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  1. GFWilliams

    What I've discovered, one month in

    Bet you’ve never tried to see if you can keep up with someone on a trackday either as they would be dangerous...
  2. GFWilliams

    Exige picture & video thread

    Impersonating @alias23
  3. Ring Automotive are a client and I like to support clients where I can
  4. I unfortunately need to spend a load of money on kit for my business, so I’m going to offer my lovely big wing for sale with the Komo-tec uprights. The end plates are currently liquid yellow, but they’re carbon underneath so any good body shop could strip off the yellow and re lacquer over bare carbon or paint them the colour of your car. I’m asking £1600 plus postage (collection preferred) which is less than I paid for the wing without the uprights, so I think it’s a great price for someone!
  5. 28f 28r worked well for me as a starting point when hot. I believe Lotus advice was 2.2 bar all round which is 32psi. I found this a bit too high for me.
  6. GFWilliams

    Upgrade or 380?

    Do you have an alert set up whenever manifolds are mentioned?
  7. So a bit more on the day yesterday. My aim for the day was to improve my driving and get better at driving smoothly, which should make me quicker. Having the racelogic laptimer was really nice as a driver learning tool and certainly helped me to work out which lines were fastest and where I should be aggressive and where not to be. It seems in the slower corners like Village and Vale smooth is the way to do it, while in corners like Copse and Abbey a more aggressive approach with the car sliding just a tiny bit was optimum. To be honest, I wasn't feeling massively confident in the car yesterday compared to normal. The setup just didn't feel right and I think it needs the geo looking at by Back on Track when it's in for a service soon. The adjusters on the front right damper have got stuck too, so that needs to go back for a rebuild. Shame as I couldn't really adjust the dampers as I would have wished. I spent the day making tweaks to the rear more to work out the balance and ended up with a very stiff compression on the rear compared to what I usually run. My best lap time of the day was a 2:25.57 and that was with traffic. The ideal time was 2:23.80. There's certainly more time in my driving, plus the car with a better setup, so that's quite exciting for the next time I'm there. Got to say, it was really nice to have the data, you find yourself not getting sucked into battles with other cars so much as you're more trying to get the optimum lap without traffic. Having said the above, I did get sucked into trying to keep up with a friend in his GT2RS. Considering it's a 700hp car, I'm happy to stick with him over a lap! Some photos from my mate Now that's done it's time to fit my rally lights
  8. They're quite expensive! Cup 2 next time for me, unless Pirelli get round to sending me the set of Trofeo R they owe me.... For now, winter tyres will go on
  9. GFWilliams

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    @Tex you were behind the lap after 🤣
  10. Brilliant day at Silverstone today. I regretted my choice of running Nankang NS2Rs on the back, but didn't fancy buying another set of Cup 2s on the run up to Christmas. Really happy with how the car is though and my driving improved a lot over the day, really making an effort to drive more smoothly which works better for the Lotus. Great to meet @Tex, although a shame we only saw each other at the beginning of the day on track. As always on trackdays, it's hard to say if one car is quicker than another without it being the same driver. I didn't have to lift for the noise meters though...
  11. Another work of art from Jim at 2bular! This Exhaust is the same as the system I’ll be fitting soon. Lightweight system with a decat pipe. My neighbours are going to love me...
  12. GFWilliams

    Upgrade or 380?

    Why can’t you do both? Driver training and mods aren’t mutually exclusive...
  13. GFWilliams

    Upgrade or 380?

    Silly in the sense that it's too noisy for UK trackdays. I love the noise, but that is a fundamental problem.