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  1. My KT460 (and others I know of) can have a rough idle for about a minute when starting them from cold. I suggest leaving it to idle for a minute before driving
  2. 215/40 are the rear tyres for Elise’s I think. You want 215/45, and as said above, you’d be much better buying Cup 2.
  3. 7” Garw fits easily, it’s the 8” one which is challenging. I personally wouldn’t want any smaller.
  4. Being below the windscreen I’m actually a little concerned about glare. Hopefully the grills cover them enough, if not I’ll have to get creative and find a solution... @Daveb99 - I also have the cheap Kenwood sub in my passenger footwell. Unfortunately it seems that the better quality subwoofers are all bigger and therefore won’t fit! i decided to leave the rear speakers for now, I might even remove them as I’m not sure they’re needed when there’s a sub, plus they’re fitted into a thin bit of plastic trim which can move a bit which won’t be helping sound quality!
  5. I considered upgrading to the Focal 100AC front speakers, but thought it would be nicer to do a better setup while the dash top is away for trimming (which is a good opportunity to cut holes for tweeters). I’ll post more photos when everything is back together, but I went for Focal ES100K which are two way component speakers (so separate tweeter). The speakers were quite a lot more money (£260 vs £80) but they should have a lot more clarity and punch. Of course, it’s diminishing returns with speakers, but you do tend to get what you pay for. (Plus these speakers look nicer and are yellow!) To do things properly, I have also added a Focal Impulse 4.320 amp to give them some power. This combined with the sub I have in the footwell sounds amazing. Honestly much better than the Burmeister in my Mercedes!
  6. Not sure I agree with the bit about tracking the car, the 3 way Nitrons difference really stands out on the road
  7. +1 but it needs new PPF now really. Done it's job though
  8. Your car, your choice Make sure you take before/after photos!
  9. Exactly, I remember lowering my first car on just springs and it was awful! Coilovers actually improve ride quality if you go for good ones
  10. Sounds like you’re braking too much I just left the resistor hidden in the depths of the boot where the wiring is. The tail lamp is a lot more likely to melt and cause problems than the fibreglass. No signs of any marking from the heat in my car.
  11. You’ll also get them delivered in a week with @alias23 vs months (sometimes years) with Others!
  12. Orders haven’t been firmed up yet, I’ll add you to the provisional list and contact you for payment to confirm a set when we’re ready.
  13. Thought the car looked good in the evening light today...
  14. Hi Ben Thanks for the offer, we're already at a stage where we're cutting the first mirror stalk design, so you've arrived a little late. If there are future projects I'll give you a shout though
  15. GFWilliams

    Newb dilemma

    You made a great choice on the wheels! Great colour for them!
  16. Why would you when 430 Cup diffuser from Deroure isn't much more money?
  17. You are of course welcome to your opinion. This isn't designed as a mass produced item, it's done to be as good quality as possible while keeping the price as sensible as I can. A twin arm setup would be a lot more complicated (and expensive) to manufacturer in aluminium and isn't needed for structural reasons as a single arm is so solid if done properly. If I did a twin arm design, I guarantee that with the price being so much higher, we couldn't meet the minimum order required. You're welcome to go buy the TF mirror arms though if you prefer them... Good luck
  18. After a little more work, I think we're closer to a final design. Silver will be the default finish for people, so I have included photos of that first. Anodising will be an option available and costs will be split for the batch between however many people opt for it. The ball joint will be a separate piece so I'll keep that silver on all of them to keep it the exact size required and prevent any marking from moving the mirror. As it's fairly hidden from view, I think this is acceptable. I've been told there is a risk of the finish with anodising, if there are any issues (unlikely, but you never know), the stalks will be painted in matte/satin black instead by a bodyshop. The profile thickness is now 25mm which is 5mm thinner than the test piece. I am confident this will be totally secure. The stalk is attached using the two lower OEM mirror bolts, so no drilling etc is required which should make for a very easy install. Simply unbolt the OEM mirrors and bolt these on. The ball joint attaches by unscrewing the 3 tiny bolts on the mirror housing for the ball joint cover, you then slip in the mirror stalk ball joint and reattach them. Nice and simple! I suggest a small plastic plug for the third hole, although personally I will be getting a bodyshop to fill and repaint mine as I believe this will all be a permanent solution. Edit to add: The weight is expected to be 140 grams. Quite good I think for a very solid bit of metal! Aim is to get the first mirror stalk made up next week, test it on both sides of my car, then if it goes to plan we'll go ahead. Final costs will be revealed once the first mirror is made. It's slightly more costly to have one made first and I have to pay it as an extra upfront cost, so it might end up being closer to £300 plus anodising costs if requested. Here you can see the mirror in a bare silver aluminium finish. It will have small machining marks, if you're so inclined you could polish this up etc which I think would look quite cool. Here is the black anodised render
  19. Yes piece arrived today and was so solid that we have decided we can make the mirrors thinner which saves weight and will look better. Mom honestly flabbergasted how solid it is mounted, this really is a proper solution!
  20. They’re quite easy panels to remove. I suggest removing the section which has the traction control buttons (two Phillips screws at the bottom of it in the cubby hole), then behind it there are two screws which hold that trim section in place. Check to see if they’re tight. If they are tight, pull up the rubber in the bottom of the cubby hole bit and you’ll see two more screws. Remove this and you can get the whole bit of trim off easily. Remove and refit, see if it helps. If it doesn’t fix it, buy some foam tape and put it in the gaps of the offending areas. Hopefully this helps!
  21. Make it into a road trip, go out to Komo-tec and while they do the conversion, go to the Nurburgring and just enjoy what's going on.
  22. Ignore the handbook - keep your foot in until it starts to lift off a little... About 140mph IIRC
  23. Yes, but in Norway I’d be more careful than even Switzerland... Luckily the scenery is so amazing that you don’t need to be going quick to enjoy yourself
  24. Yes, 6 cars pulled over, luckily they did laser going into a village so were slowing down to do the speed limit there. My mate was driving my car and was caught about 20km/h over the limit I think. Was about an £800 fine IIRC which you have to pay before you leave the country. One of the cars got caught speeding through temporary roadworks and was banned from driving and had a several £k fine. If they'd caught us on the open roads in the middle of nowhere, we would have been in deep s***. I wouldn't go back in a fun car to be honest.
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