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  1. All settings work as they should, although touring mode is a bit keen to cut power. Sport and race are perfect
  2. It’s pretty much guessing until you put your own car on the scales as there are so many variables.
  3. Looks much better, good to see Ken doing great work for more Exige owners, he's a top bloke!
  4. I believe the 410 doesn’t have larger brake discs. They’re the same diameter, just 2 piece and J hook. @Seriouslylotus will clarify though I’m sure
  5. As I just put on the other thread PF08 have a really good immediate bite. Downsides are more brake dust and a bit of squeaking (not enough to annoy me though).
  6. Hard top on and standard exhaust is absolutely manageable IMO. It's not quiet but it shouldn't do permanent damage.
  7. I ran PF08 on my car with standard discs before I eventually upgraded the discs too. They're a huge step up in bite compared to standard, the only thing you'd find if doing trackdays is you'd get through discs a bit quicker than usual. Not an issue if only road use though.
  8. With brakes I think you can get away with just putting some more aggressive pads in if it's just for road use. Personally I'd like to have at least Nitron 1 way and a set of more aggressive pads if adding power.
  9. I'd be speaking to Komo-tec as you know they'll work properly. I know it's not cheap, but they're properly developed packages, my 460 kit has done over 30k miles now without a single issue. Buy cheap, buy twice...
  10. Reminds me of my driving style, just needed a black flag after the first lap and the talking from an angry marshal...
  11. Bike is done... I know not that related to the car, but it shows what the car would have been with the pink paint we mixed up from scratch. This forum mutes the colour a little, but I love how it looks combined with the anthracite. I'm a real lover of attention to detail, so I modified the new lotus logo a bit to make the design a bit nicer to my tastes, then got Ken to do it all in Anthracite so it has a lovely metallic in it. Of course, it's all under the lacquer so you can't feel it and no horrible vinyl on the bike!
  12. @DMH83 - plan is simply to wait until I can do things properly
  13. Daniel has told me that Komotec will be doing final road and track testing in September 2020 on their DCT, and it should be available immediately after that. Worth waiting for the KT solution IMO. It will be very quick indeed with a DCT, of course there is a small weight penalty, but a lithium battery would offset that if you don't already have one. For me, it's not about the speed, it's the feeling of going full throttle through the gearbox with fairly seamless upshifts, not having a slow manual shift. I also love pulling a paddle and having a perfectly revmatched downshift. After driving so many miles in my Exige, I can heel & toe very well, but it's still not that satisfying to do so for me. I don't know if it's a generational thing, but I just prefer a DCT box to manuals. Also will be much nicer in traffic...
  14. From a bit of digging, you’d have to be brave to spend €25k with Jubu from the stories I’ve heard. Komo-Tec have been working on their DCT For over 18 months which sounds like a much better solution. If my work picks up, I’ll book my car in with them either late this year or early next year, as I think it’d be perfect coupled to the 460 kit.
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