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  1. Did a trackday at Brands Hatch this morning. Was very very slippery as someone dropped oil, so just treated it as a good chance to learn/practice car control. Feel I made progress with driving smoother, which is something I feel lets me down normally, when I am too aggressive with too sharp inputs. Last time I was at Brands Hatch, my car was totally standard and I remember just understeering my way round. Car is lovely and neutral now, I feel very connected and feel I know what it's going to do (apart from the ABS on a surface which is patchy grip).
  2. Was at my car yesterday, diffuser definitely doesn’t stick out further than the top surround.
  3. Got to say, it's a lovely feeling to see the mirrors on people's cars now! I hope you're happy and enjoy the improved visibility
  4. They'd have to sell some for that to be the case!
  5. Ironic when Lotus' next car is an electric heavyweight...
  6. Love my rear hatch, it was a lot of money to justify, but every time I look at it I feel I made the right choice! Will really suit you car
  7. Yes, because of the traction control systems.
  8. With respect, just because they can dyne those other cars, doesn't mean it's correct for the Exige. I stand by my advice to go to Komo-Tec. They're known to be reliable, and can tell you if your Exige is running correctly or not.
  9. I'm still undecided. Need to talk to the anodisers as the shaft of the new shifter is actually 3 pieces which are adhesive together, so not sure how well they'd anodise. Might go for a gunmetal effect instead of black as I feel silver is too bright and black might be too dark.
  10. That's correct, although I do have the strap mount (which just came back from being powder coated) and strap ready to be fitted next time I'm under the car.
  11. Correct. You have a choice for the grill bit depending on if you want to have a tow strap or not. Yes, it came with the rubber edge on it. A little, yes. Ends up about in line with the top part of the diffuser. Not any chance of hitting it unless you're stupid IMO. Should be fine, or DeRoure can ship it to you directly.
  12. I had both sent to me to do photos, so installed both. Decided I preferred the red lenses, so the smoked have now been sent on to another UK Exige owner
  13. The V3 lights are a new shape, and have much much brighter lights. You can see the V2 vs V3 here
  14. @alias23 and @Bravo73 at Silverstone today Shame I couldn’t be there in my car, but good to drop in briefly anyway!
  15. Oh, I've also got the new V3 tail lights from GregsRaceParts on my car to photograph his launch photos. He's launching them this weekend, but thought I'd give my initial thoughts. My old lights were arguably a bit dark in the side light mode, these totally fix that and look so much better. They're a sharper design which look more modern. The quality is absolutely top notch, properly weather sealed so you know they'll last (old ones have been on my car for over a year and still work perfectly). Last night I did a nice little shoot of my car in London, here's the only photo I took of the front of the car... In photos where you see the whole interior I see your point and agree to a certain extent, but in real life, your vision is much narrower and when in the car you can only take in one part of the car at a time. Therefore the quilted parts don't grab your eye as much and are more tasteful in person. Having said that, if I can get the inner bit of the door (which is currently quilted) in carbon, I'd be tempted by that... With the passenger airbag, I debated Alcantara, but decided it needed a bit of carbon to break up what is already a lot of Alcantara.
  16. Interior all done. I've got got a blank carbon airbag cover panel which I switch in when I'm only using the car on the road as the race logic is a bit in your face as a passenger. Steering wheel could do with some attention at some stage, the leather parts are original and pretty much solid now despite many efforts at cleaning it, the Alcantara (which I don't think was genuine Alcantara) feels rough and horrible now. Debate is whether I go to a removable steering wheel, potentially with steering wheel buttons, or stay with this wheel, get it repainted in a more matte black (or maybe dark gunmetal) as it's gone a bit shiny, then a proper retrim by D:Class.
  17. I suggest going to Komo-tec and having a proper dyno done.
  18. Good to have you on board! Hope you enjoy it
  19. Back on Track have done mine plenty of times, they’ll get it perfect for you
  20. Just a random shot from when I was in Wales
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