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  1. Hi guys Hope you and your cars are safe and well. Is there a trick in setting up the windscreen wipers on a +2. so that they sweep the whole screen, and do not leave a wet gap in the middle, where the blade doesn't touch the screen. I am on my third set and they have all left this bit unswept, which is right in my eye line Thanks - stay healthy Jeffrey
  2. Insurer won't pay the difference, Is the Elan+2 windscreen the same as a MK1 Capri?
  3. Thanks Bazza and Jep They were very efficient, can find a tinted top windscreen, so I will try and get the insurer to over the extra £150!!!! - doubt it
  4. Thanks for the info - will check them out, currently stuck with Autoglass via my insurers, and getting nowhere fast SwissBlue
  5. Any suggestions as to where I can source a windscreen for my Elan +2 30/5S? Thanks
  6. Hi All - got there at about 10:30 and most of you had already left, will be there earlier next time. is there a part of the car pack/cafe area that you usually meet?
  7. Thanks Tim It’s called metallic, but back in the 70s you really wouldn’t have noticed it’s a very tiny fleck in it Once again Lotus forums provides the answer
  8. Thanks Phil - can now get a pot and a pen, and plan the next trip
  9. We have just had a terrific weekend. West Sussex - South Wales, Worcester and back, mainly using A roads, of course such fun comes a a cost, and we have picked up a couple of paint chips, so we are looking for some paint. Does anybody know what the Lotus code for Lagoon Blue is, I have the Pinchin Johnson ref 6170A1130, but that is getting me nowhere. Info greatly appreciated
  10. That's quick, looks like a very professional operation, a little apprehensive to ask how much, but if you don’t ask you will never know. Many thanks
  11. Hi Have found a mechanically sound 130/5 that's interior has significant mice damage, eaten pieces of the uphostery, and it is in general fairly disgusting. I do not have the skill to do it to a sufficiently high stand. Any recomendations on a company that could, preferably in the South of England. Thanks
  12. Thanks Jon - but unfortunately car is not with me at the moment
  13. I have a 1973 130/5 +2 - how does it generate electricity?
  14. Championship badge goes on the N/S rear
  15. Does anyone have a photo of an Original Equipment gear knob for my 1967 Elan +2 At the moment it has a later yellow / green one. They are some black / white offered on eBay from the US, but I'm not too sure that they are correct. What should it look like? Wood? Car is in for some fettling, quick, but we think there is another 20% - Oh dear!!! Thanks
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