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  1. GFWilliams

    Evo n. 253 Exige cup 430 Anglesey

    It’s funny you say that, as the Exige is twice the weight of my Caterham and it uses significantly more consumables!
  2. GFWilliams

    Evo n. 253 Exige cup 430 Anglesey

    Ex460 with an LSD and good setup would have had the GT R I think...
  3. GFWilliams

    first drive home

    Doesn’t really matter if the rubber lip touched though, that’s what it’s there for.
  4. GFWilliams

    first drive home

    Don’t do what I did and slip and fall over taking photos and cut your arm. That bloody hurt.
  5. Well I bought some winter tyres... Any ideas for interesting winter road trips?
  6. GFWilliams

    Diff for exige 350sport

    Not absolutely perfect with the SSC cables, but it’s very rare I have a problem compared to before where I couldn’t get into 3rd gear on track!
  7. I have 3 way Nitrons the same as the 430 Cups
  8. GFWilliams

    ODB Reader and DPM

    I'd check the resistor is wired in correctly, I had the issue and fixed it with a resistor in the correct place. Greg is very good at helping with any problems, so worth a chat with him if you're not happy in any way.
  9. GFWilliams

    380 Cup vs 380 Sport

    380 Cup is just the best looking Exige.
  10. I can’t talk for 2 way Nitrons, but I have 3 way Nitrons and they’re brilliant. I’d honestly say that they’re better than the stock suspension in every way, the ride is so much more controlled, and it goes where you point it in a way which just wasn’t possible on the stock suspension.
  11. GFWilliams

    ODB Reader and DPM

    I’ve had an error with DSC when the Transforged lights were the wrong resistance. OBD reader didn’t pick it up at all. Having said that, the OBD reader is often useful to be able to check things and give you peace of mind. I leave mine plugged in the whole time so I can check on my phone whenever I need to
  12. GFWilliams

    why is this different to all others?

    Is that not how they did red, with gel coat? 😬
  13. Better to use proper dry teflon lube
  14. GFWilliams

    Exige 380 Sport 70th Anniversary

    Collectors item in the same way the other million different special editions are...
  15. GFWilliams

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    Hard to say on the road as you need to be going above a certain speed. I think my wing is a little too low, so will be raising it a bit at some stage. My plans for new mounts fell through unfortunately so I think I'll end up just doing spacers. When I next do a trackday, I intend to bring the stock wing and do back to back laps and see how the times compare to see if it actually works.