing as possible, but having a professional top it all up every year keeps things looking perfect!
  8. I suggested a resin vessel, which is a deionising filter that window cleaners use. Cheaper than the “car cleaning” ones for effectively the same thing.
  9. What @alias23 isn't saying, is that he had a ride in my car and kept saying how nice it was having carpets and two matching seats...
  10. It’s a Toyota engine, just fire it up!
  11. Just wanted to say thank you to @alias23 for this new badge for the engine. Finishes off my engine bay nicely!
  12. I have LED bulbs... They appear like they should be bright, but the projectors are so bad that the visibility is still crap. In time, I want to take the headlight unit apart and change it to a proper Bi-LED projector. At the moment it's a 60mm projector which is more a motorbike size, I'd upgrade to 90mm which should give a much clearer light. I don't really want to take apart my headlight at the moment though, ideally I'll find a damaged headlight to work out the feasibility first as I think it'll need the inner plastic reshaping to change it from two separate beams to one. Obviously it won't be a cheap exercise as I'll want it to look as good, if not better, than the OEM unit when done.
  13. Sell the car and buy a better one?
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