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  1. I did find a small issue when test fitting the splitter. Because my exige is a fairly early car, the washer bottle is in the front above where the front undertray goes. With the KT splitter, it has brake cooling ducts which need the space there. So I’m going to have to relocate the washer bottle somewhere when the car is next up on axle stands.
  2. New car parts day!! First of all we have the new Komotec front splitter, featuring some nice aero benefits to reduce lift on the front. I opted to get it in a bare carbon finish so I have more time to decide on gloss or satin finish for the carbon. I’m leaning towards gloss… Next we have the Komotec A-panel which features a nice big air outlet. Most of this will be painted in bodycolour, with just the actual vent left exposed carbon.
  3. @MrDthere are a couple of options for the battery tray dependant on which battery you have. I bought 3a from here: This page is potentially also useful:
  4. A good day today, the new Michelin Cup 2 Connects arrived. I originally ordered through Demon Tweeks and the expected delivery date kept getting pushed back. A call to Camskill and they were very helpful and explained how they have stock and others don’t…. A few days later and these have arrived. I wanted these ready for when my new wheels arrived as I knew it might be hard to source Cup 2 connect in the middle of winter. I have gone for 215/45/17 and 285/30/18 which are 430 Cup sizes and I ran those sizes on my old @SeriouslylotusForged wheels. I think it’ll be so long between drives that I’ll struggle to give feedback between the old Cup 2 and the new Cup 2 connects… I also forgot, steering wheel is undergoing a little makeover. Bit of a risk, but if it works, it’ll be unique and a bit different…
  6. The car is at the bodyshop, it’s a bit of a waiting game now. Ken will make a start on it in the coming weeks hopefully. I visited and we ran through everything that’s being done and it’s scary how many things there are to do. I am pleased that the ducts for the front clam have now arrived, the Lotus factory weren’t able to give a date these could be delivered so I was a little nervous about them arriving before the car was completed… also ordered the battery tray from the newer exiges, the one in my car was steel and weighed a lot, the new one is aluminium. on the subject of battery stuff, I’ve ordered a new battery charger, and while I’m at it, I wanted to add magnetic plugs to the car. I think I’ll try to hide this in the drivers side intake. Lots of supercars now have these as it means you can charge a car without needing to run the wire through a boot or bonnet. Onto some bad news, the front brake bells were off to be blasted and then anodised, the place doing it stopped after the blasting stage as the corrosion was quite bad on them. I need to decide which direction to go now, whether I stick with KT brakes or change to floating brakes. I think in future I’ll be avoiding salty roads unfortunately, if the trips in the snow weren’t so amazing, I’d regret it, but it was worth it!
  7. Wing arrived from Reverie today! Quality is better than expected, I went for the raw finish without clear coat as I'll get Ken to clear coat it for me. I don't have the uprights yet, they're probably a few weeks away still, and I'm flat out with work trying to afford all the new parts for the car, so don't have a huge amount of time to go sort stuff... Anyway, it looks absolutely nuts. I love it! Won't be for everyone, but it's exactly how I wanted.
  8. Did you get the cat nice and hot for the MOT? I have the Komotec sports cat and i got it nice and hot before the MOT and it went through very easily.
  9. @rlongthorn- I haven’t got round to ordering the bolts yet, I figure it’ll be a job for when the car is at the bodyshop and the garage is empty. Lots of people have warned me about stainless bolts, I think I might try normal bolts and coat them. It’s my old address, not where I am now
  10. Car is now ready to be transported to the paintshop, where we’ll finish prepping…
  11. Lots of little jobs at the moment, realised there wasn’t an easy place to tow the car from, so attached the rear tow strap (which I had previously got powdercoated). then gave the subframe a coat of high temp anti rust paint to protect it. Next job is replace the coolant reservoir.
  12. @TBD - Luckily the UK is much more relaxed than Germany. This is the only thing which could be used against me, and it seems to be at the discretion of the MOT tester. If it were to fail (which I think would be incredibly unlucky), I could easily just remove the uprights. I plan on making some covers for the slots anyway so I can also run the original 350 wing when I want to.
  13. @Jack - I’m ordering the wing profile from Reverie and they were kind enough to send over the data for the wing and the CAD file which meant we could get on with the design for the uprights. I personally didn’t like the look of the uprights that Reverie already do, and I already work with a very good engineer who does my mirror stalks, so I know I’m in good hands for a one off exactly to my design and spec, every time he’s ever done something for me it’s exceeded expectation, which very few people manage!
  14. Not sure which bit you mean, I’ve done anything visible, I’m not taking the subframe off though!
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