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    Jeffrey Glanz
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    Lotus Elan +2 130/5 (1974)
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    Electronic Ignition, Adjustable shocks
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    West Sussex

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  1. Help Paul Matty doesn't seem to be able to source these, any idea what will work, and where to get them Many Thanks
  2. I kept the doughnuts on my +2S 130/5, on the advice that the solid drive puts a lot of strain on the rear diff, whilst the rubber doughnuts act like shock absorbers. The change probably makes the car easier to drive, but that's no fun is it?🤔
  3. Hi guys Hope you and your cars are safe and well. Is there a trick in setting up the windscreen wipers on a +2. so that they sweep the whole screen, and do not leave a wet gap in the middle, where the blade doesn't touch the screen. I am on my third set and they have all left this bit unswept, which is right in my eye line Thanks - stay healthy Jeffrey
  4. Insurer won't pay the difference, Is the Elan+2 windscreen the same as a MK1 Capri?
  5. Thanks Bazza and Jep They were very efficient, can find a tinted top windscreen, so I will try and get the insurer to over the extra £150!!!! - doubt it
  6. Thanks for the info - will check them out, currently stuck with Autoglass via my insurers, and getting nowhere fast SwissBlue
  7. Any suggestions as to where I can source a windscreen for my Elan +2 30/5S? Thanks
  8. Hi All - got there at about 10:30 and most of you had already left, will be there earlier next time. is there a part of the car pack/cafe area that you usually meet?
  9. Thanks Tim It’s called metallic, but back in the 70s you really wouldn’t have noticed it’s a very tiny fleck in it Once again Lotus forums provides the answer
  10. Thanks Phil - can now get a pot and a pen, and plan the next trip
  11. We have just had a terrific weekend. West Sussex - South Wales, Worcester and back, mainly using A roads, of course such fun comes a a cost, and we have picked up a couple of paint chips, so we are looking for some paint. Does anybody know what the Lotus code for Lagoon Blue is, I have the Pinchin Johnson ref 6170A1130, but that is getting me nowhere. Info greatly appreciated
  12. That's quick, looks like a very professional operation, a little apprehensive to ask how much, but if you don’t ask you will never know. Many thanks
  13. Hi Have found a mechanically sound 130/5 that's interior has significant mice damage, eaten pieces of the uphostery, and it is in general fairly disgusting. I do not have the skill to do it to a sufficiently high stand. Any recomendations on a company that could, preferably in the South of England. Thanks
  14. Thanks Jon - but unfortunately car is not with me at the moment
  15. I have a 1973 130/5 +2 - how does it generate electricity?
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