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  1. Thats new to me. Nobody told me this
  2. I have no sound insulation in my 410. Its not noisy inside. I am very happy with the sound. O my opinion the sound insulation is waste of money.
  3. Some Pictures after 500km of pure fun. I have already been spotted:
  4. My new Baby! I think it is the first 410 on German roads
  5. Thanks Colin. In 4 Years with my S1 Evora ich used aircon 3 or 4 times, windows are always open. However, now its too late.
  6. I hope not, or i must keep it forever
  7. My calculation: Evora 400 96000,- Leather Pack 3300,- Black Pack 1950,- Forged Wheels 2600,- Lithium-ion battery 1890,- Summary 105740,- Euro Evora 410 108500,- Leather Pack incl. Black Pack incl. Forged Wheels incl. Lithium-ion battery incl. A/C i don't need it Stereo/Cam 2800,- Summary 11130,- Euro That means only 5560,- Euro more for the Seats, Carbon-stuff and extra Power. Good deal for me.
  8. The Diffuser on the yellow Mockup at Geneva ist Fullcarbon and totaly differnet than the 400 ones. The "New" Diffuser has only a little Carbon. You can see it best on the Exhaust/Sound Clip on Facebook.
  9. Savage410 - 2017 410 Solid Yellow Radio/Nav, Manual, no Aircon
  10. Where ist the beautiful Carbon-Diffusor gone?
  11. Savage410


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