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  1. Update on the Transforged mirror stalks. Both sides have cracked. Nothing has touched them, it’s just the stresses of driving!
  2. Yes, the sensor is after the air box, but gives an idea of engine bay temps. Today for example, I was stuck in traffic and it got as high as 39c.
  3. I have a PLX Kiwi3 Bluetooth OBD reader which I then connect to an app called Auto Doctor. It gives the info you can see below, plus you can check logs if there are any problems etc. The drive has been great, I explored yesterday, then boshed out the last 500km today and have been enjoying relaxing at my new apartment with the girlfriend (who flew here!). You must have been driving like a head case! I've been enjoying the roads at a reasonable pace and had no issues at all. Tbh with the 460 kit I tend to ride the torque a lot more and be in a gear higher than I would have been as stock. I think I will be, give me a shout nearer the time
  4. The car runs absolutely fine in the heat, the only thing which isn’t so great is the air conditioning if stationary. I presume this is because of the charge cooler in front of the a/c cooler... I’ve been keeping an eye on intake temps and the car was saying 29c most of the day and the car felt like it still had full power which is positive!
  5. First day driving through Spain is complete, I’ve made it half way which is good! I had a problem with the Garw digital dash as I got on the Ferry as I changed the dash to km/h, accidentally messing up some advanced settings. Alec was great in diagnosing and helping me to reset the dash. Apparently in the later updates it’s not possible to have this problem, so I should have updated before! All working now which is good. I decided to venture off randomly a few times today, I’m driving between Santander and Marbella, so spent a nice amount of time driving around Sierra de Gredos which rewarded me with some beautiful views! (End plates photoshopped in in the photos... they’ll be sent out to me next week hopefully)
  6. I’ve had my hard top on and off probably hundreds of times. As long as you keep the rubber seals clean (silicone spray) then it shouldn’t squeak and should seal well.
  7. Personally I’ve never been that impressed with the finish of the Reverie Carbon - it doesn’t age well and the gloss doesn’t last
  8. A quick little update... I'm going to Spain to live for summer tomorrow, so it's been a bit of a rush to get everything sorted in time. Unfortunately the car developed an error with traction control and was stuck in touring mode. I read up on the forum and in the past this was related to the brake pedal switch. I got this replaced by Back on Track, but the problem remained. That's when I realised that the error might have been caused by the tail lights. I'm going to do a bit of a buyer beware now for Transforged products. I like to give people a chance to rectify problems with products and to be fair, so I've given Mick several chances with both the products, but this is a step too far. I'm on my third set of Afterburners. The first set you couldn't see the indicators and some LEDs failed. The second set had some LEDs fail. I realised that the units weren't even water tight, and water was getting into the units and causing the LEDs to fail. This third set is in theory sealed, but has thrown errors on my car, so I've had to return the car to standard for this trip unfortunately The other product from Transforged that I bought were their mirrors. From Transforged these just didn't fit, they were totally wobbly and fell off within days of getting them fitted. After spending a load of time working out what the problem was, it turned out that the material (3D printed) was very weak so the screws didn't have enough to bit onto, then the surface, which was suppose to be flat against the mirror mount on the door, was curved, allowing lots of movement. I drilled out the old holes in the mounts, then used bodyfiller to give a more solid surface to drill into. I then sanded the base of the mounts to be flat. Once I'd done this, they were reasonably solid. The positive about the mirrors is that the field of vision is much better than standard which I do much prefer as I think it makes driving the car safer. One other thing to note is that the bolts holding the mirror to the ball joint rusted quite badly. Mick kindly sent me V2 mirror mounts to replace my V1 mounts as I wasn't happy with them. Within a day of mounting them, the material has stress cracks, where they aren't the correct size. None of this stuff is rocket science, and they're not cheap products so it's pretty disappointing. Mick has done his best to rectify the problems, but just doesn't seem to have the ability. On a more positive note, my new wing arrived today!! Cutting it fine to say the least, and unfortunately the end plates aren't ready for the drive as they're at my bodyshop to be painted. I tried to set a deadline for the wing of mid last month, but unfortunately the supplier (DJ Race Cars) had some family problems which meant he couldn't work and the deadline slipped. I'm very grateful that the wing is fitted to my car for the drive down as if it hadn't arrived I wouldn't have it until end of summer. The end plates will be painted and then sent to my new address in Spain next week hopefully! I'm very very impressed by the quality of the DJ Race Cars wing, so thank you to @alias23 for the recommendation! The carbon weave is absolutely perfect, and as a photographer that's really important to me. We will have taller mounts made up at a later date, but until then these look just fine! Right, time to pack the car for 3-4 months in Spain...
  9. Unrelated to my Exige, but Caterham have lent me a 620R for a few days. I went to see my friend who bought my old Caterham from me... The 620R makes the Exige seem tame, the gearbox is just savage and to be totally honest it's very hard work on the road due to the paddle clutch. I'm glad I didn't put one in my Exige! The feel of a Caterham is definitely superior to a Lotus, and the playful nature certainly makes it more fun. My old Caterham was too slow really (150hp), but on the road you could drive 100% flat out most of the time. The 620R is just too fast to drive flat out on the road regularly. Tonight my mate is driving the Exige and I'm driving the 620R, so will be interesting to see how they compare, although unfortunately it's got a brake sensor problem so is stuck in touring mode. Hopefully I can get that sorted tomorrow morning at back on track!
  10. GFWilliams

    A journey into track days

  11. Little update on my new exhaust! I thought it was best to wait for it to settle, and it has nicely which I'm pleased to report. Interestingly, there isn't a huge difference in the cabin between quiet mode and loud mode, but when standing behind the car it is quite noticeable. I think this is because the exhaust is so quiet that road noise overpowers it unless you're on throttle. You do get a few little pops in loud mode which is nice. So with 200 very gentle miles running the exhaust (and brakes) in, then a further 500 miles in the last week (been daily driving it!), I've now done a noise test. In quiet mode - I can run this at all revs as my valve is controlled by an elise parts controller instead of the ECU, but I'd highly suggest if you're driving hard (track use) to use loud mode for longevity. This also improves flow. And in loud mode. Not so loud any more! What I like is that the loud mode still sounds good (no way near as good as my old 2bular road exhaust though), and I can run it easily on the more noisy track days with no issues, then if I want to do quieter days I can get the 2bular directional silenced tips which should help with the drive by noise. Performance feels very similar to my old road exhaust in loud mode which is a very positive thing. Certainly more power and more responsive than the quiet mode of the old exhaust. For those who like numbers, my old exhaust produced 452hp in quiet mode and 463hp in loud mode with the 2bular road exhaust. It was always a noticeable difference to me between the modes and I'm confident that this new exhaust is closer to the 263hp figure. I won't be putting the car on the dyno again as last time I did the clutch went the day after so I don't really want to dyno my car again, even if I do now have the uprated clutch.
  12. E... Apparently I live in the shittest part of Surrey!
  13. Don't agree on Trofeo Rs, I found them to be great and I probably drive more aggressively than most on track... Cup 2 are great, I'm on them now and they have lots of grip and are alright in the wet. I'd steer clear of ZZR, I know a few people who've had them delaminate now, plus they're not technically road legal.
  14. GFWilliams

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    Not that rubbish, show us your car!
  15. GFWilliams

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    More photos needed!