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  1. About 130db I reckon with my new exhaust 91db with my track exhaust and add ons when it was tested at Snetterton.
  2. Pleased the new update fixes the airbag installed/not installed option. Before it was not being remembered each time you turn the car off, now that's fixed which is good!
  3. Can’t speak for Jubu, but have done over 30k miles in my car which has the Komo-tec 460 kit fitted and it’s been absolutely perfect in all that time. To me that says a lot about how good a kit it is.
  4. I found this a while ago, but it looks **** so I couldn’t live with it
  5. Well I now can’t wait to fit my set! They came out exactly as I hoped they would, well worth the effort to do them properly (photos incoming from @MAG shortly of it done )
  6. Final part of the exhaust system is due to arrive tomorrow, can’t wait to fit it next week! Thanks to Jim (2bular obviously) for making this with my slightly custom requests!
  7. Final part of the exhaust system is due to arrive tomorrow, can’t wait to fit it next week! Thanks to Jim (2bular obviously) for making this with my slightly custom requests!
  8. Been good to spend a bit of time on the car over the last few weeks and start a few new projects. Main thing has been to remove the front PPF as it was really quite tired and had quite a few stone chip marks in it. I'm pleased to report that the paint looks great now the PPF is off with only two stone chips which made it through. I'll run it with no PPF for a while, until the respray eventually (hopefully) one day happens. I had to remove the front splitter to properly remove the PPF then clean, which then led to me removing the front side grills, cleaning the insides out, giving the rad
  9. @C8RKH - We have the mould now so can make more if anyone else wants a set
  10. Both great looking cars, I still prefer the Exige S wing personally!
  11. @GERas I’m sure you know now, you need to hold the nuts from the hole in the side of the subframe. It’s quite easy to get the new bracket with bolts in, although would have been easier with shorter bolts. the bracket was from deroure and I bought the nuts and bolts to go through them. On a slightly more interesting note, finally got my exhaust back together yesterday and then went to the filming of Top Gear which was set up outside on the runway. Very well done I thought, in fact I much preferred it to the old studio!
  12. The problem with most of these GT/super cars is once you’ve had an Exige, they feel quite devoid of feel
  13. Your exhaust system is made up of: Manifolds Downpipe Link pipe Backbox As standard, the OEM car has quite restrictive manifolds with the cat inside them. When KT modified my car, they swapped the manifolds for much better flowing pipes and put a single sports cat into the link pipe. This added some volume to the sound of the car, plus also made it higher pitch, which personally I think makes the car sound more exotic. I have since replaced the cat with decat pipe, which added to the volume a touch (less than expected), but also added some big flames if you lift off from hard
  14. @C8RKH - nope, they’re the exhaust backbox hangar brackets. Each time I’ve changed the backbox it’s been a nightmare to try to align the bolts as the retaining nuts move inside the subframe. So I put a bolt all the way through the retaining nuts, used permanent locktight, then use a nut on the exhaust side. Makes it significantly quicker and easier to change the exhaust. I know it’s very geeky, but the little things make a difference. I should explain the reason behind doing this. For a while, I’ve had two 2bular exhausts. One which was nonvalved, decat and LOUD, one
  15. So who knows what this is and why it’s a much better way of doing it than the way Lotus did it? (True tesct of geekiness!)
  16. I shot this car a couple of weeks ago, it's in great condition and clearly very cared for. Looks much better with the plate lower too!
  17. As above, you’ll struggle unless the cat is really hot. Had to rev my car for 5 mins to get it hot enough this year.
  18. I have them in my car, the manifolds are part of the 460 kit and the downpipe was to replace my oem one when the flexi broke. The downpipe doesn’t add any power and is very similar to the OEM one. The manifolds decat the car in the process as the OEM manifolds have they cat in them. Up to you if you want to keep the cat on a race car, but my cat is now after the downpipe in the link pipe section before the backbox. I have them as part of the 460 kit, quality is good and they’ve lasted a lot of miles now. Of course my car has been mapped to them
  19. @C8RKH - This is a Gemballa Turbo, so has a carbon kevlar composite body and more power (and a lot more LAG). I don't know the value, but it's a lot more than a regular Turbo. The more scary thing is the 993 GT2 I also drove is worth £1.1m...
  20. Been lucky enough to be driving round in this 993 Turbo for the last 3 weeks, now it's gone I might actually drive the Exige again! Quite interesting to compare the two cars, the 993 is a brilliant car to drive, the steering is fantastic, and it is so usable compared to the Exige, but it doesn't quite have the directness of the Exige. I've considered selling the Exige a few times recently as I've had it nearly 4 years now and I'm not driving it as much as I used to, but I can't think of anything else which will be as fun to drive without going down the Caterham or Nomad route, which both
  21. It’s louder than stock, more of a whooshing noise than a screaming supercharger noise. Personally I love it I’ve not been in a car with an alias intake so can’t comment on comparable volume.
  22. All settings work as they should, although touring mode is a bit keen to cut power. Sport and race are perfect
  23. It’s pretty much guessing until you put your own car on the scales as there are so many variables.
  24. Looks much better, good to see Ken doing great work for more Exige owners, he's a top bloke!
  25. I believe the 410 doesn’t have larger brake discs. They’re the same diameter, just 2 piece and J hook. @Seriouslylotus will clarify though I’m sure
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