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  1. Dont see any for the lotus ecu,I was lead to believe its had to crack the software to tweek the ecu
  2. Seen some of these and they look good ,but I am not sure how good a tune it is or reliable .Last thing I would want is a damaged engine due to some fueling issues.Suppose if someone has had it done and all ok then its a cheap upgrade
  3. no,dont know enough or have the equipment Dave ,have done/sold many of the tweeked ones with fuel/ignition alterations .general feedback on this ?
  4. Cheers Dave for this info, does your 5700 gt do the same or is it different ? I think to gain mid range 15bhp min would be a nice improvement, i am running trd and sports silencer so maybe a little more
  5. BOE($850) show this on there site and RRR engineering(£1200ish inc ecu),
  6. look good ,but i dont want to open the engine yet ,some ecu tunes are quoting upto 25 bhp mid and 10 top which would be just right atm
  7. Ok, supercharging is out at the moment.But been looking at ecu tuning,BOE seem to have a nice tune in the torque 200,makes the car more torquey and more bhp.Anyone done this or had a ecu tune on a n/a 2zz toyota unit? Feedback welcome
  8. I have an S2 exige n/a and love it,but fancy s/c' ing it at some point when funds/wife allow.Spent hours on the net trying to find info on different kits,like you say some seem a bit iffy ,but then again this stuff was written years ago so maybe they sorted the issues now.The lotus official seems expensive for 30hp ,but the other aftermarkets seem expensive .Could do with finding someone with a exige s/c kit (the upgradable one) for sale cheap.If I could find one thats plug and platy I would have a go at fitting myself.Bet the honda s/c flies?
  9. Will, how did you get on? want to S/C mine eventually
  10. my S2 2002 had air con,to be honest never really used it.Just out of interest ,how much to replace cill pipes if they fail?
  11. Anyone running the eliseparts exige/elise R silencer.If so what is it like? The trouble with exhausts is unless you can find someone with one fitted you only find out once you have bought it.I dont want something too noisy or that drones.Feedback welcome
  12. cheers, no track action.Had her about 7yrs ,used to have an S1 but kids came along so that went, but I managed to get back in one eventually (pic of old S1 but she went to France)
  13. here's my lotus S2 vvc 160 2002 , not the best pics Ooops,was supposed to be in the picture area
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